MobyMax: Your Students’ Favorite Learning Tool

MobyMax is a two-pronged approach to learning, giving teachers the ability to focus on everything they could need for the classroom and remote learning in one convenient package. You’ll also find that students will be far more motivated to complete their lessons because they will be rewarded with both digital and in-person rewards at the discretion of their teachers.

As a thorough differentiated learning program, you will love to put plenty of compelling features to good use in your classrooms.




This platform is designed for students from K-8, allowing teachers to finally close the learning gap between students and their peers. With an adaptive learning process, learning about new subjects will be far more interactive and enjoyable for everyone involved, especially the children.

Teachers will also love the numerous features that they can use to track the progress of their students’ learning as well as keep parents apprised of significant improvements or problem areas throughout the year.

One of the main tricks to helping students improve their grades is to thoroughly understand what skills they might be missing, which is one of the primary factors behind this entire program. It’s important to remember that even the most successful students have learning gaps, and using an adaptive and innovative program can help to make sure each individual gets the perfect type of learning for their needs.

Another benefit is that this program has won over 100 awards over the last two years, ranging from the National Parenting Product Awards to the SIIA CODiE Awards.

How Does It Work?

For Teachers

After using this tool for the first time, you’ll quickly realize how it is specifically designed to make each teacher’s life easier by providing students with the assistance and resources they need to fix their skills. You will easily be able to keep track of their performance, thanks to real-time statistics and regular progress reports, as students work through the programs that are enabled on the application.

Above all else, you won’t even have to worry about designing your assignments or projects, as the program does it all for you. It also provides students with the encouragement they need to push themselves towards their next milestone with less teacher-based intervention.

Teachers will be able to develop challenges and competitions that allow students to put their skills to the test as well as set daily goals for everyone to strive to achieve, such as completing specific assignments to stay up to date with your lesson plans. You’ll also be able to award individual badges and certificates to students who are proving their success through the program as another form of encouragement.

With all of the social features built into the platform, it will feel like you’re in the classroom as there are a messenger and social wall available for teachers to chat with each other, their students, and parents. If you want to have a more hands-on approach with your students, there are plenty of options, such as Whiteboard Lessons. You can create custom problems and draw them digitally on the whiteboard to provide a fun and interactive lesson for your students to complete either in the classroom (via a projector) or while they are at home (via a smartboard).

You’ll also love having the Quick Checker at your disposal, as it will provide you with real-time information pertinent to your lessons. Quick Checker enables teachers to instantly create their tests with specific questions as well as check their students’ answers for understanding. You will also be able to map the progress of your students over the year, as the program does so automatically so that you can get an idea of where their learning gaps are.

For Students

Students are bound to love this platform mostly because it helps make learning more fun by incorporating interactive tools, such as team and individual games. As groups work to answer questions together, their scores will be available in real-time so that it feels like an actual competition, allowing them to skyrocket to the top of the leaderboard to receive a reward.

Also, teachers can provide real rewards for real motivation instead of relying on digital certificates and badges, such as popcorn parties, painting parties, slime parties, and more.

Before lessons are provided to each student, they will first be required to complete a diagnostic test, which will determine their learning level to ensure their projects aren’t too advanced or too basic. The program will then provide a list of adaptive lessons that are entirely customized to the learning capabilities of the individual, allowing them to work at their own pace to accomplish the goals you have set for the curriculum during the year.

Also, MobyMax helps students to remain more accountable, thanks to the daily goals they will need to accomplish to progress through their lesson plans.


Some of the most notable benefits of the program include:

Non-Digital Options

With many of the online learning resources available to students, schools are required to provide the necessary tools, such as laptops and tablets, for students to use. With this tool, you can opt for standard forms of learning as each lesson plan and assignment can also be printed so that students can complete their work in an old-fashioned way.

Multiple Subjects

You can guarantee that all subjects from K-8 are included with this platform, ranging from social studies to phonics blending. There is also an assortment of specialty subjects, including state test prep, early stories, fact fluency, and reading novels.

Real Rewards and Prizes

You can guarantee that your students will love being able to win tangible products to prove their success in their studies, which is sure to motivate them to be the best student they can be. There are tons of real prizes, ranging from t-shirts to in-class parties, to help you keep your classes motivated to do better.

360 Monitoring

Not only will teachers and students be able to keep track of their progress, but principals and parents, too. Even district administrators will have access to progress reports to see the improvement of skills in schools across their district.


With all of the things available through MobyMax, you’ll be surprised to learn that it is free, which is why over 15 million students use it across the United States.


The opportunity to advance the learning of your students for free is too good to pass on, which is why MobyMax could be the next resource that your school reaches. By helping to motivate students in the most positive ways possible, as well as providing adaptable lesson plans based on their diagnostic criteria, they will be able to reach all of their milestones in a far less stressful fashion.

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