MasteryConnect for Easy Monitoring of Learner’s Progress

When students receive their MasteryConnect report card, it’s sure to show a significant improvement in their grades.

By using this platform, educators can streamline their lessons and assignments to provide more teaching to students.

You can immediately tell that the program is designed with every student and educator in mind.


masteryconnect report card
Source: Sporting Hill Elementary School – Cumberland Valley School District

This platform describes itself as a curriculum and assessment platform that tracks students’ learning initiatives.

With that said, it has a ton of powerful features that can benefit both classrooms and educators.

Four of the most notable components include:

Benchmark Assessments

Classes will be able to take advantage of many benchmark assessments to provide students with primary grades.

The expectations and grade targets for each class can be set and measured daily if needed.

Formative Assessments

At the end of a module, students can get tested to figure out what they have learned.

Also, formative assessments can be a great way to help educators find out what their students don’t know.

It’s an essential component of developing a more well-rounded lesson plan.

Curriculum Planning

By combining an assortment of videos and activities to your lesson plans, you can establish a hefty curriculum.

All of the resources available through this platform are in line with set standards.

Teacher Collaboration

If more than two teachers are working on the same module, the collaborative features are essential.

You can create comparison reports, common assessments, and more to compare your students’ progress.

All of the available metrics can help your team determine how to teach and test your classes effectively.

How Does It Work?

For Teachers

This program is designed with teachers in mind since it offers an impressive number of tools for educators.

You can guarantee you’ll find that managing your classes has never been simpler and more efficient.

You’ll have access to plenty of features to help ensure the success of your students.

Some of the most significant components of the platform include:

Multiple Assessment Types

It can be time-consuming to develop assessments on paper, which is where this program is handy.

Teachers can easily navigate to their dashboard to use existing assessments or create their own.

You’ll choose from oral assessments, writing assessments, multiple-choice questions, rubrics, and more.

Another exciting aspect of the assessments is that you can access the bank content.

Other educators and professionals have created all of the resources available in the bank.

It’s by far one of the simplest ways to give your students multi-standard assessments.

Real-Time Metrics

Educators can keep an eye on their students’ performances by using real-time metrics.

As they work through their assignments, all of the data will be imported immediately to your dashboard.

You can then review which areas are red (need improvement) or green (mastered).

Curriculum Mapping

If you have specific annual teaching standards, the curriculum maps will prove useful.

Teachers can create custom standards and add them to their curriculum by dragging and dropping.

You can also reorganize modules to customize the pace and quality of your classes.

Standards-Based Reporting

One of the most important jobs is to make sure your students are meeting your state standards.

With the help of the standards-based reporting, their scores will be compared to the recommended levels.

Using the reporting feature, you can send updates to parents and students as they progress through the class.

Assessment Sharing

As mentioned, collaboration is more straightforward with the use of this program.

Educators can add assignments to the mastery tracker, work with documents of any type, and discuss projects with co-workers.

Based on feedback, you can easily edit your resources or other educational resources for your class.

masteryconnect report card

For Students

Students will prefer teachers who use this platform for their classes because it helps keep everything organized.

Using the digital platform, they can work through assignments and tests at their leisure.

Students will also find that accessing resources is simpler with the use of the Resource Board feature.

Students prefer having access to their grades as quickly as possible, and built-in grading is useful.

Using this platform, students will receive real-time grades as they complete their assignments.

The program’s complete versatility also gives kids the ability to work on their projects anywhere, as long as they have the app.

Getting access to all of their assignments and grades will be exceptionally simple.

It’s a fantastic resource for ensuring they never lose track of their progress to hold themselves accountable.

As students progress through their studies, they can see if there is any room for improvement to ensure they get higher grades.


Grading Tools

The many grading tools are some of the most significant benefits of this platform.

Teachers can save plenty of time by allowing the program to grade assessments on its own.

Also, it ensures that students receive immediate feedback so they can begin the improvement process.

App Compatibility

There are four different apps that users can download, depending on your account type and needs, including:

Common Standards App

Within this program, you’ll have access to all of the Common Core standards activities from anywhere.

MC Student App

Teachers can efficiently deliver assessments to their students, who can complete tasks on their mobile devices.

The app is specifically designed to provide immediate feedback.

MC Teacher App

In the teacher app, you will be able to take a look at your student’s results, capture evidence, and deliver assessments.

Educators can also remotely scan bubble sheets for automatic grading.

Next Generation Science Standards App

For students taking science courses, this app allows you to bring the program with you anywhere.

MasteryConnect Report Card

The MasteryConnect report card is an outstanding feature for all parties.

Instead of students waiting for their mid-term or end of year grades, they can receive consistent updates.

Parents will feel more comfortable knowing how their kids are progressing with their studies.

Also, teachers will find it easier to keep their students accountable for their classwork.


There are three different account options for students, teachers, and districts, and they are:

Free Account

  • Mastery tracker
  • Teacher app
  • Learning community
  • State, class, and subject standards
  • Common assessment sharing
  • Grading tools
  • Collaborative tools
  • Student reporting
  • Student mobile apps
  • Custom Standard Authoring

Teacher Pro ($249/year)

This account features everything in the free version, as well as:

  • Grade exporting
  • Benchmark assessment and reporting
  • Curriculum maps
  • Parent and student portals

School or District (Quote)

As likely the most expensive option, this account comes with all of the features you could dream of.

You’ll find extra items like growth reporting, API access, LTI integration with LMS, bulk data exporting, etc.

Progress Monitoring Made Easy

By opting to use this program, you’ll be able to organize your teachings more effectively.

Students will also appreciate having all of their classwork available in one convenient app.

With plenty of distinctive features, it’s precisely what you need for streamlined classes.

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