Liveschool: A Tool To Manage Classroom Behavior

Providing your class with a student Liveschool login is a fantastic way to foster better learning.

Managing teacher-student behavioral expectations is essential for any classroom environment.

With the help of this program, holding your students accountable has never been simpler.


student liveschool login
Source: LiveSchool

The central premise of this program is to ensure students excel in their studies with positive behaviors.

Teachers can track the behavior of individual students and classrooms as a whole.

It is also incredibly useful for tracking in-class participation when it comes time for mid-term and end-of-year grading.

The innovative platform is designed in a user-friendly format with readily available features.

Using the inputted data, educators can develop behavior interventions when necessary.

It’s also essential for ensuring each student is aware of their behavior and how it can improve.

Another significant aspect of this program is that it helps keep parents apprised of their child’s behavior.

Teachers and parents can engage with one another to develop plans for behavioral improvements.

Several other features can help students get the support they need both in and out of the classroom.

Student Liveschool Login: How Does It Work?

For Teachers

According to the developer, this program can help reduce the number of students sent to the principal’s office by 77%.

All its features are directly aligned with top-tier behavior interventions such as MTSS, RTI, CHAMPs, and PBIS.

It can be challenging to deal with students with poor behavior, especially without holding them accountable.

A Liveschool login provides educators with a way to reward and discipline their students based on classroom behaviors.

With the innovative incentive system, students will be far more likely to contribute to a more positive classroom.

It’s a highly flexible tool that helps educators and administrators implement behavioral interventions.

You’ll begin to notice a significant improvement in saving your time as well as improving student engagement.

Above all else, it’s a formidable resource for keeping educators in contact with parents.

By leaving comments on each student’s page, parents can see the areas where their children excel and fall behind.

By combining in-class and at-home reinforcement, students get the 360-degree support they need.

Administrators will especially appreciate the tracking tools built into the system.

All of the generated data provides real-time information about cultural trends school-wide.

You can review grade-level behavioral trends, teacher trends, and general student trends.

It’s a fantastic way to transition to a more digitally-advanced tracking tool to manage student behavior.

Also, you’ll begin to see a significant improvement in school progress almost immediately.

For Students

Most students don’t realize that exhibiting poor behaviors is a significant disservice to their learning.

With these tools, they can be held accountable for negative behavior and be rewarded for positive events.

As students excel in their classroom participation, discipline, and kindness, teachers can award points.

At the teacher’s discretion, they can provide a list of rewards that students and classes can earn.

As behavior starts to improve in the classroom, students can pool their points or use them for rewards.

For example, a field trip could be worth 100 points, while a pizza party could be worth 25.

Students can also work towards individual awards such as achievement stickers, more computer time, or independent reading time.

By providing students with rewards for their positive behavior, they are more likely to create a healthier learning environment.

The program also helps keep students apprised of the number of points they still need to earn for specific rewards.

Another reinforcement tool built into this program is the Weekly Paychecks feature.

As students earn rewards, teachers can print physical paychecks to show the points they earned.

There’s plenty of information on the documents, including their earnings history, the points in their bank account, and more.

Another fantastic advantage of the Weekly Paychecks is parents can leave specific notes per student for parents to review.

It also provides plenty of information about areas where students are excelling or where they need to improve.

student liveschool login


Custom Rewards

You can give an endless number of rewards to your students and classes since the list is customizable.

Teachers can offer school store items, events, and other great incentives for students to work towards.

You also have the opportunity to set different points goals, depending on the ability of your students.

Once the rewards have been set, students can track how many points are needed to receive the incentive.

When the goal has been reached, students’ determination and confidence will be boosted.


The central concept of the program is to use inputted data to track students’ performance.

The real-time data is essential for educators to pinpoint the specific areas of improvement per student and per class.

By holding students accountable for their actions using data, it can provide essential behavioral intervention.

Boosted Class Engagement

Students will be more interested in engaging in classroom events with the likelihood of receiving rewards.

If they know their behavior is being tracked, they’ll be more likely to exhibit positive behaviors.

It’s a fantastic way to help classrooms boost their participation and performance marks.

Parent-Teacher Engagement

Often, it can be challenging to keep parents apprised of their child’s behaviors at school.

By using a student Liveschool login, parents can review notes left by teachers about improvements.

This process ensures that each student gets the attention and care they need at home and school.

It’s also a phenomenal way to ensure parents are up-to-date with significant improvements.

Liveschool Pricing

Depending on if you need a school or district account, the pricing may vary.

School Pricing

Small: $99/Staff Member/Year (One To 25 Staff Members)

  • All features
  • Training
  • Support

Medium: $89/Staff Member/Year (26 To 50 Staff Members)

  • All Features
  • Training
  • Support

Large: $79/Staff Member/Year (51 To 60 Staff Members)

  • All Features
  • Training
  • Support

XL: $4740 Site License (61+ Staff Members)

  • All Features
  • Training
  • Support

District Pricing

Small: $75/Staff Member/Year (61 To 100 Staff Members)

  • All Features
  • Training
  • Support

Medium: $70/Staff Member/Year (101 To 500 Staff Members)

  • All Features
  • Training
  • Support

Large: $65/Staff Member/Year (501+ Staff Members)

  • All Features
  • Training
  • Support

Achieving Better Student Behavior

Using this program is one of the best ways to keep students apprised of their in-class behaviors.

By implementing an innovative rewards system, students will excel in their studies.

You’ll also love using it to keep parents up-to-date with concerns and improvements.

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