Manga High: Digital Learning for Math and Coding

MangaHigh Algebra is just one of the core concepts included in this innovative program.

Compared to other digital learning platforms, Manga High is designed in a way that is sure to keep students engaged.

By offering core math and coding concepts, diversified learning is right on the horizon for any student.

Manga High Overview

mangahigh algebra
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Math and coding are two subjects that are booming in popularity due to their long-term viability.

Technology is undoubtedly one of the most prevalent parts of society, so these subjects are essential.

With this program’s help, students can begin learning in a unique and fun-filled manner designed to keep them engaged.

There are many exciting components included with an account, including games, social competitions, and quizzes.

It’s also specifically designed to fall in line with worldwide curriculum criteria, making it highly adaptable.

Although it may look like entertaining games on the surface, it helps deepen students’ understanding of challenging topics.

Educators have access to many of the same features they would find in traditional learning engines, such as metrics.

Students will also have access to AI support and differentiated learning for enhanced knowledge.

Schools will love how easy it is to use in class, but it’s also a fantastic resource for distance and blended learning.

By combining coding, math, and games, students will have a far more enjoyable time grasping key concepts.

However, they will also be continually challenged, ensuring their learning is reinforced for further education.

With a personalized approach, they get the attention they need to succeed to the best of their ability in every core concept.

How Does It Work?

For Teachers

There are four main components to this platform, three of which are highly beneficial to teachers.

If you’ve used a digital learning program before, you’ll find the components are similar to others.

The first step is to create assignments, which allows you to have a more hands-on approach to teaching.

You can assign specific tasks to students based on their skill level and innate knowledge.

As they begin to complete the assignments, the program will then suggest specific activities for them to achieve.

You’ll find it’s elementary to combine with pre-assigned in-class activities.

Another essential feature of setting assignments is that teachers can also provide them as homework.

This platform is accessible from anywhere with an internet connection, which is why it’s ideal for blended learning.

Have your class complete games and exciting visual tasks at home to help further your student’s studies.

When students complete their assignments, educators will receive real-time feedback surrounding performance.

You will have access to immediate insights, allowing you to know which areas of focus are the most challenging.

This information then enables you to adapt your teaching to your students’ needs to further their learning.

One of the most notable advantages of real-time results is how it helps give students immediate assistance.

Teachers will be able to focus on the students who are finding math and coding the most challenging.

By intervening when necessary, you can then track and review the progress of your students over time.

The platform will collect scores and metrics to provide a detailed insight into each student’s performance.

The program also determines where the most mistakes are being made and if there are significant learning concerns.

By helping you manage your time more effectively, students get the one-on-one attention they need.

For Students

The most significant component of Manga High is its personalized learning.

Fortunately, the algorithm assists in recommending specific assignments and offering differentiated learning opportunities.

Students will receive targeted assignments meant to diversify any skills they may lack while reinforcing learned knowledge.

It’s important to give learners the ability to grasp concepts at their own pace to boost confidence.

Instead of receiving the same assignments as their peers, they can learn the same concepts but differently.

By the completion of their studies, they’ll have the right skills appropriate for their grade.

It can be daunting to learn concepts such as algebra and coding from textbooks, primarily for visual learners.

This platform combines text-based and visual pathways to ensure every student learns comfortably.

The intuitive educational games keep students entertained while teaching them important features of each module.

You’ll begin to see a significant improvement in student performance, initiative, and excitement about their studies.

Also, with the at-home assignments, they continue learning even outside of school hours.

It’s a fantastic resource for students who have absences from illness or who need extra help at home.

mangahigh algebra


24/7 Availability

Unlike other digital platforms, MangaHigh Algebra is available from anywhere at any time.

Students can log in to their account and see their home assignments, on vacation or at school.

With 24/7 availability, they have control over their schedules so they can learn independently.

This feature will also be beneficial for parents to keep track of their kids’ schoolwork.

It allows caregivers to have a more substantial role in their child’s learning, as they can assist with assigned homework.

School Competitions

If you’re confident in your school’s math and coding abilities, there are competitions you can sign up for.

By visiting your profile, you can see which competitions are available for your region.

You can sign up for free and have the opportunity to win an assortment of prizes for students to enjoy.

Over 700 Activities

You’ll never run out of resources to assign to your students, and they will always have something new to do.

Over 700 individual activities are branching across a wide array of topics for students to enjoy.

Some of the most prevalent topics include:

  • Algebra
  • Measurement
  • Geometry
  • Numbers
  • Statistics
  • Probability

User-Friendly Design

Another substantial benefit of this program is how it’s designed, especially for ease of use.

Students will be able to navigate through their assignments independently and know what task to complete next.

Teachers won’t have to worry about spending valuable in-class time teaching the program’s ins and outs.

Free Trial

If you don’t want to invest money in licenses right away, there is a free trial.

Educators and students can sign up for 30 days for free without requiring a credit card.

During the trial, you can look at the number of features that the program offers.


As with most similar programs, the cost will depend on the number of applicants.

You’ll need to contact their sales team to receive a specific quote for your students.

There is also the opportunity for families to purchase their plans, which is beneficial for homeschooling.

The family plans are available in three pricing tiers and include:

  • Unlimited access to activities, games, and reporting
  • Curriculum-aligned content
  • Access to focused exam prep and revision

The pricing depends on the length of your subscription and can cost:

  • $29 for three months/child
  • $49 for six months/child
  • $79 for one year/child

MangaHigh Algebra: The Conclusion

MangaHigh Algebra allows students to learn using engaging games and activities.

Teachers, parents, and students will see significant positive results in learning math and coding concepts.

With an intuitively built differentiated learning algorithm, the platform will always challenge students for optimal learning.

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