Kickboard: A Platform to Help Students Improve

With the Kickboard parent student portal, families can ensure their students get the education they need.

Every student has the right to equal education, which is the primary concept of this platform.

By focusing on education while promoting healthy growth and fostering joy and focus, students can thrive.

kickboard parent student portal


Keeping track of students’ progress is one of the primary ways to target problem areas in the classroom.

This program provides educators and parents with the necessary data to analyze their students’ performance.

Also, it is an essential resource for sharing and rectifying behavioral problems in the classroom.

All users will have access to reading growth, rubrics, grades, attendance, and more.

It’s a well-rounded program that gives you the keys you need to establish better management over classrooms.

It also allows you to intervene before classroom issues become more prevalent, so every student has a comfortable learning environment.

How Does It Work?

For Teachers

It’s far too often that students are interrupted by classroom distractions, which can harm their studies.

By implementing these resources in classrooms, teachers can enforce reward systems and consequences for poor behavior.

Students will then quickly learn how to contribute to a more positive classroom environment that fosters academic achievements.

Educators will receive in-depth profiles about individual students and classes to make any necessary changes.

For example, they can review the mastery of particular topics, student grades, and behavioral notes.

They can then provide private and immediate feedback to students to help align their behavior and studies.

Teachers can also create educational reports that can be sent directly to parents.

Using the Kickboard parent student portal, parents can stay up-to-date with their child’s in-school behavior.

Also, teachers can reach out to parents with regards to their child’s successes and challenging aspects.

With this program, there is a four-step program that educators can use to create healthier environments.

The four steps include:

1. Reflection and Evaluation

By looking at the data provided about each student and classes as a whole, teachers can reflect on performance.

This data is essential for formulating a plan for the next step of the process.

2. Identifying Challenges to Address

If there is an issue in the classroom that needs to be addressed, the data-driven reports can help.

Teachers can use their information to find the issue and address it adequately to eliminate the problem.

3. Collaboration

While working with coworkers, administrators, parents, and students, everyone works together to create a healthier environment.

All parties can provide input and solutions to assist with challenging day-to-day problems.

4. Taking Action

Depending on the circumstance, teachers can then use the platform to find an appropriate reward or consequence for students.

The Kickboard Culture Data Cycle is essential for ensuring everyone is held accountable for their actions.

Schools can benefit significantly by ensuring the appropriate steps are taken to resolve pressing issues.

For Students

One of the most considerable advantages of this platform is that it ensures every student gets equal learning opportunities.

Schools are highly diverse, with a wide array of students with different learning needs and backgrounds.

By using this program, classrooms will become a more comfortable and inviting environment for all students.

Managing classroom interactions and disruptions can help change the discourse of your school.

It can also help to cultivate a more diverse experience that every student can relate to.

Not only will they begin to see a positive shift in their classmate’s behavior, but theirs, as well.

A significant issue with students is absenteeism, which is another area this platform focuses on.

Chronic absenteeism can significantly impact a student’s grade, and staying on top of their attendance is essential.

Parents and teachers will be able to review and audit absences to ensure students have the best learning opportunity.

Using the built-in resources, collaborative teams can implement new systems to help reduce their students’ absenteeism.

You can guarantee that students will feel better learning in a positive school culture that adapts to their needs.

With the empowering, uplifting, and motivating features of the program, students learn more about independence and accountability.

Families will also have access to mid-year reflections, allowing plenty of room for improvement.

If a child’s behavior, grades, and attendance slipped during the first half, they could quickly correct it for the upcoming semester.

Also, the mid-year reflection is essential to motivate hardworking students to continue striving to meet their goals.

kickboard parent student portal

Kickboard Parent Student Portal Benefits

Trauma-Informed Practices

Traumatic situations can quickly impact any student’s life, which is where this part of the program is useful.

With trauma-informed practices, families and educators can ensure students can escape from toxic stress.

It also helps to reduce negative consequences among students affected by trauma.

For example, schools will begin to reduce suspensions, aggressive confrontations, and improved attendance.

Student engagement will increase, and students can spend more time working on tasks without distractions.

By understanding the impact that trauma can have on students, schools can quickly provide more attentive teaching.


Positive Behavior Intervention Support (PBIS) is essential for problematic students, regardless of their needs.

Teachers and parents need to know how to approach challenging students to boost their morale and positive influence.

If you’re part of a school that needs PBIS, this resource will prove to be invaluable.

Educators will learn the importance of motivational rewards, offering positive office referrals, and more.

Free Resources

If you’re interested in furthering your understanding of this program, there are plenty of free resources to consider.

On their website, you can get informative content relating to trauma-informed schools, establishing school culture, and more.

You’ll also be able to download a behavior tracking template that you can use to begin monitoring your students’ behavior.


Before signing up for a paid subscription, you should consider requesting a live demo to learn about the platform.

The demos are entirely free and are available between regular office hours.

Alternatively, you can contact their sales team for more pricing information.

At this time, it appears that school administrators are the only individuals that can purchase the platform for use.


Building a healthier learning environment is beneficial for everyone involved in a student’s life.

From ensuring they are a positive influence in school and at home, their grades are sure to skyrocket.

With the help of this platform, you can keep kids up-to-date with their successes and recommended improvements.

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