MathXL: Math Support for Students

Mathematics is one of the most essential but also tricky subjects, so some may need additional support.

With the help of MathXL, students have the opportunity to diversify their mathematics skills.

This program is designed by Pearson, one of the world’s largest textbook publishers for all grades.

By using MathXL for students, your classes will be able to complete homework and assignments easily.

MathXL Overview

mathxl for students
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There are three main facets of the program. You’ll have access to online homework, online tutorials, and online assessments that streamline in-class activities.

It is a fantastic add-on for schools to provide students with the ability to further their understanding of core curriculum concepts.

The program is easily accessible for middle and high school students, regardless of their skill level. It’s also tied to over 300 different Pearson statistics and mathematics textbooks.

As a form of supplementary education, students might find that it will help them better understand difficult subjects.

Teachers will also have access to several unique features to help make in-classroom discussions simpler.

You’ll surely save plenty of time when grading homework, engaging with your classroom, and assigning homework.

Based on scaffolded support, students will have access to immediate assistance when working on tough subjects.

Within MathXL for students, there are digital forms of support, including instructional videos, animations, examples, extra math tools, and more.

There is also a built-in English/Spanish glossary to help ESL students make the most of their studies.

As students begin to complete their assignments, and the program determines their skill level, they’ll be assigned personalized study plans.

These personal plans allow students to work at their own pace, depending on their current test scores.

Fortunately, all of the exercises can be regenerated for further study, and students will have access to unlimited resources for practice.

Students will also receive immediate feedback for all of their answers, motivating them to complete assignments quickly.

How Does MathXL Work?

This program is designed for teachers and students, helping them tackle lessons in a more efficient way.

MathXL For Teachers

Teachers will have the opportunity to streamline their classes by ensuring their students progress through the semester at the right pace.

With the help of this program, classes will focus on instruction and save a lot of time, especially with grading.

Instead of teachers having to spend more time grading themselves, this program does all of the work.

All you will have to do is provide your class with an assignment, and their answers will be automatically graded.

After they have completed the worksheet, you can review their results to see any challenging areas you need to emphasize.

By reviewing each of your student reports, you can get a good idea of what subjects you’ll need to spend more class time on.

Apart from auto-graded assignments, teachers will also like the level of customization that MathXL has to offer.

You’ll be able to either use pre-generated quizzes and assignments or create your own.

With this feature, you can guarantee you’re providing high-quality instruction regardless of your students’ experience level.

MathXL For Students

Students are sure to appreciate how simple it is to use the platform to get further instruction on specific topics.

Instead of needing to seek the teacher’s help with every question, they can use digital resources for tips and examples to help.

They will also appreciate having a personalized study plan that matches their specific needs, allowing them to work at their own pace.

With immediate feedback, students can get a good idea of what areas they need to study harder.

As soon as a question is submitted, the program will automatically grade the previous answer and tell them whether it’s wrong or right.

Another advantage of this supplementary form of education is that it works well with textbooks.

Depending on the chapter and subject, students will often be referred to a specific page from their text for even more in-depth explanations.

Benefits of Using MathXL

With this program, you will be glad that everything is so streamlined and easy to access.

1. Access to Plenty of Data

One of the most important things for teachers and administrators is data. Not only will you want to be aware of each student’s progress, but your class’s progress as a whole.

Once all of the data has been collected from your students, it will be compiled into a mass report, showing you their average performance.

With this information, you can customize lesson plans to be most effective for specific classes.

2. Wide Compatibility

Fortunately, it is the type of program that works with an assortment of different subjects.

You’ll easily apply it to over 300 Pearson textbooks, ranging from statistics to middle school mathematics.

Nearly every student you teach can benefit from the comprehensive list of questions, activities, and quizzes it offers.

3. Simple Homework Assigning

If you want to spend in-class time teaching, rather than having students work on assignments, then this tool is what you need.

This program is specifically designed to make it easy for students to access supplemental education from home.

As long as they have an internet connection, they can log in to their account and complete tasks before class.

Also, instead of having to find specific questions in the textbook and formulating physical worksheets, you can do so digitally.

Because the program has an exceptional number of pre-designed questions, you can easily assign those. However, if you want to take a more personalized approach, customizing questions is just as simple.

4. Simple Implementation

On the website, you can find plenty of information about how it can easily be used based on your specific needs. Teachers will love using it as a resource for:

  • Instructional supplements
  • Standards-aligned assignments
  • Flipped classrooms
  • Self-paced additional practice
  • Intervention/RTI
  • Enrichment
  • Test prep
  • Summer school
  • College readiness
  • Homeschooling


The pricing for the program can vary, depending on how you intend to use it.

Sometimes, it is bundled with new textbooks, but you’ll likely have to separately purchase an access code.

Educators can get access to special pricing, especially if you intend on buying a bulk number of access codes.

The individual cost for an access code is $73.32.


MathXL is a fantastic resource for furthering education about mathematics for middle and high school students.

Teachers can take advantage of MathXL for students to ensure their classes have a deeper understanding of essential topics.

All of its built-in features are also essential for making sure your students meet state standards for their grade.

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