Goalbook for Great Teaching and Learning Opportunities

Goalbook Pathways is a necessary component to ensure every student gets the education they deserve.

Each student in your class learns differently than the next and will require various types of support.

With this platform’s help, you can ensure you’re delivering the optimal teaching environment for all students.

Goalbook Pathways Overview

goalbook pathways
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Instead of focusing on classrooms as a whole, the program is designed to offer unique teaching opportunities.

Educators must challenge and support their students so that they can learn effectively.

You’ll be able to easily create pathways that allow you to focus on the individual needs of your students.

With the help of research-based strategies, teachers can learn all of the best ways to enhance their student’s learning.

They will quickly identify problem areas, concepts that are easy to grasp, and areas that require one-on-one attention.

Also, the program helps ensure students are learning standards-aligned topics at their own pace.

The program is developed to be classroom-ready, so all you have to do is apply it to your classrooms.

Educators will also have access to professional development courses to help them put the program to fair use.

There are two main facets to the program’s ecosystem: Pathways and Toolkit.


With this component, you can develop personalized instruction for students.

This feature fosters a healthy learning environment, so students are always challenging themselves to perform better.

It also makes sure they get the in-class attention they need to succeed with more challenging concepts.


In the toolkit component, teachers have access to plenty of state standard-aligned content.

You will be able to diversify your classrooms by offering ample content for pre-K to grade 12 students.

The course content available through the toolkit includes:

  • Reading
  • Math
  • Writing
  • Speech
  • Social, Behavior, and Emotional Learning
  • Autism
  • Alternative Academic and Life Skills
  • Transition
  • Occupational Therapy

How Does It Work?

For Teachers

To be an effective educator, one of the first things to realize is that every student has specific needs.

Even if two individuals learn at the same experience level, they might require different forms of teaching.

Instead of figuring out effective lesson plans on your own, this program is designed to help.

You will easily create individual pathways for all of your students to ensure they’re mastering their subjects.

You can also select specific standards that you want their assignments to align with to further their skills.

Each of the pathways program features is research-based, which helps make the strategies more effective.

You’ll look at individual students and determine if they have specific learning barriers to consider.

Also, by creating individual pathways, you can make sure your classes have a higher likelihood of success.

As you navigate the strategy pages, you’ll find specific concepts designed to address students’ learning barriers.

As an added benefit, the resources you can access are ready-made, making them easy to put to fair use.

You’ll also have many examples to tell you how to apply each learning strategy to your assignments.

By using the targeted strategies, you can deliver the most useful lessons possible.

Another enormous benefit of this platform is that it offers plenty of professional development opportunities.

To help you become the best possible educator, you must also refine your skills and understanding.

There are plenty of resources available for you to take advantage of to learn how to apply your new knowledge to teaching.

With five different professional development offerings, you can learn plenty of concepts, including:

  • Designing Standards-Based Instructions
  • Applying Universal Design for Learning Principles
  • Supporting Social and Emotional Learning
  • Developing Accurate Statements
  • Designing Rigorous Instructions

goalbook pathways

For Students

The most extensive benefits students will experience with this program is a healthier learning environment.

It can be frustrating to try to grasp concepts without proper one-on-one attention.

By using this platform, teachers can ensure each student gets the help they need with their assignments.

Students will find that working through their tasks has never been easier.

This point is particularly true since teachers can customize assignments to offer guidance with every question.

By boosting students’ confidence, they will be more motivated to finish their assignments and homework.

Individual learning pathways are essential for the well-being of every learner.

This platform also helps hold students accountable for developing their skills.

As they become more advanced, their assignments can be adjusted to learn at higher levels of rigor.

Instead of educators focusing on teaching the class’ median skill level, students get individualized lesson plans.


Classroom-Ready Features

All of the modules and features in this program are specifically designed to be classroom-ready.

Teachers can easily choose the best models for their lesson plans to ensure they develop easy-to-consume assignments.

You can also have additional student support with assignment prompts and sentence starters.

Three Support Structures

When you’re designing your assignments, there are three support structures to choose from.

Teachers can opt to offer general instruction, supportive instruction, and highly supportive instruction.

If your classroom is at the same level across the board, general instruction is similar to creating an ordinary assignment.

With supportive instruction, you can add specific prompts and sentence starters to help foster learning.

As your students work through their assignments, you can create personalized feedback to understand concepts better.

By using a highly supportive structure, you can help students who need extra guidance.

The highly supportive format allows teachers to partially complete answers for students.

You’ll also have access to extra scaffolding for framing sentences.


The pricing for your school or district might differ depending on the features you need from the platform.

If you want the pathway program on its own, it can cost anywhere from $6000/year to $25,000/year for schools.

Districts will have to request a quote to determine the appropriate pricing for the number of schools.

We recommend requesting a general quote for a more personalized idea of how much this program could cost.

Goalbook: A Pathway To Success

Adding this Goalbook Pathways to your curriculum is ideal for tracking student performance and establishing better lesson plans.

Ensuring each student gets the level of attention they deserve with their lessons helps boost their confidence.

Also, educators will be able to ensure their students are better supported for more rigorous assessments.

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