JogNog: A New Approach to Quizzes

With a JogNog login, you can provide a game-based program to all of your students from kindergarten to grade 12.

This program takes an innovative approach to quizzes and test-refreshers compared to other learning platforms.

It’s also a useful resource for getting your students more engaged in their studies before classes begin.

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As its name suggests, a JogNog login provides you with the ability to jog your students’ minds.

By offering an assortment of quality quizzes, the program helps engage classrooms in a fun learning environment.

All of the quizzes are available through mobile devices or a standard web browser for quick and easy access.

They align with state standards for students of all ages and cover an assortment of topics.

You’ll also find real-life examples of quizzes, such as driver’s license tests and SAT prep.

There are two main ways that this platform is usually put to use, the most popular being independent self-paced study.

However, if you want to bring a new edge to your classroom, you can easily add a competitive element with Team Play.

With this option, students work together to find the correct answers for the assigned quiz.

Whichever team finishes the quiz with the highest score gets rewarded.

One of the essential concepts of this program is that it ensures students achieve mastery of their subjects.

As they work through their quizzes, they will receive Tower Badges and a specific score.

Individual scores are required to pass onto another level so that students can unlock more challenging activities.

They won’t progress through their personalized pathways until they prove their proficiency.

This method ensures that every participant has the fundamental skills necessary to excel in their studies.

JogNog Login: How Does It Work?

For Teachers

You can opt to have a more hands-on approach with this platform or assign quizzes independently.

It can be beneficial for a more balanced experience to select a pre-designed quiz and make any necessary edits.

This process ensures your students are being quizzed on items aligned with their current studies.

Alternatively, you can create quizzes from scratch using the intuitive built-in tools.

You might prefer this option if you’re designing quizzes to help your students bridge significant gaps in learning.

It can also be beneficial as a way for students to prepare for their midterm or end-of-year exams.

If you’ve begun to notice a sharp decline in your students’ motivation, this quiz tool is ideal.

There’s a unique “Praise Me” option, where you can provide words of encouragement after they completed their tests.

With positive reinforcement, you’ll find your classes will take more accountability for their studies.

Educators searching for a more serious test-taking tool will also appreciate using this program.

It allows you to craft formative assessments and handpick pre-made evaluations to be used.

There are many phenomenal concepts built into the platform to boost proficiency and develop new skills.

You can ensure your students refine their vocabulary and improve their knowledge of STEM concepts.

It’s also one of the best resources for strengthening existing skills, especially for proficient students.

Apart from the testing features, you’ll also find an assortment of educational videos to be assigned.

Each video is sourced from unique, high-quality sources and has been independently vetted by JogNog.

You’ll love assigning videos for blended learning because students can review and learn at their own pace.

This program is highly recommended for remote learning because it’s accessible from any device.

Your students can complete homework assignments and play quizzes at any time on their devices.

It’s a far better review tool than traditional pen and paper reviews, especially for digitally-inclined students.

For Students

Students will find that managing their work will be more straightforward with their dashboard.

When logged in, they will select specific classes and see the quizzes that have been assigned to them.

There’s also a leaderboard on the screen’s side that shows the number of rewards students have earned.

Each student receives a ranking based on their completed tasks and their scores.

As another competitive feature, they can receive real rewards for taking the initiative to strengthen their skills.

In terms of digital rewards, students will receive Tower Badges displayed on their profiles.

As schools transition to a more digital age, students find it easier to learn with digital programs.

This platform is an exceptional tool for keeping learners engaged in challenging topics and working independently.

In a way, it’s self-guided learning, especially if students decide to participate in quizzes outside of what’s assigned.

The user-friendly interface is intuitively designed for people of any age to use easily.

It’s accessible from several platforms, including Kindle, Android, iOS, and Windows.

If you need a testing tool that keeps your students accountable, the scheduling feature is ideal.

Every student will have a specific schedule based on their assigned quizzes and due dates.

When the tests are completed, you can track their progress in real-time while parents and teachers receive notifications.

This feature is essential for parents to encourage their kids to be accountable for their studies.

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Perfect for Revision

Reviewing previously learned topics and skills is essential for every student, especially at the end of the year.

If you use this program as a review tool, you’ll find your students will be less likely to forget important concepts.

It will also give them an edge when it comes time for standardized tests, ensuring they’re adequately prepared.

Improving Motivation

As mentioned, the platform’s competitive features are perfect for improving your student’s motivation.

They will take their quizzes more seriously with the competitive group tests and being displayed on the leaderboard.

By the end of the semester, you’ll notice a significant improvement in fundamental skills and responsibility.

Instant Feedback

As students complete their quizzes, the platform will provide immediate feedback.

They’ll be able to know what answers were right or wrong so they can make quick revisions.

You’ll also find it’s a time-efficient way to have students craft independent study guides for their courses.


There’s tiered pricing like most learning platforms depending on the license you need.

However, there’s also a basic package available at a lesser cost, although it has fewer features.

Basic Teacher Account ($35 for one teacher and unlimited students per year)

  • 1900 quizzes in math, science, and ELA
  • Custom quiz creation
  • Motivational badges
  • Integrated leaderboard
  • Real-time in-class challenges
  • Classroom management
  • Unlimited quizzes per class
  • Formative and summative grade book
  • No ads
  • Microsoft Immersive Reader compatibility

Professional Accounts

With a Professional package, you can choose between the standard Teacher and Teacher Schoolwide accounts.

The Teacher account is $135 per teacher with unlimited students for one year.

Teacher Schoolwide covers an entire school with unlimited teachers and students for $1350 per year.

As mentioned, you’ll get more with this package, including everything in the Basic account and:

  • Educational videos
  • Differentiated quizzes
  • Assignment due dates
  • Downloadable reports
  • Printable answer keys
  • Adding images to quizzes
  • 80,000 JogNog questions
  • Copy and sharing quizzes
  • Student passwords
  • Student report cards
  • Progress reports
  • Adaptive learning engine
  • Priority customer support


JogNog is a valuable resource for quiz taking in all forms, whether for revision or pre-testing.

Teachers will love how easy it is to create customized and engaging quizzes for their classes.

It’s one of the most amazing tools for boosting proficiency across several important subjects.

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