Lumosity: Unlocking Cognitive Abilities With Games

Lumosity family plans are a great way to get your loved ones to boost their brain training.

Uniquely, schools can also use it as a fun and engaging platform for boosting cognitive resilience.

As an extensive collection of brain training games, substantial cognitive science backs every activity.

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Lumosity began as a fun app that you could download on your smartphone to play cool games.

Today, it offers a ton of unique features specifically designed to boost your brain’s abilities.

Using innovative research, each of the games allows you to improve your cognitive performance without realizing it.

Training your brain is essential for your overall health and improving your memory and learning abilities.

When you download the app, you’ll find many categories of games that help work specific aspects of your brain.

Memory games, word retention, and reinforcing a longer attention span are a few examples.

Several examples of the categories and games you can access include:

Speed Games

With speed games, you’ll find an assortment of fast-paced activities that help your brain with processing.

Over time, you’ll begin to notice a significant improvement in processing speed.

Memory Games

As its name suggests, these games are designed to help improve your recollection.

Attention Games

These unique titles are specifically designed to help improve your attention.

You’ll be able to better your attention span and be able to pay attention to more than one item at a time.

Flexibility Games

Have you ever wondered how flexible your brain is?

With these games, you can improve how quickly you can switch from one task to another.

Problem Solving Games

These games are ideal for encouraging you to use your critical thinking skills.

You’ll work through an assortment of tasks that test your spatial and logical reasoning as well as planning skills.

Word Games

Individuals interested in improving their reading and writing skills are bound to benefit from these games.

You’ll find a collection of items that target reading comprehension, vocabulary, and more.

Math Games

These games help navigate you through an assortment of challenges to improve your math abilities.

You’ll work on probabilistic reasoning, estimation, quantitative reasoning, and basic arithmetic.

What makes this app unique compared to others is that it’s backed by genuine cognitive science.

According to the developer, they had a study group of participants who played Lumosity games over a period.

They were given cognitive tests and found that participants scored higher after playing the games.

Lumosity Family Plans: How Does It Work?

For Individuals and Families

Your mental abilities are fundamental to your overall well-being.

Since the brain is the body’s learning center, it’s best to exercise regularly like any other muscle in your body.

With these games’ help, you can begin to train your brain effortlessly and gradually increase your tasks’ challenges.

Much like studying for a test, each activity helps you access all areas of your brain to make everyday tasks effortless.

You can grasp common math and writing concepts, as well as improve your memory and focus and read quickly.

Not only is it a useful app to have for senior family members, but children, teens, and adults as well.

With Lumosity family plans, you can add up to five family members to your account at a time.

Each individual will have access to endless activities and other features that we explore below.

With the 50+ activities on the platform, you can guarantee there’s something for everyone to enjoy.

For Teachers

This app is primarily marketed towards individuals and families for personal use, but schools can also use it.

Adding educational games to your curriculum is a fantastic way to boost student engagement and keep classes fresh and entertaining.

Students are bound to be far more engaged in their lessons with the reward of planning educational games afterward.

The unique way that the app is programmed makes each activity fun without being too overwhelming.

Students will find themselves challenged in appropriate ways based on their age, skill, and ability.

Over time, they will see significant improvements in cognitive concepts, such as memory, attention, and multitasking.

You can opt to assign specific reading, writing, and math activities for a more subject-focused approach.

Another feature that makes this program ideal for schools is that it can be downloaded on digital devices.

Students can either use their smartphones or school-provided tablets to access educational games.

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Engaging and Fun

It’s straightforward to take advantage of this app’s cognitive benefits since it’s programmed perfectly.

Students and individual users will find the games fun and entertaining, rather than draining and unmanageable.

Although many of the tasks are challenging, they can be completed with more practice.

Age-Appropriate Activities

The majority of users who will benefit the most from this platform are those 13 years old or older.

All of the activities are age-appropriate, making them easy to use in classroom environments.

Whether you’re preparing students for an exam or further education, it’s a great option to have available.

Quick and Efficient

All of the platform games are easy to access and quick to complete.

On average, students can complete up to 15 minutes of games every day to see significant improvements.

After ten weeks, you’ll see changes in the short term and working memory as well as processing speed.


There are free accounts available through this platform, which give you access to many activities.

However, we highly recommend considering a family plan, especially if you’re using it in a school environment.

With the Friends and Family Plan you receive:

  • Five accounts per plan
  • Modifiable friends and family members
  • Shareable training programs
  • Personalized training
  • Access to 50+ games and exercises
  • Training reminders

The pricing for this plan varies depending on how long you intend to use the program.

It’s $17.95 per month if you opt for the monthly package or $6.70 per month with the yearly package.

The best value is the two-year plan, which is $5.00 per month.


With the Lumosity family plan, you can access plenty of engaging activities to boost cognitive function.

Whether you’re using the app for personal use or educational purposes, it’s a highly adaptable program for all users.

The entertaining and vibrant games are sure to capture the attention of anyone who loves games.

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