Imagine Math: Adaptable Math Support for Students

With the help of Imagine Math, students can better understand the concepts presented in their math classes.

The intuitive nature of this tool is essential for students who have different learning needs from others.

Considering math can be one of the most challenging subjects to learn, an Imagine Math login can quickly prove useful.


imagine math login
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The program’s central premise is to give students the ability to acquire skills and understand math based on their grades.

There are specific Common Core State Standards that every student must meet to move onto the next grade.

If a particular student is struggling with mathematics, this point is where the program becomes most useful.

There are several different ways this learning tool is designed to help using the Quantile Framework.

Their online teachers and tutors thoroughly explain concepts to students, teach effectively, and motivate them.

You’ll also find the program features benchmark testing to ensure students’ progress is moving as it should.

Another exciting aspect of an Imagine Math login is that it can significantly assist ESL students.

If English is not their first language, they can be connected with bilingual teachers to support their learning.

Students will be exposed to scaffolded instruction, helping to ensure they’re learning most effectively for them.

The entire system is developed to be motivational to ensure students are ready for college development and career readiness.

You’ll appreciate the on-demand instruction that connects students with live teachers, rather than pre-recorded lessons.

Also, with the help of first language support for English learners, it will be simpler to navigate online learning.

How Does It Work?

For Teachers

It’s important to note that the platform is a supplementary source of instruction to complement in-school studies.

For teachers, you can track students’ learning progress with the help of the many online resources.

If you are implementing this program into your classroom, it’s crucial to take onsite training to learn the ins and outs.

With the help of the parent company, Think Through Math (TTM), educators will attend live training and online training.

There are also several webinars to teach you how to make the most of the online program.

By the end of your training, you can learn how to navigate the content maps, determine usage, and view classroom progress.

As with most online education tools, teachers will appreciate having access to relevant statistics and metrics.

You’ll track your students’ progress using MetaMetrics, which are designed in a user-friendly fashion.

Every teacher will have access to three main points of data:

  • Progress Reports: These reports give a general overview of individual student growth to see the average improvement of specific students.
  • Standards Reports: With standards reports, you can compare students’ progress to the Common Core State Standards.
  • Overview Reports: If you don’t want to look at individuals but your class’s performance, you will love the overview reports.

For Students

By far, students will experience the most benefits from Think Through Math’s program.

They will have access to several different questions, activities, and assignments, which are all designed for their learning level.

With the point system’s addition, children will strive to improve their skills to earn points to customize their avatar.

If students do not want to customize their avatar, they can put their points to better use.

After accumulating points, they will be turned into real money, and students can donate it to a charity of their choosing.

Another exciting aspect of the program is that students can engage in games that help to further their learning in a more fun fashion.

Productive game theory is a significant portion of the learning environment, allowing students to activate prior knowledge with a warm-up game.

Every student will have the highest level of support while working through assignments and tests.

There is an ample number of explanations, hints, and teacher-based assistance with their lessons.

Also, students are highly encouraged to figure out the problems independently before connecting with a teacher.

With the “Math Help” button, they can receive verbal instructions about a specific question.

For Parents

It’s not too often that you can find online school resources that also have a parent section.

Think Through Math created the Parent Portal to help families track their student’s schoolwork from home.

In the portal, you can take a look at the goals for your children and the achievements they’ve received.

You can also know the current list of competitions being held at your child’s school to ensure they’re prepared.


Some of the great things about this platform are:

Consistent Learning Support

By far, the most considerable advantage of this platform is that it offers constant support to students.

They can easily access a live teacher’s further explanation via either an audio or a video chat during school hours.

Also, there are plenty of built-in resources to help students if they don’t want to connect with a teacher.

Students will easily navigate the platform and be more motivated to answer questions on their own.

Charitable Donations

The more success a student experiences with their studies, the more they can give back to their community.

Since points are the reward system for Imagine Math, students can transform their points into actual money.

They then decide which charity they would like to donate to, which teaches an invaluable interpersonal lesson.

Improved Skills

Over time, with the support of highly trained teachers, your students will begin to see a significant improvement in their studies.

Their understanding of difficult subjects is prone to become better, enabling higher test and assignment scores.

It also teaches them how to navigate through troublesome subjects on their own before seeking help.

ESL Support

For students learning English as a second language, this program is ideal.

Every teacher is bilingual, helping to make sure students can get assistance in a language most comfortable to them.


This program’s cost will vary depending on the number of students and classrooms that need it in your school.

It is highly advised you talk to a representative to give you a comprehensive quote for all of the features.

You can also expect an extra charge for any training required for teachers.


Using your Imagine Math login, you can have access to many essential features for students and teachers.

Diversifying your math knowledge will be simpler when you have access to professional support along the way.

Teachers will also love being able to customize assignments and homework online using Imagine Math.

You’ll also appreciate the Parent Portal to stay up to date with your child’s studies’ latest improvements.

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