I Pathways: An Innovative GED Prep Program

Using the I Pathways GED program is ideal for those looking to prepare for life-changing assessments.

The program features an assortment of tools to get you ready for your GED, HiSET, and TASC tests.

You’ll find an assortment of engaging content to assist you with the most challenging learning aspects.

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With I Pathways, you’ll have access to aligned, tested, and vetted resources to prepare you for your future studies.

All of the program content is designed to be highly engaging and focuses on challenging study areas.

You’ll find plenty of Language Arts, Math, Social Studies, Science, and Consumer Education tools.

Students are guided to the appropriate resources for their learning level thanks to placement tests.

These tests study each individual’s strengths and weaknesses to provide the appropriate lessons.

You then complete your assignments as instructed to begin learning new concepts in an easy-to-understand format.

Along the way, you’ll find tools that monitor your progress as well as communication tools for teachers and students.

It’s one of the best resources for facilitating healthier communication between instructors and students to meet goals.

This program is one of the few approved by the GED Testing Service and The Education Testing Service.

I Pathways GED: How Does It Work?

For Teachers

Preparing students for their future studies is challenging for any teacher, mainly because they are unique.

With this program’s help, you can access worksheets, websites, and tech tips to put the platform to fair use.

You can bolster your teaching abilities through professional development to put the available resources to better use.

You’ll find this program is best used as a supplementary resource to traditional teaching to help you better understand your students.

As they complete their assignments, you can monitor their progress to see their most challenging learning areas.

Using this information, you can better formulate your lesson plans to ensure they meet everyone’s educational needs.

Another benefit of this program is that it’s designed for in-person, blended, and distance learning.

As long as your students have access to an internet connection, they can access the web-based system.

You’ll find it’s a useful resource for streamlining your teaching, so critical concepts are provided through several avenues.

If you’ve been struggling with effectively communicating with your students, you’ll appreciate the communication tools.

These resources are ideal for helping students feel more comfortable reaching out to their educators.

Also, it provides a more convenient way for you to connect with your students to ensure all areas of interest are understood.

For Students

Students have access to many tools while using this program.

They can control their studies better, as it’s designed to help them take more accountability.

For example, individual students are provided with a custom study schedule to study for their tests.

There are many aspects to the platform across an assortment of subjects, including:

  • Reading Content

Students can develop better reading strategies through an assortment of content.

They’ll establish a more robust vocabulary, use reading checks to review their progress, and implement unique technologies.

With a three-pronged approach, reading will become more straightforward, even for ESL students.

  • Mathematics

The program’s mathematics branch is designed to assist with improving math proficiency.

Students will navigate through many assignments about complex numbers, computation, radicals, estimation, exponents, and more.

  • Basic Writing

In line with reading, students can also improve their basic writing skills.

They’ll understand how to effectively manage their ideas, develop writing patterns, and develop their language capabilities.

  • Social Studies

All of the social studies module content is in line with the National Standards for History.

By completing these assignments, learners will establish a strong background in social studies.

  • Language Arts

This component helps improve vocabulary development by taking advantage of evidence-based learning.

Students will use research-based instructions to navigate through passages in literary and non-fiction texts.

  • Consumer Education

This module is essential for bridging the gap between real-world experiences and in-class learning.

Consumer education teaches students primarily about financial literacy.

They’ll learn about completing wage and tax forms, finding a job, dealing with consumer complaints, and more.

Its primary objective is to have students prepared for life after graduating.

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Some of the great things about this program include:

Access To Key Tools

As mentioned, there is an assortment of tools provided with this platform.

Students and teachers have access to math and writing worksheets, graphic organizers, and extended response worksheets.

You’ll also find a collection of relevant web links for online reading and writing opportunities and a glossary filled with key terms.

Offline Learning Opportunities

If your students don’t have access to an internet connection, there are offline learning opportunities.

With I Pathways Oasis, students can access the same online platform functionality from a single device.

Education in Correctional Institutions

This benefit is one of the unique features of the platform.

Students in correctional institutions can access their studies through a secure network available through county jails.

They can benefit significantly from the robust education to acquire their GED while detained.

Individual Learning Opportunities

Every student is different and requires a unique approach to teaching and learning.

With this program, they can learn at a comfortable pace while still acquiring foundational knowledge for future studies.

When their placement tests are complete, the program will guide them to the appropriate lessons for their learning level.

By the end of the year, they should be at the same level as the rest of their peers to prepare them for essential tests.

You’ll find this program is ideal for students between ABE and ASE levels.


At this time, the program isn’t available to purchase independently by students.

You will need to inquire about pricing through your education provider or GED testing service.

These institutions can contact the sales department for more pricing information.


I Pathways GED is an essential resource for students who require specialized instruction.

With the ability to offer differentiated learning, they can acquire important skills and concepts at their own pace.

It’s also an invaluable resource for preparing students for their future outside of school.

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