iReady: A Way to Track Students’ Learning

iReady helps to take the guesswork out of determining how well students are grasping onto specific subjects throughout the year. This is all thanks to the fact that it is a fantastic learning tracking tool.

Specifically designed to keep users up to date with the progress of their students, it provides invaluable information to assist you with advancing both in-class and online learning to the best of your ability. Not only is it useful for assessing your students’ strengths and weaknesses, but it can also provide personalized core learning based on each student’s progress.




Many have found that the best way to ensure students’ success is to provide them with a customized learning environment. However, this isn’t a feasible solution for classrooms as there isn’t enough manpower.

With the help of additional programs like this one, each student will have an assortment of assignments and online instructions readily available for them based on their milestones. The differentiated online teaching is a unique way to make sure every user progresses at their own pace, all while ensuring they’re getting all of the essential knowledge similar to the rest of their peers.

With four different tools, the program provides a more inclusive learning environment that schools and educators will love putting to good use.

These four tools include:

  • Diagnostic

Before students start their studies, they will participate in a diagnostic program that helps to place them at the appropriate level depending on their honed knowledge.

  • Online Instruction

With assessments and assignments for K-8 students, the online instruction will be designed based on the Diagnostic results, ensuring each student has the right content for their studies.

  • Standards Mastery

To ensure students are reaching the appropriate milestones for their learning capabilities, there will also be Standards Mastery programs, which are miniature assessments that will further influence the online instructions.

  • Apps

As another fantastic way for students to learn, the available apps are a great support feature that corresponds with their online instructions.

How Does It Work?

For Teachers

Once your students have completed their diagnostic program, you will receive a detailed report about their overall recommended level for Mathematics and Reading and a statement about their sub-skills. A few examples of the sub-skills include text comprehension and measurement and data, allowing you to understand what areas within either Math or Reading your students may struggle with the most.

You will then be able to review the specific assignments that are provided to each student. At the same time, they will be grouped based on their skill level, making it easier for you to keep track of the differentiated instruction methods.

Teachers will have the ability to customize lesson plans by assigning specific assessments. You will also have access to an assortment of lesson guides that are fully downloadable for in-class learning.

As the central premise behind this program is to keep teachers up to date with their students’ progress, you’ll be able to review which individuals are performing poorly or above average. Teachers can also see which students are missing lessons and whether individual users are below the average grade level.

For Students

Most of the benefits of this program are to be had by the students, as it provides a far more customized method of learning to help them better their personal skills rather than compete to match the learning capabilities of their peers.

During the diagnostic process, students will encounter plenty of questions based on their previous answers; for example, if students answer questions incorrectly, easier ones will be provided and vice versa. The platform’s smart engineering then develops a specific online instruction program that includes interactive lessons, practice problems, and an assortment of interesting online characters.

Every time a student completes a lesson, they receive a token, which can then be exchanged for games available on the platform, helping to reinforce positive behaviors and attentiveness to their lessons.

Students will also love using the applications because they provide drill-based content that compliments their personal online program while assisting the user with branching out into different areas of a particular subject. For example, you can delve deeper into abstract math, multiplication, and division with the mathematics program.


The list of benefits of this program is extensive, as it helps students to learn at their own pace, with some of the most notable advantages being:

Useful for Administrators

Aside from teachers, District Administrators will also be able to benefit from schools that use the iReady platform. They will also be able to examine reports from each district as well as individual records from specific students.

With the information in the program, professionals can then quantify the number of at-risk students in a particular area or within a specific school to ensure the highest standards of learning are being met throughout the district.

Enhances Parent Accountability

Instead of providing weekly updates to each of the parents for students in your class, this program allows parents to keep track of their child’s progress on their own time, primarily if they use the iPad apps. Parents will be able to see most of the same information as teachers, except it will only pertain to their child rather than the class as a whole, which allows them to hold their children accountable for their at-home studies and assignment completion.

Overall, it helps to streamline the relationship between teachers and families to ensure that the students are performing to the best of their ability.


iReady has comprehensive pricing scales, allowing schools to take advantage of all or some of the features they have to offer rather than having to buy the entire program at once.

The diagnostic feature starts at $6 per student, per subject, per year, with the licenses for the diagnostic and instruction packages starting at $30 per student, per item, per year. Where it gets tricky is that schools are required to purchase a minimum of 150 licenses. However, if you decide to buy multi-year or district-wide permits, you could be eligible for a bulk discount.

Fortunately, the iPad apps are free from the iTunes store, making them an excellent tool for parents and students to have available at home. There is also pricing available for professional development training, so teachers and administrators can learn how to use the program in the classroom. This training program starts at $2,500 per school.


There’s no doubt that iReady is an excellent resource for several things, but it primarily gives students the ability to learn two of the toughest subjects in school at their own pace. With plenty of lessons about math and reading, you can guarantee that your students will be able to get the most out of their studies throughout the year.

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