MyHaikuClass: An Engaging Learning Platform

Formerly known as MyHaikuClass, PowerSchool is a useful resource for teachers and K-12 students.

All of the lessons available through the platform are specifically designed to enhance the learning of users.

It also helps to streamline most classroom activities through a single digital platform for smoother engagement.


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Source: Haiku Class

This platform’s central premise is to unify schools, educators, parents, and students.

It helps improve at-home assignments, administrative duties, classroom activities, and communication.

Educators will be more motivated to improve their students’ learning while students will be more likely to engage in classroom activities.

With a MyHaikuClass sign up, you’ll see a multi-step approach that helps combine in-class and digital learning.

There are special assessments, digital grade books, access to real-time performance data, and more.

Overall, it’s one of the most comprehensive digital school platforms that you can find, especially with at-home learning.

Students can demonstrate their knowledge across a variety of platforms with the help of scaffold instructions.

All of the texts are highly engaging for both visual and non-visual learners, creating highly interactive lessons.

With a single place for learning, you can keep all of your essential tools in one convenient location to offer more one-on-one instruction.

How Does It Work?

For Teachers

As an educator, you’ll love to simplify your classes with all of the platform’s learning resources.

You can spend more time mentoring students, rather than grading and distributing assignments.

You’ll also find that the platform helps you manage your activities, assignments, class pages, and grades more effortlessly.

Teachers can build their customized class pages to provide a central location for classroom information.

You can add plugins for lessons and activities for your K-12 students, rather than needing physical paper copies of activities.

You’ll also love how innovative the activities are since they help provide a more engaging learning environment.

You’ll be able to integrate project-based learning with Wiki projects, open discussions for your students, and even offer polls.

Students will find it easier to communicate with you and their peers and collaborate on projects.

Another benefit is how easy it is to keep track of your class progress.

Once students complete their assignments, the platform automatically grades the assignments.

Teachers can then review individual students’ performance or look at their class’ performance as a whole.

This process gives you the ability to electronically grade so that you can easily track each student’s improvement.

With the integration of Unified Classroom, you’ll find your workflow is substantially smoother.

As your student’s work is graded, you can add annotations for extra help and not worry about duplicate data points.

You can then use the collected data to determine the platform’s success across all of your classes.

For Students

The most significant benefit students are bound to experience with this platform is scaffolded learning.

This approach helps make sure they can learn at their own pace, meanwhile meeting state standards.

Every student is different and has specific requirements for them to learn the most effectively.

Instead of leaving teachers responsible for giving every student personalized instruction, this platform does it for you.

You’ll also find a higher success rate in students’ scores and higher motivation.

Each concept will be substantially more natural for them to grasp and understand at their speed.

There’s also the added benefit of the Family Portal and Mobile App, which helps to further education at home.

Parents will be able to track their child’s performance at any given time to know if they need extra help at home.

This process helps to ensure students are fully covered when they need help with specific subjects.

Along with helping students to learn at their own pace, they will establish plenty of fundamental life skills.

They will be able to strengthen their problem solving, content creation, peer collaboration, and more.

Since most of the platform’s features are highly interactive, students will be far more engaged in their studies.


Paperless Classrooms

MyHaikuClass is a fantastic resource from a budgetary and environmental perspective.

By implementing their easy-to-use classroom tools, teachers can easily transition to paperless classrooms.

Students will simply need access to computers or tablets to access their assignments and grades.

Opting for paperless classrooms is also essential for holding students accountable for their assignments.

Since the platform is easily accessible at school and home, students can complete all assignments without losing their homework.

Cloud-Based Learning

More schools are transitioning to digital resources for teaching.

Students are more adept at learning digitally because it’s far more interactive and entertaining.

By taking advantage of innovative resources like this platform, you’ll create a more advanced learning environment.

Also, you’ll find it’s easier to integrate other platforms into your schools.

Efficient Classroom Management

According to MyHaikuClass, once teachers began using their platform, their management times went down.

You could save up to 10% of your in-class time with the platform’s streamlined approach to teaching.

Since you won’t have to worry about designing, distributing, and collecting assignments, you can educate students more.

360-Degree Student View

When it comes to a student’s education, it must be looked at from all angles.

Teachers and parents need to be apprised of problematic areas and successes.

Using this program allows everyone in a child’s life to have access to their metrics to track their progress.

Parents will easily be able to check their student’s attendance and be informed of class announcements.

Teachers can also push out reminders for classroom events, thanks to the interactive calendar.

As an added benefit, there are private communication channels for a parent to teacher correspondence.


Pricing is bound to vary depending on the number of schools that require help from this program.

Also, the number of students can affect pricing, so it’s best to get a custom quote.

By reaching out to their sales team, you can get an idea of the cost for teachers and receive a one-on-one demo.


Using a MyHaikuClass sign up opens the door to plenty of educational opportunities.

Operating under PowerSchool, this program is a fantastic option for students at all levels of learning.

With its streamlined teaching tools, it can help educators spend more time with their students.


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