Kids Raz: Teaching Reading in Interactive Ways

If you’re wondering, “What is Raz Kids?“, it’s a fantastic resource for teaching students how to read.

Not only do they feature a diverse collection of eBooks, but quizzes and moderating tools as well.

Teachers and students will experience many exceptional benefits by implementing this program.

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What Is Raz Kids?

Raz Kids takes a unique approach to teach children how to read by combining digital texts and quizzes.

The most notable aspect of this program is its collection of eBooks in both English and Spanish.

Currently, there are over 400 readable materials that you can assign to your students for each lesson.

After assigning your desired reading material, students will complete an accompanying eQuiz.

Each eQuiz is specific to the previous eBook and helps reinforce knowledge of key concepts explored in the text.

Students will find that learning essential comprehension skills will be more straightforward.

Among the 400+ reading materials on the platform, you’ll find an extensive number of subjects.

Students can browse through nursery rhymes, Spanish text, songs, poetry, and more.

For added convenience, the reading materials are available 24/7 with an account, so it’s also ideal for homework.

You’ll also find an intuitive algorithm programmed in the platform that helps you analyze your student’s performance.

As eQuizzes are completed, the platform will assign metrics to each participant that you can review later.

This information is imperative to furthering your classes’ success, especially when intervention is required.

Overall, this program is a well-rounded resource to help students enhance their reading comprehension skills.

It’s sure to be far more engaging with a digital format than traditional paperback books.

Also, students can access their assigned reading materials from anywhere with an internet connection.

For Teachers

If you’re asking, “What is Raz Kids?“, you’ll find there are several unique features it brings to your classroom.

At the beginning of every school year, you’ll be able to sign up your students for Running Records.

This process has three parts and helps place students at the appropriate reading level to receive specific assignments.

Once students have been placed, you can assign different text types for students to read.

Alternatively, you can allow the platform to assign texts for you, so it’s a more automated process.

When the readings are completed, the program will guide students through an online quiz about the subject material.

Through the process, you can monitor your students’ challenges and successes to know when intervention is needed.

Also, completing their quiz will give you a good idea of any troublesome areas in their learning that need addressing.

The data provided from this program will quickly become invaluable when you start designing your lesson plans.

The digital assessment features are exceptional for saving time in the classroom.

You can spend most of your time assisting students who need it the most to help them improve their skills.

You can also encourage your students with many unique awards as their fundamental skills improve.

With positive reinforcement, students can become more proficient in reading and reading comprehension.

You’ll love assigning a project through this platform for homework, as it’s very straightforward.

Since all of the reading materials are available directly through each user’s account, all they need is an internet connection.

Students can then work on their reading assignments at home with family help.

This process is highly recommended to strengthen the school to home connection.

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For Students

Students will quickly begin to look forward to their reading homework using this platform.

The readable content is incredibly engaging and focuses on popular interests to keep kids entertained.

As students work through their passages, they’ll gain invaluable skills to diversify their reading abilities.

The eQuizzes offer user-friendly reinforcement to understand better the concepts they just learned.

The unique approach to this platform ensures that students grasp learning at their own pace.

Teachers can also ensure every student gets the level of care and attention they need in the classroom.

The process of leveled reading ensures that students can achieve model fluency with ease.

There will always be challenging and entertaining content to be read by relying on the intuitive algorithm.

Also, each passage comes with unique creative imagery to help improve engagement.

One of the most considerable benefits of this platform for students is the number of incentives and awards teachers can use.

The most popular is the Star System, which awards stars to students who accurately complete their assignments.

The Avatar Builder is another fantastic concept that heightened creativity and personalization.

Every student will have an avatar to upgrade with different accessories and parts.

The more stars they earn, the more they’ll be able to customize the appearance of their characters.

Another customizable option is the Raz Rocket, which can be decorated with aliens, equipment, furniture, and more.

Like the other rewards, the more successful students are, the more stars they’ll earn to turn into digital rewards.

They can quickly create their unique environment by buying items from the Raz Rocket catalog.

Kids Raz Benefits

Progress Monitoring

One of the most important parts of transitioning to digital school resources is to ensure teachers maintain control.

With the monitoring features in this platform, you can ensure you have first-person knowledge of your students’ achievements.

Also, you’ll have plenty of aggregated data to be used to provide assistance and develop more well-rounded lesson plans.

Meets Common Core Standards

Common Core ELA standards are sure to be put to the test with the reading materials and eQuizzes in this platform.

If you’ve been looking for a program to prepare students for further education, this option is ideal.

Access to Mobile Apps

Instead of logging into a browser-based program, students can access mobile apps.

The platform is available on iPhone and iPod touch and Android, Kindle, and iPad.

You can guarantee that it’s easily accessible from any device, even traditional computers.


The general pricing for Kids Raz is low compared to other reading comprehension tools.

Schools can pay $99.95/year for up to 36 students.

If you need more licenses, you can inquire for a personalized quote for districts.


Using Kids Raz is a fantastic option for ELA teachers who need a digital teaching aide.

It’s an all-in-one solution for your teaching needs with plenty of exciting excerpts and built-in quizzes.

You’ll also be encouraging student-led learning, which has been proven to be significantly successful.

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