MyStatLab: A Complement to Statistics Textbooks

MyStatLab is an innovative component developed by Pearson for high school and higher education.

With the concept of adding onto your existing statistics textbook, it’s an invaluable resource for the classroom.

The program was initially developed as a CD-based addition but is now available online with its web-based platform.

All you will need to access the program is a MyStatLab access code, which is readily available online.

There are plenty of unique benefits an access code can bring to the classroom.


mystatlab access code
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In general terms, this program is nearly identical to MyMathLab, but it works with its line of statistics textbooks.

The web-based program’s basis is to help provide additional information and materials to both teachers and students.

It also helps to provide a more personalized learning environment to assist with furthering education.

An added benefit of MyStatLab is that it also provides access to StatCrunch, another online analysis tool.

With StatCrunch, students can easily share and analyze complete data sets, but students will save money as it’s included.

Similar to MyMathLab, students will be able to access an ample amount of information about their studies.

Teachers will also be able to take advantage of analytics to see the progress of their classrooms’ performance.

As a phenomenal supplemental source of material, it’s fantastic for students who need further clarification about difficult subjects.

Fortunately, this program is built using MathXL, which is another proprietary Pearson product.

With the combination of the two, you’ll take advantage of the assessment, homework, and tutorial system.

Alternatively, teachers can opt to purchase MathXL separately for other classes, and it will be a far less expensive cost.

How Does It Work?

How the program works depends on whether you’re the teacher or the student. Below are the details for each group.

For Teachers

The most considerable advantage that teachers will receive from MyStatLab is how easy it is to use in combination with textbooks.

Considering Pearson textbooks are frequently used in high school and further education classes, this resource is invaluable.

Teachers can assign homework and other assignments outside of the textbooks to help students learn more in-depth information.

You’ll also appreciate the numerous convenient features that are built-in with the help of MathXL.

As mentioned, teachers can access reports about their students’ performance.

With these statistics, you can develop more comprehensive lesson plans that target problem areas with your class.

You can also ensure that you provide better one-on-one advice to your students who may be struggling with specific topics.

All of the information will be laid out in an easy-to-read manner.

You can even refer back to previous analytics to see improvements or if individual students’ grades have slipped.

Besides being a supplement to textbooks, teachers will have a trove of useful resources to assist with lesson planning.

This tool features a premium bank of exercises that you can edit and customize as necessary.

You can even use an assortment of templates to design your assignments and tests.

Teachers will also quickly determine how to run their classrooms, whether in-person or online.

For distance learning, you can choose to have homework and tests submitted and graded online.

Otherwise, you can opt to have students submit their quizzes and assignments in-person.

For Students

The functionality of this platform is quite beneficial for students, as it’s in a user-friendly format.

Compared to textbooks, this method of learning is ideal for people who are more visual learners.

Along with the online platform’s text portions, there are also animations and video lectures that further explain pertinent sections.

Another remarkable feature of most online Pearson products is that students have access to tutors.

Although the cost of tutors isn’t included in your subscription, they are quite affordable.

You can quickly test the tutoring function for free since you’ll receive one 30-minute tutoring session with your license.

Fortunately, the tutors are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, so students can always feel like they have assistance.

The software is also incredibly intuitive, helping to match the needs and skill levels of students.

If teachers decide to use the pre-generated assignments, it will ensure students are provided with the appropriate materials for their level.

The adaptive learning engine is one of the most impressive features since it also enables students to further their learning on their own.

You can efficiently study and do individual assignments based on what the program recommends to you.

This feature is incredibly similar to MyMathLab, as the program also recommends particular assignments based on skill level.


In general, the benefits you’ll get from this program are:

Course Compatibility

Instead of only applying to a small number of statistics-related courses, the platform is quite universal.

You’ll find that there are numerous Pearson textbooks that it can supplement, including:

  • First Course in Statistics
  • Business Statistics
  • Probability & Statistics for Engineers & Scientists
  • Algebra for College Students
  • Stats: Modeling the World
  • Introductory Statistics
  • Statistics for Business and Economics
  • Stats: Data and Models
  • Elementary Statistics

Another critical aspect of its compatibility is how adaptable it is to different levels of education.

Students from high school to university will be able to take advantage of the program.

At each grade, the assignments will be catered to the curriculum students should be receiving.


As long as you know how to navigate a website, using this program should be exceptionally easy.

It’s not as complicated as some of the other supplementary products from other publishers.

Fortunately, students won’t need to spend a lot of time teaching themselves how to use the program’s at-home portion.

Also, teachers will seamlessly introduce the online features into their lessons without needing lengthy tutorials.

Online Textbooks

It’s far too often that students cannot complete their homework due to leaving their textbooks at school.

Luckily, MyStatLab offers a digital version of the student’s textbook, so they will always have access to their materials.

This feature is essential since they won’t need to invest in a physical textbook and access to the online program.


MyStatLab is priced quite well, especially for further education.

To receive a MyStatLab access code, you’ll have to pay $139.99, and it also provides you with StatCrunch.

There doesn’t appear to be tiered pricing, just a one-time payment for access.


With a MyStatLab access code, you’ll have plenty of extra components to further your studies.

As a teacher, you’ll have plenty of useful tools to create more comprehensive lesson plans.

You’ll also be able to transition a lot of your in-class learning to an online forum for easier grading and management.

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