Mathspace: Fun Interactive Math Program

An interactive math program opens many doors for students to grasp fundamental mathematical concepts.

With Mathspace, students can excel in challenging study areas with innovative learning tools at their disposal.

By the conclusion of their studies, they should have learned significant ways to take advantage of self-directed learning.

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This program’s premise is to help teachers and students make the most out of math programs.

It was initially developed ten years ago to help boost one-on-one teaching benefits.

Today, the step-by-step program envelopes all of the challenges educators and learners experience in the classroom.

You’ll find it helps identify the struggles students might have and then provide teachers with actionable data.

Educators can then transform this data into better teaching opportunities to provide a more in-depth focus on students who need help the most.

With growth as the primary objective of this platform, students are bound to experience significant improvements in their studies.

One of the most notable benefits of this program is that it’s always changing and adapting to students’ needs.

The program’s continuous improvements help to encompass every potential need of students.

Its tools and features are incredibly valuable for all users searching for innovative math technology.

Interactive Math Program: How Does It Work?

For Teachers

Having access to a teaching platform accessible anywhere in the world is essential.

Not only does this program prove useful for in-class learning, but blended and distance learning as well.

Teachers can easily access their accounts from anywhere, as long as they can access an internet connection.

You can quickly set up a remote math classroom, which allows you to connect with your students from anywhere.

All of the innovative tools are built into the digital platform, accessed through your teacher dashboard.

You can assign an assortment of lessons and tasks to your students in line with core standards.

You can easily share assignments with individual students or groups and monitor the efforts of your classes.

As students work through their tasks, you’ll receive real-time data and live student reports.

Teachers can review what students are logged in and working on their assignments to hold them accountable for their studies.

Once projects have been completed and submitted, you can remotely grade the work and provide individual student reports.

If you notice areas of learning where there are significant gaps, you can tailor your future lessons to accommodate your student’s needs.

There are even webinars available for you to review to learn how to get started with running a remote math classroom.

For Students

Students who struggle with math are bound to find this program beneficial.

It’s more than a platform that allows them to submit answers to generic questions; it bridges learning gaps.

As they begin to work on their tasks, the algorithm provides scaffolded hints to help them complete complex functions.

They will also receive informational video lessons to assist with grasping challenging concepts.

After reviewing the videos, students should understand what’s expected of them for each question.

With this process, students will benefit significantly from self-directed learning.

One of the platform’s primary components is to assist students with focusing on knowledge, not their grades.

As they complete their studies, students will begin to notice significant improvements to their understanding of core math concepts.

With each assignment, they will receive immediate step-by-step feedback to keep track of their performance.

This platform is highly adaptable to individual students’ needs, apart from offering scaffolded instruction.

Assignments will conform to every student’s needs to ensure they answer questions in the easiest way for them.

Regardless of how they solve problems, each assignment will tailor to their specific needs.

The individualized learning paths help ensure they’re at the same level as their peers.

However, they might not receive identical assignments, as questions could be presented differently.

Using this method helps encourage learners and boost their confidence in math proficiency.

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Interactive Textbooks

Aside from creating custom assignments, teachers can also take advantage of digital textbooks.

These informational texts are aligned with school curriculums worldwide and are highly engaging for students.

Each passage features interactive components to keep students engaged and entertained.

Comprehensive Student Reports

Having access to essential data about every student is imperative for teachers.

Using these metrics, you can provide better one-on-one teaching for students who need extra help.

It also helps you identify problem areas in your classroom to develop better lesson plans.

Streamlined Grading

Grading assignments and homework can take up a substantial amount of time.

This program grades every submitted assignment for you with the built-in grading platform.

Once students finish their work, they’ll receive a grade, which you can then review in real-time.

Exceptional Content

There’s plenty of content built into this platform for teachers and students to take advantage of.

You’ll find 14,000+ videos, 60,000+ interactive questions, 600+ interactive textbooks, and 292,000+ step-by-step instructions.

Homeschool Accounts

Families can easily take advantage of this program even if their students don’t attend traditional classroom environments.

With a homeschooling account, you can manage your child’s learning with many of the same features teachers can access.

Instead of developing math assignments and tasks, you can provide standard-aligned learning with this innovative platform.

Multiplatform Compatibility

Accessing your account has never been simpler since this program is accessible from anywhere with an internet connection.

Students and teachers can access their accounts via a computer or a smart device, such as smartphones or tablets.

You’ll be able to access all of the same features regardless of the device you’re using.


Individual users and schools can purchase licenses for this math program at different prices.

Homeschool families can purchase an individual license for $100 per student per year.

Alternatively, schools can buy multiple licenses starting at $20 per student per year.

It’s best to contact the sales team to receive a unique quote depending on the licenses you require.

Mathspace: The Conclusion

Using an interactive math program like Mathspace transforms how students grasp key math concepts.

With an innovative approach to distance and in-class learning, handling math will become substantially more straightforward.

It’s also packed with a ton of powerful features that educators will love to have under their belts.

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