OnCourseSystems School Management Program

OnCourse Systems for education is a fantastic tool for several schools.

It’s designed to be a comprehensive management tool for educators and students alike.

It’s one of the more intuitive school systems on the market for grades K through 12.

OnCourseSystems Overview

oncourse systems for education
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The central premise of this program is to give schools the ability to track classroom performance.

Educators can keep an eye on their student’s progress while administrators can track educators.

By providing an assortment of analytics, student information, and data, the school management is simple.

One of the most impressive features of this platform is it allows you to input student information safely.

Student safety is the company’s top priority, which makes it comfortable and reliable to use.

There are plenty of applications that schools can integrate to create a well-rounded system.

With 12 different applications to consider, anything from school management to teacher evaluations is available.

To better understand what the program offers, let’s review some of its top features for schools as a whole.


By offering data visualization for school districts, administrators can keep track of their schools’ performances.

You’ll have access to plenty of data plotted in attractive infographics.

Special Education School Management

If you manage a particular education school, you can ensure your educators work effectively to serve students.

It also assures your school is operating under legal compliance for a comfortable learning environment.

All aspects of unique education student management are covered, from IEP creation to annual reviews.

Curriculum Builder

To help your district, be sure to consider the curriculum builder.

This feature lets you create online units, align them to current standards, and more.

You’ll also be able to create innovative graphical maps of the curriculum for later review.

How Does It Work?

For Teachers

Apart from all of the advantages schools get in general, teachers will have plenty of programs to use.

Some of the most notable features available to educators with OnCourseSystems include:

  • Classroom LMS Integration

With the intuitive learning system, teachers can transform their classes into the digital age.

You’ll have access to interactive digital assignments, digital homework, and more.

Blending in-classroom discussions with distance learning is exceptionally simple.

  • Lesson Planner

Being organized is vital for any educator, which is why you’ll love the lesson planner.

All of its innovative and easy-to-use features help to streamline classroom learning.

You can improve the efficiency of your instructions for a healthier education ecosystem.

  • Student Tracking

There are several tracking features that teachers will love using with their students.

You can review their progress throughout the year, analyze aggregated student data, and more.

Teachers will also like the discipline tracker, which captures any disciplinary activity per student.

For Students

Students can also benefit by integrating this platform into your teachings.

Several of the features help to keep them apprised of their performance so that they can consistently improve.

A few of the programs that benefit students directly include:

  • Student Information System

Students no longer have to worry about submitting papers to update their information.

With the SIS, educators can keep more complex records about students.

This feature helps minimize the amount of time it takes to update student records.

  • Digital Grade Books

Teachers have access to digital grade books with this system that can easily be shared with students.

Instead of waiting for traditional report cards, educators can keep students apprised of their real-time performance.

Also, it makes it easier for students to share their grades with their parents since it’s digital.

  • Student Statistics

Along with their grades, students will be able to receive information about their statistics.

This program works to aggregate assessment data to provide an understanding of students’ abilities.

All of the information is available in real-time so that students can review their performance with specific activities.

Teachers will also love having access to this data because they help keep their classes accountable.

By seeing their students’ individual stats, they can ensure they offer the perfect amount of one-on-one instruction.

  • Instant Feedback

If teachers opt to use the assessment feature, students will have immediate feedback after completing assignments.

Teachers can go into the platform and provide live information about students’ performances.

They can also create interactive assessments bound to capture the attention of learners.

With a more engaging method of teaching, students are likely to focus more on their studies.

Also, interactive features make lessons more comfortable for them to grasp.

oncourse systems for education


There are a ton of benefits to the different applications built into this platform.

Administrators and districts are also bound to find a few other features to be beneficial.

First-Class Design

When you sign up for an account, you can guarantee a modern and intuitive program will cover your school.

Regardless of the circumstance, you won’t have to worry about losing all of your aggregated data.

Since the program is entirely cloud-based, all of the information is stored off-site.

Schools will always have access to their information, whether faced with a natural disaster or unexpected power failure.

You will also be protected against DDoS attacks, ensuring your students’ information is secure and always available.

Responsive Staff Support

If your educators need help with the program, there’s a dedicated customer service team available.

You’ll be able to contact a representative via email, chat, or phone, depending on your preferences.

All inquiries are returned within 24 hours, so you won’t have to worry about waiting a week for a response.


The Department of Education consistently updates its guidelines to ensure students get the best possible education.

Fortunately, when these updates are made, this program applies them, so the new regulations are met.

With this level of future-proofing, you can ensure all of your schools are adequately prepared.

Professional Development

Learning OnCourse Systems for education can be daunting due to the program’s size.

With the help of their professional development courses, teachers can get caught up on its features.

There are plenty of webinars for you to tune into, as well as access to OnCoure University for self-training.

With the help of the informative videos, teachers can opt to learn the program’s ins and outs on their own.


There’s limited information on pricing available through the company’s website.

To obtain an estimate, you will need to fill out this form to get a personalized quote.

Also, schools can opt to receive a demo to learn what the program has to offer.

OnCourse Systems for Education

With the use of OnCourseSystems, you’ll have access to plenty of innovative digital features.

Transforming the way you manage your school has never been more straightforward, especially when it comes to student performance.

It’s an essential tool to promote a healthier learning environment for educators and students alike.

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