Kiddom: Transitioning to Blended Learning With Ease

Transitioning schools into the digital age is more streamlined with resources like Kiddom.

In this Kiddom review, we explore the core concepts that make this a fabulous resource for in-person and distance learning.

From providing modified standards-aligned curriculums to fun and interactive assessments, it has many features.

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The primary theme of this Kiddom review is that it’s a comprehensive resource for bringing your school into the future.

All of its components are designed to enhance the future of personalized learning in a digital environment.

Whether you have blended classrooms, distance students, or in-person teaching, it’s a highly adaptable engine.

It can be challenging to apply a diverse and standards-aligned curriculum without students being present in class.

This platform helps make lesson continuity simple with an intuitively designed digital curriculum.

You’ll find a collection of top-rated resources that can be imported or independently built to teach core concepts.

The central premise of the platform is to ensure that all students have access to similar learning experiences.

Using an assortment of resources, teachers can provide instructional supports and share engaging resources.

You’ll also have access to real-time trends and performance statistics to provide intervention where necessary.

There are three prongs to this learning platform, which include:

Curriculum Building

What makes this platform so unique is that it’s versatile for any school. You can opt to provide pre-designed standards-aligned open curriculums to students.

Alternatively, you can build and share a personalized curriculum designed to target specific skills.


Instruction can be one of the most challenging concepts for blended and distance classes.

Teachers can contextualize and modify the curriculum to meet the needs of blended classrooms.

Using this platform, you can guarantee everyone has access to equal learning opportunities.


Analyzing student performance is of the utmost importance to ensure learners are grasping essential concepts.

With the assessments component, educators can create fun and engaging activities for students to complete.

All of the assessments are bundled with differentiated instruction, so student’s needs are adequately met.

How Does It Work for Teachers?

There are several key concepts teachers can use to their advantage with this program, including:


In this facet, schools and districts can close the gap between digital learning platforms and high-quality instruction.


You’ll find an assortment of curriculum management tools within the teacher dashboard.

On this page, you can access and navigate the different curriculum options for each of your classes.

You can also collaborate with coworkers to provide well-rounded learning opportunities for all students.

Each objective and target throughout the year can be seen, edited, and commented on by administrators, teachers, and students.


Every student will have a different method of learning that best suits their skills.

With direct personalization, educators ensure students achieve mastery at an acceptable pace more comfortably.

You’ll be able to quickly review which students require more enrichment and support than others.


As your students complete activities available through the curriculum, you can then review their performance.

You can compare their scores to the standards of students of the same and age grade.

Using this data can help you ensure you’re providing the best possible instructions and assessments.

Personalized Learning

With personalized learning pathways, teachers can use technology to assist students with improving ownership.

Learners will have access to individualized instruction based on their skill sets with customized pathways.

Custom Assessments and Lesson Plans

Teachers will have access to over 70,000 standards-aligned resources within the Kiddom Content Library.

You can individually assign all of these resources to students, specific groups, or whole classrooms.

Alternatively, you can use the built-in tools to develop your own custom assessments.

Online Chat Options

When students encounter a challenging concept that they can’t work through independently, intervention is possible.

Teachers can set up online chat opportunities to help guide students through specific areas to bridge learning gaps.

It’s also possible to send specific resources to struggling students to begin remediation quickly.

Measuring Performance

Ensuring students are progressing at an acceptable pace is essential for further development.

Educators will measure each student’s performance at a class-level or based on individual skills and standards.

It’s easy to see how well students are progressing as well as reviewing specific areas of concern.

You’ll be able to provide progress reports that are easy for families to read to understand their child’s progress.

This feature is also essential for ensuring you hold your students accountable for their learning.

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Here are some of the most exciting details you’ll expect from this platform:

Improving Accountability

The personalization built into this platform is essential for teachers looking to hold their students accountable.

It’s easy for learners to put their studies to the side with distance learning instead of other activities.

However, teachers will have the necessary resources and actionable data to prove successes and learning gaps.

There’s the opportunity to allow students to participate in self-guided learning or to have a more hands-on approach.

With the addition of video chats, it will feel as if you’re teaching students in-person with one-on-one interactions.

Improved Parent-Teacher Relations

Surrounding students with a healthy learning environment at school and home is essential.

There are a few tools available to keep in touch with parents, such as regular email updates and video chatting.

Teachers can hold regular conferences to keep parents apprised of their child’s successes in minutes.

You’ll also find that parents will appreciate being kept up-to-date with their child’s studies.

High-Quality Learning

One of the areas where most digital platforms lack is in how adaptable they are for distance learning.

This platform is intuitively designed to adapt to the modern classroom, ensuring high-quality instruction is available anywhere.

As long as students have an internet connection, they can access their assignments and materials with ease.

Every learning path is as high-quality as the instructions they would receive in-person.

Also, teachers can manage their time more effectively with self-learning opportunities for students.

With this method, you can provide intervention effortlessly to the students who need it the most.


You can consider three accounts with this program, depending on the features you’d prefer.

The traditional Kiddom Classroom is free for teachers, although there is likely a cost per student.

As for the extended editions, you’ll need to request a demo to receive a quote for your school and district.

Kiddom Review: The Conclusion

Kiddom is what schools need to transition smoothly into a more digital era of learning.

We’ve learned that it provides differentiated learning pathways to foster student improvement.

It’s also a fantastic resource to keep distance learners accountable for their efforts regarding reading, analyzing, and assessments.