Imagine Learning: Mastering Adaptive Learning

Imagine Learning is a well-rounded collection of resources for students who prefer adaptive learning.

Instead of using traditional materials like textbooks and printed assignments, students can learn more innovatively.

With the combination of small competitions, interactive lessons, and games, Imagine Learning support helps them to grasp difficult subjects with ease.


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The central premise of the platform is to provide children with a more immersive and engaging learning environment.

By adding games and unique competitive features, students are bound to be motivated to try their hardest on assignments and tests.

Administrators can also keep track of their students’ performance with the use of the generated reports.

With the language portion of the program, students can learn their lessons in up to 15 languages.

It’s designed for Pre-K to Sixth Grade, although it can be used well into high-school, depending on your class’ needs.

As long as your students have access to a dedicated set of computers or electronic devices, it’s fully accessible.

It is important to note that gaining access to the program requires installing the IL Server. Unfortunately, students won’t be able to access their assignments from home, but it can make in-class activities far more exciting.

How Does It Work?

There is an ample amount of activities and assessments that educators can put to good use when developing their lesson plans.

For Teachers

Teachers will love how the program adapts to every student’s needs, ensuring they learn in an equitable environment.

With the multi-language support, you can guarantee that ESL students will have equal learning opportunities as their peers.

The program is also designed to help boost students’ understanding of tough subjects, allowing them to become stronger learners.

The most used feature you’ll be taking advantage of as a teacher is the reporting tool.

As your students complete their assignments, the program will provide reports that can be analyzed to determine their progress.

To access these tools, you’ll need to visit the “Action Area Tools” page.

With the reports’ data, you can see any problem areas that students and whole classes might be experiencing. This will then allow you to establish a more thorough lesson plan to meet state education standards.

You’ll also love comparing results to see the current growth of your student’s abilities as they prepare for further education.

As an administrator, there are additional tools you can have access to. You’ll want to consider the yearly and weekly reports on usage to determine which classes are using it.

By keeping your educators accountable for their usage, you can boost your school’s performance percentages.

For Students

It’s easy to see that Imagine Learning is designed for students. It provides essential information in a fun and engaging way.

When users first log into their account, they will have to complete an assessment to analyze their strengths and weaknesses.

The program then automatically adapts the assignments to make sure they are at the learning level for each student.

As students finish more assignments, the adaptive learning engine will continue to shift and provide them with more challenging tasks.

There are plenty of areas for entertainment and engagement, as well, such as the ability to earn virtual currency.

The more assignments your students complete, the higher their wallet of virtual currency will become. They can then take the currency to unlock more content in the Learning Museum.

The Museum contains a ton of content about sports, music, and art, while still focusing on literacy skills.


Students who are learning English as a second language are bound to benefit greatly from this program.

They can efficiently work through the same projects as their peers but in their native language.

At first, students will learn the assignments in their native language and then in English, assisting them with the transition.

There are many languages supported by the program, including Haitian Creole, Somali, Spanish, and Hmong.

Here are its other benefits:

1. In-Depth Learning

Instead of merely teaching students how to read, this program takes a more detailed approach to learning.

Through the assignments and passages, students will improve their fluency, vocabulary, phonics, comprehension, and phonemic awareness.

You’ll find that all of the built-in activities focus on spelling, rhyming, phonic rules, idiom comprehension, reading comprehension, and more.

2. Games and Assessments

Children will love to use this program in every class, as it allows them to play games while learning at the same time.

The games are entertaining and are bound to engage your students for their entire class, if necessary.

Many assessments are designed with accessible formats, too, such as multiple choice and fill in the blank answers.

3. Highly Adaptable

The most impressive benefit of this platform is how it adapts to the needs of every user.

Students can perform at their skill level and progress at their own pace, rather than being compared to their peers.

Every activity and assignment is age-appropriate and takes the user’s grade into account.

Even if students find it challenging to answer specific questions, the program will provide feedback on how they can answer correctly.

Although it was initially designed for students from Pre-K to Grade Six, it can also be used in higher education.

It can prove useful for helping students brush up on fundamental aspects before furthering their education.

4. Constant Motivation

As students are rewarded for their successes with virtual currency, it’s sure to motivate them to perform better.

This encouragement is essential for ensuring students are always working towards a goal, rather than staying stagnant.

Their learning is sure to improve over a short period, especially as they’ll want to unlock as much content as possible.


As with most of the digital learning resources you’ll find, the price for the program will differ by district.

You can typically inquire about discounts if you’re ordering licenses in bulk or opting for a multi-year contract.

To find more pricing information, consider contacting Imagine Learning support.


With Imagine Learning, students can learn at a pace that is most comfortable for them.

The platform is built intuitively with easy-to-use features that every educator and administrator would appreciate.

Imagine Learning support helps you get an idea of how much it would cost your students to take advantage of the program.

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