Hapara for Easy Transition to Digital Learning

Hapara takes a unique approach to teaching by offering differentiated learning.

Whether you need a resource for one-on-one teaching or group-based learning, this resource is useful.

You can guarantee you’ll be able to create and distribute projects correctly to all your students.


hapara teacher dashboard
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The most significant feature of Hapara is that it allows teachers to create group-based assignments and manage their classes.

They will be able to design customized projects and assignments based on the skills of their students.

The platform is incredibly well designed to provide a more streamlined and comprehensive learning environment.

Dipping your toes into the world of digital learning can be overwhelming at first, especially for traditional teachers.

Fortunately, this platform makes it substantially simpler, assisting with the transition to digital learning.

You’ll have many of the same management tools that you would have in a traditional school environment.

Although it will feel like you’re teaching a traditional lesson, there are plenty of innovative features that make it better.

Teachers will also save far more time, allowing them to spend more one-on-one time with students.

It’s a fantastic resource for schools that have shown interest in becoming paperless and focusing more on cloud-based learning.

How Does It Work?

For Teachers

If organization is one of the main things you focus on as a teacher, you’ll love the Hapara teacher dashboard.

It is intuitively designed to help you organize and manage your day-to-day needs in all your classes.

With the implementation of differentiation, you can divide your classroom into different groups.

Each of these groups will have a specific learning style and be at a particular skill level.

Based on the student’s level, they will receive specific assignments and materials to learn at their own pace.

Interestingly enough, although students have different work from each other, they’ll still be meeting state standards.

It’s a unique approach because every student acquires the same knowledge, but in a format that is easiest for them.

Another considerable advantage is that teachers will be able to have a more substantial hand in their students’ learning.

With this program’s implementation, you can empower students to take more control over their learning.

Teachers will also be able to establish more powerful teaching conversations and lesson plans to improve their classes’ skills.

You can also have the peace of mind that your students are completing their work with features that let you monitor browsing activity.

One of the favorite features of Hapara is how teachers can effortlessly distribute assignments.

Since you can group your students can or keep them individually, all you have to do is assign individual projects to be pushed out on specific dates.

With this streamlined process, you can save plenty of time and schedule ahead for your upcoming classes.

For Students

Students will also experience several benefits from having access to this learning platform.

Their learning will quickly become a priority for both teachers and parents with the easy-to-use student dashboard.

You can easily integrate this program with an assortment of other learning platforms, including Google Drive and Google Classroom.

If you have students prone to disorganization, this program is what they need to become more successful.

All of their assignments and tasks will be organized effortlessly on their “To Do” page.

They will be able to review overdue items, stay up-to-date with due dates, and look at assignments with no due dates.

There is also a built-in feature that has notifications, allowing students to know if there are new assignments.

They’ll also appreciate notifications for graded work, teacher emails, and returned work.

Like their “To Do” page, they can sort their notifications categorically depending on their classes.

Communication is also far more comfortable since students can contact their teacher directly from notifications.

It could also prove useful for parents who want to get in contact with their child’s teachers.

Another vital resource is Workspaces page, where students can review shared files and organize them by category.

If they click on the title of the shared file, it takes them to the specific resource needed for their assignment.

This feature helps make sure students have easy access to the materials needed for their work.


User-Friendly Design

The simple user-interface of this platform is essential for teachers and students alike.

Unlike other digital learning resources, teachers can get the hang of the program in minutes.

Students will also find it easy to navigate through their student portal to manage their assignments accordingly.

Differentiated Learning

Every student has specific needs when it comes to learning, and differentiated learning focuses on each individual.

You’ll no longer have to worry about less or more advanced students learning items too hard or too easy.

Every one of their lessons will be customized for their skill level yet still adhering to their curriculum.

Also, as students become more advanced and show heightened skills, their assignments will adjust.

The program is a fantastic way to ensure students have consistent access to tools perfect for their skills.

Safety Features

Ensuring students are held accountable for their studies is of the utmost importance, which is where safety comes into play.

As students log into the portal, teachers will monitor their every move to ensure they’re working.

This feature is essential to make sure students are browsing for school and not for personal gain.

As an added educational feature, you’ll love the monitoring feature to help guide students to specific resources.

You can watch their screen and navigate them to specific websites to help them safely access resources.

Data-Driven Solutions

As students complete their assignments, data will be curated and provided to educators.

Using these data, you will be able to see where there are gaps in your classrooms.

You can then transform your lesson plans to focus on the most common problem areas.

Also, administrators can use this information to improve professional development.

The more trained teachers are, the better the experience will be for their students.


The pricing for this program is quite affordable since it’s on a student-by-student basis.

Educators and administrators will pay five dollars per student for the basic license.

For the premium license, the cost will jump to seven dollars per student, but you are bound to have more features.

For more pricing information, request a demo and consult a representative to see if Hapara is the right resource.


The Hapara Teacher Dashboard is a great way to streamline digital learning, especially for beginners.

If your school wants to transition to a more digital environment, this is an excellent tool to have at your disposal.

By taking the needs of students and teachers into account, it can transform your classroom.


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