Lexia Power Up: Boosting Students’ Literacy Abilities

Lexia Power Up or Lexia PowerUp Literacy is a program designed for near-proficient readers to boost their abilities.

Students from grades six through 12 have the opportunity to reinforce their reading and learning skills quickly.

By assisting teachers with bridging learning gaps in literacy skills, students can build their essential abilities.


lexia powerup literacy
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What makes this program unique is that it combines both digital and in-person learning.

Students will have access to online student-driven activities as well as offline teacher-driving lessons.

It has a formidable design that gives teachers the confidence necessary to improve their students’ learning abilities.

It also works to empower students to push themselves further so they can diversify their higher-order skills.

This program has three main concepts: addressing readers’ needs, engaging adolescent students, and assisting students.

It helps address students’ specific needs by evaluating their reading profiles and providing engaging content.

By challenging and motivating students, they can have ownership of their reading skills.

Finally, it helps develop essential skills that students need to succeed in reading and literacy.

After their lessons, teens will begin to experience an improvement in dealing with complex informational texts.

Another significant aspect of the program is to help students get prepared for further education and careers.

There are a few milestones that students will have to surpass, such as the ability to read independently appropriate grade-level materials.

It is also expected that students begin mastering their text-specific vocabulary and enhance their higher-level reading processes.

Lexia PowerUp Literacy: How Does It Work?

For Teachers

With this platform, teachers will have access to the essential tools necessary to teach their students effectively.

You’ll have access to progress-monitoring features, instructional videos, and targeted resources for your classrooms.

You will find it easier to prioritize, plan, and offer instructions about reading and literacy.

With real-time progress reports, teachers can look at actionable data to help them bridge gaps in learning.

There are also scripted lessons to ensure you deliver the appropriate teachings for each student’s needs.

All of the data allows teachers to review acquired skills, challenging areas of focus, how students are progressing, and how the program is used.

You’ll begin to see significant improvements when using the base program along with targeted resources.

This platform offers two additional resources, Lexia Lessons and Lexia Skill Builders.

With Lexia Lessons, teachers have scripted materials for specific multi-sensory instructions.

All of the lessons in this platform are focused primarily on students’ performance and are highly flexible.

Lexia Skill Builders is another excellent tool since it provides teachers with pen-and-paper tasks for their classrooms.

Once the online lessons are complete, educators can provide further learning by adding handwritten tasks.

For Students

Like teachers, students have plenty of resources available to them to engage in an entertaining learning environment.

Students will experience a higher number of authentic and exciting texts, instructional videos, and game-based activities.

They will have the opportunity to set their own goals and manage them effectively, so they have more control over learning.

In PowerUp Comprehension, there’s an extensive number of narrative texts as well as poetry and drama.

Readers will be engaged in their texts by reading new media that are highly engaging and interesting.

Students also have access to a dashboard to manage their own goals.

Every week, they will choose which goal they want to work on, such as grammar, comprehension, and word study.

The game-based elements of the program are particularly notable, especially when it comes to engaging students.

Many polling questions allow students to feel closer to their peers, as well as many hook videos.

The instructional videos are accompanied by humorous content and age-appropriate songs.

Some of the other game-based features of the content help students strive for the most accurate responses.

With student-driven learning, individuals will feel as if they have control over their learning environment.

If help and intervention are necessary, teachers can access the required data to know where to offer support.

You’ll also begin to notice students will take better tests and assessments as their performance data is used.

Without requiring regular testing for placement, each student’s responses will determine the difficulty of their activities.

lexia powerup literacy


Innovative Mobile Technology

Transitioning classrooms to a more mobile learning environment can be highly beneficial for students.

Lexia PowerUp Literacy is readily available on iPad, iPhone, iPod, and Apple Watch.

With this design, students can master their literacy skills on a comfortable platform.

Another significant benefit of mobile technology is that students can complete their work from anywhere.

As long as they have access to an internet connection, they can easily do their assigned work at home.

Evidence-Based Learning

When implementing learning support in the classroom, it must be tried and tested.

This platform was designed using research from peer-reviewed journals.

Each component of the program has been tested, evaluated, and studied extensively to prove its efficacy.

Five-Prong Approach

This platform is handy for helping students feel empowered, independent, and confident in their studies.

It is designed to focus on five specific areas to help boost learner’s proficiency.

Students will learn to work on their phonics, fluency, vocabulary, comprehension, and phonemic awareness.

Developing Career Readiness

With the combination of the five-prong approach and innovative design, this program prepares students for their future.

Career readiness is essential because it ensures students have the skills and knowledge necessary to succeed.

By implementing this platform, they can focus on building key literacy abilities for future job and education opportunities.

User-Friendly Design

The program’s interface is intuitively designed to be easy for any student or teacher to use.

Navigating through the portal easily helps students to focus primarily on their readings and assignments.

Also, teachers will find the platform substantially easier to teach among their students.

Lexia Power Up Pricing

The pricing for this program will be based on the number of licenses required for schools and districts.

Administrators need to contact their customer service department to discuss rates with a representative.

Likely, the higher the number of licenses, the more of a discount that schools could receive.

Developing Literacy Skills

Lexia Power Up is a useful resource for students that need to work on their reading and literacy skills.

When used in combination with teacher-led lessons, students will have a well-rounded environment to improve fundamental needs.

Also, with the combination of student-led learning, they can take more control over their abilities.

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