Lexia Core 5 Reading: Differentiated Literacy Instruction

Lexia Core 5 Reading Levels ensures every student has access to leading reading instruction activities and assessments.

The platform is ideal for teaching students at their most critical learning points by reinforcing targeted reading skills.

It’s ideal for schools searching for progress monitoring, interactive educational games, and an adaptive learning engine.

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Blended learning tools are ideal for modern schools looking to implement more digital features.

The Lexia Core 5 Reading Levels adaptive learning model has three unique steps designed to reinforce learning.

Step #1: Student-Driven Learning

By participating in this platform, students can learn at their own pace.

The independent activities help improve their skills in six fundamental reading areas.

Every task and game is designed using an adaptive learning engine that offers scaffolded opportunities.

Step #2: Innovative Testing

The majority of digital learning platforms integrate assignments and traditional assessments.

With this program, you’ll have a more innovative approach to testing that analyzes students without their knowledge.

The Assessment Without Testing program ensures performance data is aggregated without standardized testing.

Step #3: Instruction Resources and Practice

One of the best ways to improve students’ performance is to boost your abilities.

With the implementation of instruction resources and practice activities, you can access professional development.

You’ll learn all of the critical tricks to implementing more effective instruction and better intervention.

Lexia Core 5 Reading Levels: How Does It Work?

For Teachers

Teachers have access to plenty of innovative tools to reinforce learning with an account.

Lexia Close Reads

Lexia Close Reads has opportunities to boost your students’ ability to read materials and critically analyze text.

All of the content is designed to focus on engaging real-world topics to keep readers engaged.

You’ll have an assortment of full-color printable PDFs that you can assign to improve fluency and comprehension.

At the end of the assigned text, you can then create questions and collaborative activities to reinforce learning.

Lexia Lessons

If you prefer a more hands-on approach, Lexia Lessons is a fantastic component.

You’ll have scripted materials that assist with multi-sensory instruction, ideal for struggling students.

You can assign specific lessons for individuals or small groups based on performance.

Lexia Skill Builders

Educators who need classroom activities are bound to appreciate Lexia Skill Builders.

These printable assignments are completed using pen-and-paper to assist with extended learning.

They’re also the perfect option for homework assignments, as they’re more hands-on.

Lexia Connections

Fostering a healthier collaborative environment in the classroom is essential.

Lexia Connections is another type of task that you can give your students to work on together as a group.

Each of the activities is designed to introduce new skills, reinforce existing abilities, and extend skills further.

Aside from the platform’s learning tools, you can also opt to allow the algorithm to do most of the work for you.

This process can be highly beneficial, as it allows you to be more engaged in your student’s learning.

The platform is fully equipped to provide individualized tasks, games, and projects to students based on their skills.

You can then review their real-time metrics to see challenging learning areas to assist when necessary.

The platform also provides integrated grading, so you can spend more time establishing thorough lesson plans.

All of the data you’re presented with can help you ensure every individual is at the appropriate level for their grade.

You will quickly identify risk levels, predict future performance, and establish action plans.

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For Students

All of the content available in this program is ideal for students of any age and skill level.

As they engage in entertaining activities, they’ll be boosting their comprehension skills by improving disciplinary knowledge.

The most considerable advantage of this program is that it doesn’t require traditional testing.

Instead, their performance scores will be tabulated as they participate in their fun activities.

This process is ideal for improving participation and accountability while increasing reading confidence.

One of the concepts that make this platform highly useful for reinforcing reading abilities is its comprehensive design.

As mentioned, it is built to focus on the six primary areas of reading, including:

  • Phonological Awareness

These activities will include teaching students how to blend and manipulate sounds in words.

It’s an essential component of identifying individual sounds when reading and speaking.

  • Phonics

With phonological awareness, students can then begin to work on their phonics.

You’ll begin to notice a significant improvement in letter-sound relationships when spelling and reading.

These activities focus on rules for dividing syllables, generalizing simple spelling, and more.

  • Structural Analysis

Breaking words down and determining their origin can make reading and understanding text simpler.

With Structural Analysis, students will participate in activities that dissect multisyllabic words.

They will then learn how certain words are derived from Greek and Latin.

  • Fluency or Automaticity

The best way to reinforce fluency is to ensure students can improve their reading processing speeds.

Fluency activities are available in a series of warmup tasks to help them analyze sentence structure more efficiently.

  • Vocabulary

Diversifying every student’s vocabulary is essential for understanding word-learning strategies.

Students will be exposed to varied words in these activities to help establish word associations and relationships.

  • Comprehension

A pivotal part of reading is to comprehend the text in front of you.

These activities are designed to build higher-order thinking skills by introducing complex narratives to students.

They will navigate through many informational texts to better understand the excerpts’ concept.


Supported Teaching

Educators must have the support needed to improve their student’s abilities.

With this platform, there’s plenty of data that teachers and administrators can use to their advantage.

They will receive risk assessments and a thorough idea of each participant’s academic progress.

Personalized Instruction

Expecting students to adhere to one form of instruction can significantly damage their learning abilities.

The adaptive engine in this platform offers personalized instruction that’s ideal for every individual.

Students can learn at their own pace, either digitally or in-person, to boost confidence.

Blended Learning Activities

There are plenty of activities this platform offers, whether you’re a local or distance educator.

You can assign digital homework assignments or traditional printed activities for your students to complete.

Assessment-Free Design

Tests can be challenging for any learner, so this program excels compared to others.

Each game and task takes on the role of a test, allowing you to analyze students’ critical skills.

You won’t need to worry about pop quizzes or formal assessments to gauge student performance.


There are a few options for pricing with this program, depending on the number of licenses you require.

Districts will need to inquire about quotes for a larger number of licenses.

This program is $175 for the first student and $110 for each additional student.

These costs will give you a 12-month license with a 72-hour money-back guarantee.


Lexia Core Reading Levels is an essential platform for reading comprehension.

Students can reinforce core concepts of reading comprehension with fun and engaging games.

It also helps break the stigma of traditional testing procedures by analyzing overall student performance.

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