MyMathLab: Combining Textbooks and Online Learning

Developed by Pearson, MyMathLab is a fantastic addition to in-class learning, where students are required to take advantage of textbooks to learn the fundamentals of mathematics. The entire platform revolves around Pearson’s books, which gives you a highly structured, intuitive, and user-friendly approach to take learning beyond the classroom.

Teachers who aren’t particularly interested in math games or online learning will appreciate the well-thought-out features that this platform offers, especially as it maintains the structure of common knowledge and accompanies previously provided resources.


MyMathLab is not a new concept. It was brought to the attention of teachers and students in 2001 as an electronic partner to their textbooks. However, today, it is now one of the leading web-based platforms that students can use to access pertinent information about their studies.

For teachers, you can have full control over the number of online tools you can take advantage of. You can assign work entirely through the platform or use some features rather than all, depending on how easily your students learn online.

Fortunately, you also have the opportunity to supplement your instruction, which can help to further the students’ understanding of specific topics that they might be having difficulty with.

It’s important to note that this isn’t a typical web-based program or game. Instead, it works directly with the many textbooks that Pearson has provided to classrooms around the world. By enabling students to access quizzes, classroom labs, and homework, it helps to streamline learning in a more comprehensive and easy-to-manage way for teachers.

How Does It Work?

For Teachers

Using MyMathLab to your advantage is dependent on how hands-on you are with your teaching, as you can choose to customize the program fully or to use it as a simple add-on to your traditional education. You can easily choose from an assortment of exercises previously designed by Pearson to accompany their textbooks, or you can opt to add your own questions and activities.

Another fascinating feature is that you can edit pre-made exercises to fit your students’ needs better as well as their varying learning patterns. Teachers will have the opportunity to determine how to present the questions and exercises, too. You can set it up in a quiz format, as homework, or as a lab project that your students will have to complete on their own time.

For Students

Learning will become substantially easier for students with this program, especially as it helps them to connect deeper with their studies, particularly with the help of the built-in tutoring client that allows them to connect to tutors 24/7. A standard student license provides a 30-minute tutoring session, but if the students require further assistance, it will be $18/hour.

Instead of being faced with giant blocks of text in a book that can be difficult for visual learners to grasp, there is an assortment of learning mechanisms available for students to put to good use. There will be an e-book version of their standard textbook available on the platform, as well as video lectures and animations that help to make learning far more enticing and engaging.

Visual learners will especially appreciate the addresses, as they allow students to delve even deeper into their subjects so that they can have a better grasp on an assortment of fundamental math principles.


There are a few significant benefits to consider, including the following:

Online Tutoring

Often, it can be difficult for families to find tutors that they can trust for their children, and kids might be less interested in tutoring in-person than online. It gives families the ability to connect with trained professionals to assist their kids with topics they might be struggling with to advance their potential and promote better grades throughout their schooling.

Although tutoring can be rather pricey if students require it for multiple subjects or regularly, for infrequent assistance, it’s not too costly, especially when compared to in-person tutoring.

Immediate Feedback

While students navigate through the web-based platform and view their lectures as well as answer the questions their teachers have provided, they will receive immediate feedback instead of having to wait for the next day to determine whether their answers are correct or not. This learning method is fantastic for students who want to refine their skills and correct any mistakes straight away, allowing them to answer other questions in the assignment correctly.

Adaptive Learning

MyMathLab is frequently referred to as an adaptive learning engine, which means the program will change itself depending on the needs of specific students. As users work through their assignments, quizzes, and homework, the engine will automatically recommend particular projects based on the level of skill the student has shown previously.

For example, if a student has been struggling with fractions, further information about this subject will be recommended as the next step. However, if students are smoothly progressing through this subject, a more in-depth and challenging option will be presented so that they can learn at their own pace.

By customizing the content based on what fits each student best, teachers are bound to find a significant increase in their students’ capabilities and overall performance.

Three-in-One Performance

Overall, the reviews among teachers are somewhat mixed. Some find that the platform is cumbersome and challenging to use. Others find that it streamlines all of the essential tasks that they would typically perform on their own.

You will be able to assign a project, provide students with tutorials, and also assess their work all in one web-based platform, which can make it a far more accessible alternative to use than to do so manually.


The pricing depends on whether the developer has a promotion available or not. Teachers can purchase this program, along with the eText and printed text, for USD 261.60. This will provide you with instant online access, although this appears to be a featured offer at this time.

It is highly advised that you visit the company’s website to get a quote for the specific subjects you intend to teach to determine the actual cost of the program.


This program is a comprehensive learning platform that can help supplement the text that you provide to your students, offering a more relatable learning method thanks to the Internet. With the ability to assign and grade quizzes, homework, and projects, there are plenty of benefits that both you and your class will be able to take advantage of throughout the year or semester.

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