Math Facts in a Flash: An Interactive Fact Fluency Program

Math Facts in a Flash takes learning math and transforms it into a more entertaining experience.

By helping students build a stronger foundation of math basics, they can spend more time focusing on challenging topics.

There are several essential features that teachers and students will love having at their fingertips.


math facts in a flash
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This program is designed to be a fact fluency program, allowing students to exercise their basic understanding of math concepts.

By improving how well and quickly students can recall accurate knowledge, they can use their advanced thinking skills.

Once they have established foundational knowledge, they can then branch out into algebraic thinking and problem-solving.

Students will be able to easily access their tests and exercises through a tablet or computer, making it easy for them.

There’s the perfect combination of instruction, practice, and review to help students improve their math skills.

After completing assignments, immediate reporting will be provided to teachers to strengthen their lesson plans.

There are 71 levels of math concepts in the program, including multiplication, division, addition, subtraction, decimals, fractions, and percents.

It works on a three-stage process:

Baseline Testing

Every time students reach a new math level, they will be required to take a 40-item timed test.

With the immediate reporting feature, the accuracy of each student’s answers will be analyzed.

The program will also identify any incorrect and missed problems, helping establish an individual baseline for students.

Personal Practice

Based on the data acquired from the baseline tests, students will be given individualized practice.

In these assignments, they will find facts missed on previous assessments and new points.

As they work through the task, they’ll receive automatic feedback from the program, teaching them corrective measures.

Mastery Testing

To reinforce the facts students have learned through personal practice, they will then participate in mastery testing.

This process provides another 40-item timed test that they continue to take until all answers are correct.

Once completed successfully, they can move onto the next math level.

A unique feature of the mastery testing is that students can refer back to previous tests to beat past scores.

It’s a useful supplemental tool for grades one through six and as an intervention tool for grades three through 12.

How Does It Work?

For Teachers

Unlike many other digital teaching platforms, teachers don’t have to spend a lot of time refining this program.

All of the tests and questions are developed by the program, which means you won’t have a personal stake in assessments.

However, the information received as students complete their tasks is of the utmost importance.

As mentioned, every student’s correct and incorrect answers will be analyzed and plotted as data points.

Teachers can then access their dashboard to view individual student statistics or class-wide results.

Using this information, teachers can narrow in on specific subjects that need further teaching for better understanding.

This point is why this program is best for supplemental teaching since it helps to refine basic skills.

Teachers will still be able to carry on with their traditional teaching methods and lesson plans.

You’ll find it will prove to be most useful compared to developing your pop quizzes and math tests.

Educators also have the opportunity to reinforce learning outside of school by assigning homework tasks.

As long as students have access to Renaissance Home Connect, they can practice their math skills at home.

This method also helps get parents more involved in their child’s studies.

For Students

Test-taking can be distracting and nerve-wracking for students, which can significantly impact scores.

With the user-friendly design of this platform, children will quickly grasp the more difficult math concepts.

Also, the questions are formulated in engaging and entertaining ways to keep students interested and involved.

As students develop their problem-solving skills, they will find the next math level easier until they reach total mastery.

You’ll also find they will start to establish more independence and reliability with their school work since learning digitally can be fun.

One of the most beneficial aspects of the program is that it doesn’t allow students to progress until they understand the previous level.

This process ensures that everyone is progressing at a reasonable rate, and students aren’t attempting to learn concepts that are far beyond their skill level until it’s right for them.


Enhances Productivity

Students will be encouraged to work their hardest to complete assignments accurately; otherwise, they cannot move onto the next level.

Limiting accessibility until they grasp fundamental concepts will help boost their productivity in class and at home.

Teachers and parents will quickly see a shift in their students’ responsibility, as they’ll start to put more effort into their assessments.

Quick and Efficient

It can be time-consuming for teachers to develop assignments and tests for their classes, which is why it is useful.

Since there are over 71 different concepts taught through flash learning, teachers don’t have to build their tasks.

Instead, students can log into the platform and complete their assigned projects for the day.

Timed Tests

Although children can learn at their own pace, this program helps make sure they are held accountable for time management.

Compared to other platforms that give unlimited periods, this program instills the concept of traditional testing.

As student’s mastery improves, they’ll be able to complete their assignments quickly within the time limits.

Parent Dashboard

To work at home, students will need access to the Renaissance Home Connect website.

On this site, parents will find plenty of resources, such as tools to track their child’s progress.

Like the teacher dashboard, parents can see where their children might be struggling and improving in their studies.


To obtain pricing, you must contact the sales department at

Alternatively, you can contact their team via their website to request a demo or join a live chat.


Math Facts in a Flash is a notable platform for enhancing students’ understanding of math-based concepts.

With quick and timed test-taking, students can build a fundamental understanding of basic coursework.

By the end of their practice, they’re bound to find it easier to understand more challenging concepts.

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