Mystery Science: Learning Science in a Fun and Easy Way

The Mystery Science curriculum is a phenomenal addition to science classrooms for many reasons.

It helps students get more engaged with their studies while offering in-depth and immersive experiences.

Whether you teach in the classroom or need a new distance learning tool, it offers many advantages.

Mystery Science Curriculum Overview

mystery science curriculum
Source: Mystery Science

One of the main features that make this program innovative is that teachers make it for teachers.

You’ll be able to rely on an intuitive program to help diversify your students’ learning opportunities using digital features.

After your first use, you’ll notice how the platform helps engage your students, opening more chances for classroom discussions.

It’s also a fantastic resource for teachers who want to create a more immersive environment in their classrooms.

Each lesson will have hands-on activities for students to get involved in the lesson’s subject matter.

Not only does it help educators save time with lesson plans, but it also helps make science more exciting.

Another exciting feature is that this program was initially designed for distance learning.

Fortunately, you’ll find all of the in-class features equally benefit distance students.

On-the-go lessons can make it simpler for students to get inspired and complete their work from anywhere.

How Does It Work?

For Teachers

When learning how to use this science program for teaching, the company helps make it simple.

They provide educators with a list of required materials for each lesson, helping you prepare in advance.

It’s also highly adaptable to your school based on the resources that you have available.

For example, paperless schools can use solely digital assignments to minimize your paper budget.

Alternatively, teachers can also download and print the assignments and worksheets for each student.

This feature also helps make it easier to offer a blended learning environment, especially for students without computers.

Fortunately, it’s a browser-based platform, so you won’t need to worry about downloading software.

When you access your teacher platform, you’ll find all of the available lessons for your classroom.

You can then choose which lesson to navigate through and assign the tasks to your students.

After they have completed their assignment, there are follow-up questions presented at the end.

Your students can then either answer the questions independently or use them to foster an in-class discussion.

Once finished, there’s also a hands-on activity that helps reinforce their learning.

When you browse through the available lessons, you can also find the list of materials needed for the hands-on activity.

It’s important to note that you need to purchase the materials for each activity independently.

For Students

Students are bound to love the way the lessons are designed on this platform.

It can encourage them to think hard while also enjoying the activities they’re provided with.

The central premise of each lesson is to provide a fundamental question, such as “What would happen if a plate moves along a fault?

Students then watch the informative video, answer the short questions, and complete the hands-on activity.

After the activity, they must find the answer to the science mystery they were presented with.

By working through the lesson in various ways, students will find it simpler to understand critical concepts.

Often, it can be challenging for students to get motivated with STEM education.

Fortunately, the way this program is designed, it’s bound to keep them more interested in science.

Also, it ensures they’re sticking to important curriculum-based guidelines and common core standards.

With a more hands-on learning environment, you’ll find your students will put forth more effort.

It’s a far more entertaining way to grasp key concepts to help them better understand engineering, biology, anatomy, and more.


Diverse Subjects

Every aspect of science for students between kindergarten and grade eight is included in this platform.

Some of the most popular lessons include:

  • Animals Through Time
  • Waves of Sound
  • Lights & Sound
  • Power of Flowers
  • Human Machine
  • Energizing Everything
  • Weather Watching
  • Plant & Animal Secrets
  • Chemical Magic
  • Spaceship Earth
  • Watery Planet
  • The Birth of Rocks

Remote Learning Opportunities

As more families shift towards distance learning, you’ll want a well-rounded program to help with transitioning.

Fortunately, the platform has many important features to make it easier to learn in-class and at home.

Teachers can also opt to share lessons for blended classrooms.

If you’re interested in homeschooling, parents will be able to take advantage of the program, too.

All you have to do is sign up for an account, and you’ll have access to quick home science learning.

Streamlined Lessons

It can take plenty of time for teachers to design lesson plans.

Instead of allocating most of your teaching time to developing lessons, using this program can help.

You can easily prepare for several classroom activities in a matter of minutes.

You can also guarantee the lessons are sure to capture your students’ attention using discussions and videos.

Standards-Aligned Selections

Even though the program provides science education in a fun way, it adequately prepares students.

The entire Mystery Science curriculum is NGSS-aligned and meets common core standards.

This feature helps make sure every student gets the education they deserve in a more entertaining format.

Hands-On Learning

Every student can benefit from hands-on learning, especially visual learners.

By combining traditional text, visual, and hands-on activities, every student will learn in their desired way.

The activities are a sure-fire way to get your classes excited about science since they can be seen as experiments.


The costs associated with this science program will depend on the type of license you need.

As with most platforms, there is the potential for customized quotes if you contact their sales team.

Otherwise, consider these figures as the cost for the program.

School Membership ($1249)

  • Unlimited teachers
  • Unlimited students
  • Unlimited access to content
  • School usage analytics
  • Multi-year lock-in discount

District Membership ($1249)

  • Unlimited teachers
  • Unlimited students
  • Unlimited access to content
  • District usage analytics
  • Additional multi-year discounts

Classroom Membership ($99)

  • One classroom
  • Up to 35 students
  • Unlimited access to content
  • Four classroom membership limit per school

Homeschool Membership ($69)

  • One single household
  • Unlimited access to content


Using this science platform can help you diversify how your students learn core science concepts.

By combining videos, classroom discussions, and hands-on activities, each lesson is unique.

Teachers will be able to create innovative lessons while students can start enjoying STEM education.

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