Monster Math: Entertaining Math Games for Learning

The Monster Math app helps students learn fundamental math concepts in a fun and engaging environment.

By combining core components with a game environment, students will see a significant boost in motivation and performance.

There are plenty of components to the program that kids will love to have on their devices.


monster math app
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Relatively anyone can use this program, but it will prove to be most useful for students between Kindergarten and grade five.

The core concepts in the platform are designed to help students further understand fundamental math skills.

By combining several unique apps, students have access to many fantastic learning opportunities.

Unlike other math games purely designed for entertainment, this platform ensures students learn.

All of the features align with state boards, ICSE, and United States’ Common Core State Standards.

Students in India will also benefit since it covers the country’s CBSE curriculum.

The program’s games are undoubtedly fun and engaging, allowing children to learn without knowing they’re learning.

By implementing the app up to 45 minutes per week or 15 minutes per day, students’ attitudes towards math will improve.

As mentioned, there are several components to the game-like platform through a diverse array of apps.

Math Rescue

One of the program’s available apps is Math Rescue, which helps with rounding off and estimation.

In the game, students will be responsible for putting out fires using a water balloon gun.

Using their estimation skills, they have to make approximations to ensure they’re saving water while also putting out fires.

Math Balance

This app is a fantastic way to help children better understand comparisons and equality by using basic math.

Students will need to help Toby get to a treasure by using number sense to balance bridges.

With regular practice, they will begin to notice a significant improvement in mental math.

Math Bridges

By manipulating numbers, students will learn basic number sense concepts by helping their character get home by building bridges.

Using basic math operations such as subtraction and addition, they can use new strategies to progress through the levels.

Monster Math 2

This app has more of a storyline than the others and is available on most digital devices.

Students will work through 40 skills, including factors, multiplication, addition, subtraction, and division.

One of the most impressive features is that the app can be customized based on each student’s aptitude.

By choosing between basic and advanced skills, students can learn an assortment of core concepts for their grade.

Also, parents and teachers receive weekly email updates with in-depth views about the student’s progression.

Using this application, educators can ensure gaps in learning are easily bridged in class and at home.

Classic Monster Math

With Classic Monster Math, students can access the core features of the more updated app.

They will access division, multiplication, subtraction, and addition with the help of fundamental math problems.

As they progress through their studies, they’ll explore new worlds, battle enemies, and more.

Monster Math App: How Does It Work?

For Teachers

It’s important to note that this application isn’t designed to replace a traditional math curriculum.

However, it can be a great way to give students a break from traditional pen-and-paper studies.

By engaging learners in a digital environment, they’ll be more likely to take their studies seriously.

Teachers will find it most useful as a palate cleanser at the end of a long lesson as a fun activity.

Alternatively, you could consider using it at the beginning of the class to get your students’ brains engaged.

Another fantastic option for this app is to assign a certain number of levels as homework to help reinforce in-class learning.

As a supplemental form of math education, teachers will be able to boost motivation and participation.

The metrics provided by the app are also essential for ensuring students get the educational attention they need.

While they work through the different levels in the apps, you’ll be able to see their progress.

Any challenging areas will be noted in the progress reports, which can help you design a more well-rounded lesson plan.

Also, it tells educators when intervention is necessary to assist students with grappling with difficult concepts.

Overall, it’s a fantastic resource to keep you up to date with your students’ progress.

monster math app

For Students

Mathematics can be challenging, especially in higher grades.

Instead of learning through traditional means, students can take advantage of an innovative learning technique.

By combining core math components and games, it creates a more entertaining learning environment for everyone.

Visual learners will also benefit significantly from this program’s apps because they are perfectly illustrated and programmed.

Students will feel like they’re playing any other game but will also be learning simultaneously.

Using digital teaching is essential for helping foster a healthier learning environment for all students.

The customizable settings in some of the apps can also be significantly beneficial.

Each student in a class will learn at a different pace than their peers.

With the adjustable difficulties, students can learn concepts at the right level for their needs.


Student-Led Learning

Student-led learning is becoming more popular because educators see significant performance improvements.

With this app, children can work at their own pace to quickly grasp fundamental concepts for further education.

They will also gain a sense of independence and accountability for their studies without feeling overwhelmed.

Versatile Difficulties

Aside from changing the math tasks’ difficulty, this app is highly adaptable to Kindergarten through grade five.

All students in an elementary school have the opportunity to find challenging topics.

Also, advanced students can work ahead to get access to math concepts that always ensure they’re challenged.

Multiplayer Settings

With paid subscriptions, students can unlock a whole new feature known as dueling.

Dueling allows them to play against their classmates in a competitive setting.

It’s a great way to put their skills to the test and boost communication among peers.


To determine if the Monster Math app would be useful for students, there is a free seven-day trial when downloading the app.

If you want to get your hands on more features for longer, you will require a paid subscription.

Paid subscriptions are $29.99/year/student.

Learning Math Can Be Fun!

By using math apps, students can learn new concepts in a better way.

The app is intuitively designed to hide learning behind engaging and entertaining games.

Students and teachers will both benefit significantly from the standards-aligned math games available.

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