Legends of Learning: Innovative Education-Based Games

Legends of Learning is a platform that takes a novel approach to teach important curriculum-based concepts.

With a Legends of Learning login, students can easily participate in several engaging and entertaining games.

The hidden secret is that all of the games are aligned with over 2000 curriculum guidelines.

Legends of Learning Overview

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The trick to keeping children engaged in school activities is to make them fun and exciting.

Although you can’t replace traditional teaching with sole gameplay, it is a fantastic addition to in-class assignments.

With platforms like Legends of Learning, students can play a ton of math and science games as an addition to their regular work.

Compared to basic internet games, this platform takes it a step further by ensuring students are playing high-quality games.

Not only does it help to reinforce in-class discussions, but it also teaches notable content for grades one through eight.

With over 350 different learning objectives, students will be able to meet national and state standards with each one.

The three main areas of focus for this collection of games includes engagement, lesson comprehension, and test performance.

You can guarantee that when students are encouraged to combine learning and play, they’re likely to apply themselves to their work better.

By transforming traditional teaching experiences into something fun, you’re bound to see significant improvements.

How Does Legends of Learning Work?

For Teachers

Teachers will have the ability to assign a ton of different games from various categories in science and math.

A few examples include Adaption Science, Earth Processes, Atoms and Elements, and Chemical Reactions.

You’ll be able to have a more substantial hand in your student’s learning with the help of this resource added to your lesson plans.

Teachers can use games to introduce more challenging subjects to their class to boost engagement.

You’ll also offer a more personalized learning experience because each student will progress through games at their own pace.

It’s also important to note that you can have peace of mind since all of the activities have been tested and refined by teachers.

The educator is responsible for assigning specific games to their students, whether as a group or individually.

However, students can also opt to participate in individual games, allowing the teachers to see their progress on personally selected items.

As with most digital teaching tools, you have plenty of student-based data to review.

With the information provided from this platform, you can make more knowledgeable improvements to your lesson plans.

You’ll tell which topics are more difficult for your students to master, allowing you to refine your teachings.

This process also enables you to provide better one-on-one attention to students who could be struggling in certain areas.

For Students

You’ll immediately find that students are far more likely to be engaged with their schoolwork with access to Legends of Learning.

All of the games are specifically designed to pull children in and teach them valuable concepts.

With thousands of educational games at their disposal, they will always have something new to do.

As they complete their objectives successfully, they will receive rewards in the form of digital battle bonuses.

You can use these bonuses to customize their avatars and engage in further battles and adventures, helping boost motivation.

If students show difficulty with specific tasks, teachers can review their performance to provide targeted teaching.

Students can also further their education at home with the help of parent-friendly features.

Similar to teachers tracking the progress of students, parents can also see progress data about their children.

The only thing you need to do to access these features is to sign up for a parent account.

By holding students accountable for completing their educational games, they can have support in school and at home.

Also, it helps parents to stay apprised of the latest improvements in their child’s education.


Personalized Learning

Every student has the opportunity to learn at their own pace and grasp concepts on their terms.

With the personalized learning available through this platform, teachers can create customized playlists.

Students can then be assigned specific tasks, either individually or as a group, depending on their skill level.

Since the tasks are designed to meet state and national standards, every student will be at the same level.

It also helps eliminate the pressure of students trying to adapt to the same learning style as their peers.

Educational Games

All of the games accessible through the platform are engaging and educational, which is ideal for younger children.

This program is for elementary and middle school students and serves as a new approach to learning tough subjects.

Educators are bound to see a significant increase in classroom participation as well as students grasping challenging concepts.

Real-Time Analytics

It can be frustrating to use only teaching tools that don’t provide immediate results.

Fortunately, as students play their games, teachers can view their performance in real-time.

This process can help make sure you formulate your lesson plans accordingly to focus on specific difficult topics.

Teacher Dashboard

With the teacher dashboard’s help, you can customize a wide variety of aspects of the program.

You can assign specific tasks to individual students, create playlists of particular games, and view student performance.

Instead of making a new playlist for every class, you can simply reassign an established one to help save time.

Legends of Learning Pricing

As useful as this program is, it may be surprising that it’s entirely free for teachers and students, specifically if you opt for a basic account.

There is also the opportunity to upgrade to the premium account, which is $190/year.

With the premium subscription, you have access to additional features, including:

  • Homework tools
  • Custom assessments
  • Professional development
  • Rostering

If you’re interested in a school license, the price may vary between $1200 and $2200 annually.

It’s best to contact their sales department to get a personalized quote.

You can also participate in demos to give you an overview of the features you’ll receive with your subscription.


With a Legends of Learning login, students can participate in engaging educational games.

By teaching the core concepts of math and science, they can quickly grasp some of the most challenging topics more easily.

The entire program is developed to target the needs of students regardless of their learning style.


Some misspellings for this product are ledgends of learning and/or lengends of learning

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