IXL Learning: Improving Access To Math and ELA Concepts

The IXL Learning System gives schools the ability to ensure their students get the educational attention they need.

From Kindergarten to grade 12, students are covered in several ways while working on core math and ELA concepts.

Teachers will also have access to essential data to help provide a more comprehensive learning experience.


ixl learning system
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This platform works similarly to others on the market in that it gives educators the information they need to teach effectively.

As students complete coursework, the platform analyzes their responses to alert teachers to gaps in learning.

By using these metrics, educators can then customize lesson plans and provide more effective one-on-one teachings.

The algorithms built into the platform help to assess student’s knowledge and pinpoint student proficiencies.

What makes the platform unique is that it provides personalized lesson plans per student.

Instead of forcing learners to adapt to their peers, they will get the individualized attention necessary based on performance.

By using this methodology, students have more meaningful learning opportunities to improve fundamental skills.

With students’ and teachers’ ability to see significant improvements in learning, it boosts confidence.

Also, students will feel like they have more accountability for furthering their studies and improving their knowledge.

IXL Learning System: How Does It Work?

For Teachers

Everything you need for coursework is included in this online platform for students from Junior Kindergarten to grade 12.

Each grade has anywhere from 70 to 450+ skills in an assortment of mathematical and ELA venues.

As students complete their assigned tasks, data will be input into their teachers’ system to review.

The real-time diagnostic process helps teachers know when to intervene to help bridge gaps in learning.

The algorithms help to pinpoint the overall grade levels of students based on their right and wrong answers.

It also helps provide differentiated learning for students to excel at their own pace in their studies.

When reviewing the analytics, educators will find that similar levels can group students.

Also, it provides skill recommendations to assist you in developing more comprehensive lesson plans.

The real-time information is also essential for holding students accountable and ensuring they stay focused on their tasks.

You’ll find it’s easier to prepare individualized coaching to help students achieve their goals and surpass milestones.

Teachers can review which students are working ahead of their skill level and any who require extra support.

By completing the assignment, educators can review any signs of growth and determine where students can improve.

For Students

Students will appreciate the lessons available through IXL Learning System because of how engaging they are.

Instead of traditional pen-and-paper lessons, students participate in visually engaging and entertaining content.

Although the lessons are fun and exciting, they also reinforce learning at the deepest levels.

Each grade has a vast number of insights and skills that students will learn over the year.

For example, Junior Kindergarten users will focus on 71+ skills, while Grade 12 users have 261+ focused skills.

As mentioned, there are a ton of mathematical and ELA concepts involved in the specific lessons.

A few of the most popular math components include:

  • Identifying quadratic and exponential functions
  • Graphing probability distributions
  • Determining if limits exist
  • Finding derivatives of polynomials
  • Arithmetic sequences
  • Repeating patterns
  • Addition word problems
  • Rotational symmetry
  • Prime and composite numbers
  • Integers on number lines
  • Comparing money amounts

ixl learning system

If you’ve begun to notice your students require more engagement from their math and ELA lessons, this tool is invaluable.

Since math can be one of the more challenging subjects for learners, this platform makes it more fun.

Also, teachers can save time when it comes to developing lesson plans since the program manages assignment distribution.

ELA is equally as important, which is where the second half of the program comes into play.

Several of the ELA concepts built into the platform include:

  • Identifying personal pronouns
  • Identifying singular and plural nouns
  • Recalling the source of an allusion
  • Capitalizing titles and names
  • How to write letters
  • Replacing nouns with personal pronouns
  • Short and long vowel words
  • Completing rhymes
  • Reading comprehension
  • Finding antonyms in context
  • Using correct past tense forms
  • Identifying plagiarism
  • Removing redundant phrases and words

For Families

With this platform, the work doesn’t stop once school is over because parents can also put it to fair use.

Reinforcing learning at home is a fantastic way to improve overall classroom performance.

With a family account, parents can ensure their children work on assignments at home during their free time.

There’s a step-by-step guide available to take parents on a tour of the platform and how they can use it outside of school.

The innovative and highly illustrated game-like lessons help students to find a new appreciation for math and ELA.


Provided Recommendations

As students begin working through the program, the algorithms detect which areas require reinforcement.

This process then provides users with a list of recommended activities based on their strengths and weaknesses.

Students can navigate through their personalized picks to complete extra activities after class or at home.

All of the recommended lessons can be found on the Recommendations Wall.

Two Learning Paths

It’s a great idea to use this platform to help your child improve in their general studies.

However, it can also be used as a source of test preparation.

Teachers and parents can opt to change the learning path to help prepare for assessments.

It’s also important to note that this program helps students work on two significant areas of study: math and ELA.

They can easily navigate through both avenues or opt to use one or the other, depending on which areas of study are essential.


You can opt to use this math and ELA platform for free, though you’ll have access to restricted content.

Alternatively, you can sign up for a family or educator membership, depending on preference.

The family memberships start at $12.95 per month.

To get an accurate quote, it’s best to contact their sales team, especially if you want a license for 100 or more students.

With an educator membership, you’ll receive:

  • Administrator reports and tools
  • Unlimited teacher accounts
  • Dedicated account management


Using a learning system such as IXL can be a significant upgrade from traditional teachings.

Students can learn all of math and ELA’s core concepts from Junior Kindergarten to Grade 12 in an engaging environment.

Also, teachers can save plenty of time when developing lesson plans.

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