GoNoodle: The Power of the Mind and the Body

Learning how to create a character on GoNoodle will set your children up for an exciting learning experience.

Instead of using traditional textbooks and assignments, they will be able to use their fitness and energy.

It’s an innovative program designed to target the interest of children to help further their education.


how to create a character on gonoodle
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You’ll find that this platform is meant to give students more fun and engaging environments to learn.

One of the things most students have in common is exuberant energy, which they can put to fair use with this program.

By using their bodies to engage their minds, children can further their learning. Educators will then begin to see a significant improvement in their productivity and mindfulness.

All of the activities are designed to help improve their classroom behavior and get rid of excess energy.

You’ll also begin to see signs of a healthier community, as children will need to work together for the classroom activities.

There are a ton of things for students to do, aside from running in place and dancing. They’ll be able to use song, dance, coordination, and exercise to help align their minds to school tasks.

All in all, your classrooms will have far more fun during breaks to help increase attentiveness.

How Does It Work?

For Teachers

Teachers will be able to access the primary library for GoNoodle to find a trove of resources.

The available videos help get students up and out of their seats during classroom breaks to release tension.

They are also highly recommended to help students regain focus after their exercise to complete their schoolwork efficiently.

You’ll be able to browse through the catalog of videos by channel or subject matter.

If your classes have specific videos that they seem to like the most, you can create personal playlists of your favorites.

When it comes time for a brain break, you can choose your desired video and play it for your students to follow.

Some of the most popular categories that teachers can access include:

  • Calming
  • Free Movement
  • Kinesthetic Learning
  • Guided Dancing
  • Sports and Exercise
  • Stretching

Teachers can also print out unique PDF invitations, allowing parents to tune into the exercise session.

If you sign up for one of the paid subscriptions, you’ll have access to even more content, including:

  • KidzBop
  • Zumba Kids
  • Game On!
  • Indoor Recess

Although the subject matter of the videos can differ significantly, they all have a singular purpose. They help motivate your children to put more effort into their schoolwork.

It’s a fabulous resource for teachers of any grade, as it can help your classroom in numerous ways.

Students will be able to build relationships and be more mindful of their responsibilities.

The activities focus on children as a whole, ensuring they receive adequate physical and mental exercise daily.

It’s also a fantastic way for teachers to get a break in the middle of their classes. This is because the activities are self-guided and highly instructional, even without the teacher’s help.

For Students

The idea of playing an activity during school is more than impressive for plenty of children.

This program brings a new concept to the table by allowing students to focus more on their schoolwork.

Instead of feeling overwhelmed by stress, emotions, and energy, they can exhaust themselves and get ready for learning.

Also, you’ll find that the videos through this platform are ideal for indoor recesses.

Instead of having your students act up in the classroom compared to being outside, you can use many indoor activities.

You’ll find it’s a much more entertaining option than trying to come up with indoor activities on a whim.

Another exciting aspect of this program is that it can be used outside of the classroom. With the at-home portion, parents can encourage their children to get more exercise.

Instead of sitting and playing video games, kids can get up and move around, as the program is available anywhere.

Parents and educators will like the content available through the program as it’s of the highest quality.

Every activity is developed with the help of child development experts to ensure students are learning while moving.

Many of the videos are also professionally curated with the help of athletes and choreographers.

how to create a character on gonoodle

How to Create a Character on GoNoodle

One of your student’s favorite aspects of the platform will be their Champ.

When the teacher makes a class, students will choose a Champ, which is essentially their character.

As activities are completed, students will receive rewards that allow them to grow their Champ.

Learning how to create a character on GoNoodle is easy, as all you have to do is select the one you want.

From there, you can level them up every 10 levels until they reach the maximum.

Students can choose a new Champ that they want to grow, or they can continue using their existing ones.


Exercise and Education

By combining kid-friendly exercise with approved educational concepts, students can learn in a wonderful environment.

They’ll be able to work off their energy to pay closer attention to their in-class assignments.

It’s a fantastic way to give them a break from their studies, which has proven to boost productivity.

As an added benefit, you’ll be encouraging children to get their recommended amount of daily exercise.

At-Home Activities

With at-home activities, parents can also take advantage of the program to tire out their children.

It can be a phenomenal resource for off-days or to keep children entertained throughout the day.

You’ll start to find that your kids will prefer playing the exercise-based video games compared to their other activities.

Parent Participation

There are several ways that parents can participate in their child’s activities, whether at home or in school.

Teachers can invite parents to join in on classroom instructions, and parents can complete activities at home.

It’s a fantastic way to get the whole family involved in an educational event about their kids.

Individual and Collaborative Activities

Instead of forcing students to work alone on all of their assignments, they can also collaborate with them.

They are an excellent icebreaker for the first day of school to introduce students to each other.

You’ll also find that it helps establish a more robust community to foster a positive environment for all students.


If you want primary access to the fundamental components of the program, it’s entirely free.

However, if you wish to gain access to the premium content, you’ll need a GoNoodle Plus account.

You’ll find that with a Plus account, you’ll have standards-aligned content and customizable activities.

To upgrade a free account, it can cost $10/month or $99/year. First-time users will also get access to a free 30-day trial for their Plus account.


By teaching students the program’s ins and outs, they are bound to get excited about the class.

It’s a fantastic research-based platform to help students put more effort into their studies and physical activity.

Children and adults will benefit from using the program in their classes.

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