Listenwise: Boosting Reading and Listening Comprehension

With a Listenwise login, your students can diversify their reading and listening comprehension skills.

It’s a unique approach to ensure they meet the criteria for listening comprehension by their grade.

You’ll also begin to notice significant improvements in their overall communication skills with this platform.

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Listenwise login takes a unique approach to reading comprehension and listening with audio podcasts.

The platform has thousands of informative podcasts designed explicitly for listeners of any age to boost their core skills.

As you listen to the audio file, there is also an interactive transcript available so you can read along with the speakers.

Participants will understand specific language and critical communication skills with this method.

All of the platform’s content has been developed using research-based strategies to improve literacy and academic language.

By the conclusion of each lesson, students can experience increased listening accuracy and comprehension by up to 76%.

There are three main components that your students will engage in by using this program.

First, they will have plenty of audio-based content to listen to while also reading interactive transcripts.

At the end of every module, there will be a listening assessment that gathers essential insights.

The last component is progress monitoring, which educators will find the most important.

As your students complete their assignments, you will track their progress.

Like most digital learning platforms, monitoring your classroom’s successes and problem areas is essential.

Listenwise Login: How Does It Work?

For Teachers

Teachers will find that this platform has the most extensive collection of podcasts than any other learning platform.

All of the storytellers provide non-fiction excerpts that help boost listeners’ engagement.

You’ll also find a comprehensive catalog of comprehension quizzes to be assigned after every podcast.

The embedded formative assessments make it exceptionally simple to gather and maintain student insights.

You’ll be able to see significant trends in your classroom as well as with individual students.

As they complete their assignments, you can see which areas of discussion are the most challenging.

Using this information, you can provide critical assistance when needed to help bridge learning gaps.

This feature helps build your students’ confidence and the monitoring features of the platform.

When you review participants’ progress, it considers eight different aspects.

Each part of listening comprehension helps you know what level your students perform.

You can review scores regarding literal, vocabulary, main idea, and inference data.

Another unique concept of this program is that it uses the Lexile Framework for Listening.

With this scientific approach, the program assigns specific audio passages based on complexity and development.

You’ll find it’s substantially easier to assign specific podcasts depending on each of your student’s skills.

A better understanding of where they fall in the Lexile Framework can make it simpler to connect with them.

Every participant will be given a score between 0L and 2000L with low, medium, and high designations.

When assigning tasks based on their Lexile level, there are over 2000 individual audio files for you to consider.

This component is highly recommended to ensure students are adequately engaged in challenging assignments.

For Students

Students will have access to plenty of innovative features and engaging audio podcasts.

With the implementation of interactive transcripts, they can read along with their listening tasks.

By the conclusion of their assignment, they’ll have improved comprehension and relistening skills.

As mentioned, there are embedded assessments at the end of every audio assignment.

The auto-scored quizzes are user-friendly and interactive, allowing your students to reinforce their listening.

They’ll be required to answer questions related to their skill strands, such as inferencing.

Each podcast is aligned with current curriculum standards to ensure they get an adequate education.

You’ll find an assortment of subjects and topics relating to ELA, Social Studies, and Science.

It’s a fantastic way for learners to get more thorough knowledge of other subjects they’re expected to study.

Another exciting component of this program is its support for ELLs.

English Language Learners can boost their listening comprehension through scaffolded assignments.

There is plenty of support along the way, such as read-aloud features and graphic organizers.

Some of the other ELL supports include:

  • Word lookups
  • Slower audio files
  • Tiered vocabulary

These components work together to make the English audio podcasts easier to grasp for all students.

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Customizable Assignments

Teachers who prefer to have a more hands-on learning approach are bound to love the customizable assignments.

You can construct your lessons by using the resources built into the platform.

Creating differentiated instruction has never been simpler, especially when you want lessons specific to your curriculum.

Improved Listening and Reading Skills

Instead of focusing on one or the other, this program is scientifically developed to engage listening and reading skills.

Students will begin to experience heightened confidence in all areas of their studies, especially with reading.

You’ll likely begin to notice a significant increase in classroom participation as your students develop their oral skills.

The benefits that this program offers will travel into other areas of students’ lives.

For example, they’ll have improved listening skills when at home, playing with friends, and in school.

Progress Monitoring

When you implement a new digital platform in the classroom, you can track your students’ progress.

The streamlined progress monitoring ensures you’re always on top of your students’ performance.

You’ll see which concepts are the most challenging for individuals and your class as a whole.

Using this information, you can quickly diversify your lesson plans to tackle any problem areas.

These data are essential for improving the quality of your in-class discussions to suit your students’ needs better.


There are three main accounts that you can sign up for with this platform, each with individual pricing.

Free Account (No Student Accounts)

Teachers are the only group that can access the free account, and it provides entry to the listening library.

There two other features in this tier, including:

  • Daily current events podcasts
  • Sharing audio via Google Classroom

Teachers Premium ($299 for One Subject, $399 for All Subjects)

With a Teachers Premium account, you’ll have access to the same features like a free account, as well as:

  • Interactive transcripts
  • Listening comprehension quizzes
  • Assessment reporting
  • Lexile audio measures
  • Differentiated assignment creation
  • Standards-aligned lessons
  • Reduced speed audio
  • Tiered vocabulary
  • Close listening with language practice
  • Student choice of stories
  • LTI sign-on
  • Google Classroom rostering

School Districts Premium (Quote)

A School Districts Premium account is an enrollment-based subscription, meaning the cost differs based on participants.

You’ll have access to all of the same benefits as a Teachers Premium account.


Using a Likewise login gives you access to several essential listening and reading benefits.

Students can navigate through many audio files with embedded assessments for reinforcing learning.

It’s a fantastic addition to your traditional lesson plan for an innovative approach to establishing fundamental skills.

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