LearnSmart: An Adaptive Learning Engine for Students and Teachers

LearnSmart Systems is a highly intuitive adaptive learning engine designed to benefit teachers and students alike.

With LearnSmart, you can learn, understand, and retain information on a larger scale for increased test performance.

It’s one of the few learning engines specifically designed to assist students with their grades and retention.

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The traditional concept of studying is a thing of the past with the help of LearnSmart Systems.

This platform is uniquely designed to help reduce the amount of time required for studying while assisting students in understanding subjects better.

You’ll begin to notice a significant improvement in overall test scores and student recall when participating in class.

There are three primary areas of focus that this engine considers: learning efficiency, retention, and student engagement.

It’s designed to help enable college students to be more successful in their courses and assist with career development.

With the innovative adaptive technology, students will have their current skill and knowledge levels assessed.

They will then be guided through learning pathways that are automatically adjusted to their skills as they improve.

With this algorithm, all of their learning strengths and weaknesses will be considered when developing provided assignments.

As they begin completing their schoolwork, they will be reinforced to retain crucial information for their courses.

This process is proven to assist students with studying for exams and improve their learning.

It’s significantly preferable to get stuck where they barely remember what they learned at the beginning of the year.

By the conclusion of their studies, entire classes will have a higher level of mastery.

LearnSmart Systems: How Does It Work?

Let’s get into some of the unique ways that LearnSmart assists students and teachers.

For Teachers

Artificial intelligence used to be an impossible modernized feature to achieve, but with adaptive learning engines, it’s simple.

Considering it enables students to work independently, teachers can use their time more effectively.

The self-guided lessons will provide students with basic assistance as they navigate their learning pathways to focus on remediation.

Educators will find it’s simpler to prepare for future classes and focus more on advanced topics with this platform’s help.

Another significant benefit educators are bound to experience is that it helps reinforce effective teaching methods.

For more complex courses, educators can construct more in-depth lesson plans to allocate the ideal time per module.

Navigating challenging topics during your lectures and discussions will become extremely straightforward as well.

With the help of reinforcement, students will return to class with a stronger understanding of fundamental concepts.

This process makes it faster to work through certain modules without taking time to answer too many questions.

By boosting the amount of time teachers have for one-on-one teaching, it will significantly improve student engagement.

Each learner will feel as if they will be receiving the attention necessary to succeed in their subjects with hard-to-master concepts.

For Students

Students will experience the most benefits from this adaptive learning engine. It’s specifically designed to target all learners’ needs, whether they easily retain information or not.

Since there are benchmark assessments throughout their studies to determine their skill level, their learning pathways continually adjust.

Every student will always have a suitable challenge for their learned skills and knowledge to keep them engaged.

Also, the platform prevents students from progressing until they’ve shown adequate mastery of specific concepts.

Instead of leaving some learners to fall behind their peers, this engine ensures everyone is at the same level.

LearnSmart can also significantly improve students’ future possibilities. By focusing on fundamental skills they need for everyday life, they will feel more prepared for life after college.

Retaining information at jobs and having the confidence to tackle higher-order tasks will be significantly improved.

The way this platform works is unique in that it pinpoints every knowledge gap that students have in their classes.

As they work through their classroom material, the engine directs them to specific content for remediation.

It will feel as if they’re working in an environment specifically designed for them rather than their peers.

This platform’s efficiency shouldn’t be understated because it helps students focus on the most important things.

Instead of memorizing information they clearly understand, it ensures all concepts in a module are equally understood.

Students will find it’s easier to retain vital details for upcoming exams, ensuring they spend their studying time efficiently.

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Boosting Career Readiness

You might be wondering, how does a learning engine help prepare students for future opportunities?

This platform intuitively helps students refine their cognitive skills and higher-order thinking abilities.

Over time, they’ll learn how to apply knowledge to everyday tasks better, whether in their personal lives or work.

Compared to traditional learning, where students study basic facts to pass tests, they will gain valuable knowledge.

By learning how to apply what they’ve learned to each of their subjects, their comprehension levels improve.

These processes undoubtedly assist with preparing them for a professional future.

Improved Engagement

The majority of students don’t participate in class because they don’t understand the material.

When students feel confident that they understand core concepts, they’re more likely to answer questions.

Teachers will notice a significant increase in classroom participation, which in turn affects students’ final grades.

It will be simpler to hold effective lectures without students leaving confused and distressed. Educators will also feel more confident that their lectures are easy-to-follow for all learners.

Self-Paced Learning

One of the most significant benefits of this platform is that it encourages self-paced learning.

Students will be held accountable for their studies, and they can work in an environment designed for them.

The highly adaptable framework ensures that all learning gaps are adequately addressed for better results.


This platform offers a free trial, but there isn’t a free version available for schools to use.

The current pricing is $250.00 per month per student, but this cost could go down if you purchase multiple licenses.


With LearnSmart, educators and students will gain invaluable knowledge to foster a better learning environment.

LearnSmart takes a unique approach to provide knowledge reinforcement, so students perform well in all learning areas.

With artificial intelligence, studying will become significantly more efficient, and information will be easier to apply.

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