Path Blazers: A Better Option for Student-Led Learning

Compass Learning Pathblazer or Path Blazers is one of the best options for student-led differentiated learning.

This program helps by taking standard core subjects and making them more accessible to all students.

To ensure all classes are on a path to success, this program focuses primarily on reading and math skills.


compass learning pathblazer
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Many students need specialized teaching to help them succeed in common core subjects, like reading and math.

By using this program, struggling students can work at their own pace to learn essential fundamental skills.

It’s designed to be a supplemental educational tool to boost students’ proficiency in math and reading.

Apart from helping students boost their fundamental skills, it ensures they meet standards-aligned marks.

As they begin to further their education, they’ll be at the same level as their peers to ensure success.

There are a few ways that this program works to ensure students are learning more effectively.

Compass Learning Pathblazer: How Does It Work?

For Teachers

There’s a three-tiered process to putting this program to fair use in the classroom or for distance learning.

The steps include assessments, personalized instructions, and progress monitoring.

Student Assessments

Before receiving specialized instructions, students will be required to complete placement assessments.

All of the data from this step is then used by the adaptive screener to determine students’ learning levels.

The pretest is essential for targeting skill gaps to ensure students get a well-rounded education.

Alternatively, schools can import previously provided data from NWEA MAP Growth, Renaissance Star 360, or Scantron Performance Series assessments.

This step could be preferred if you don’t want students to complete additional testing.

Personalized Instructions

Once the program has all of the essential data about students’ learning, it then provides personalized instruction.

It targets the specific areas of instruction required for individual students to close learning gaps.

They will be provided with essential skill-based and concept-based learning activities using a gradual-release learning model.

Also, students will have practice assessments with plenty of support, independent activities, and reviews.

Progress Monitoring

As students complete their assignments, educators can monitor their progress.

All of the provided data can then be used to provide extra support where necessary.

By knowing what areas your students struggle in, you can provide more efficient one-on-one teaching time.

compass learning pathblazer

For Students

The most considerable benefit of this program for students is that they can learn foundational knowledge at their own pace.

They no longer have to compare themselves to their peers since they will learn the same concepts differently.

Using this process, their confidence will be boosted, which can positively affect their in-class performance.

There are multiple ways that students can take advantage of their personalized supportive instructional model.

Direct Instruction

For students who learn best with one-on-one learning, direct instruction will be beneficial.

They will have access to instructional videos that provide real-world context, examples, and models for a dynamic learning experience.

Supported Practice

With supported practice, students will find it’s simpler to understand skills with little frustration.

There are hidden hints, reteaching, and scaffolded instructions to help reinforce learned skills.

Independent Practice

Often, students learn better on their own than with direct instruction, which is where independent practice is useful.

Students will work through activities on their own with reduced scaffolds and supports.

When each activity is completed, they will receive immediate feedback to assist with any errors.


The final step of the learning process is to ensure students can reinforce what they’ve learned.

With the assessments, they can apply their learned knowledge.

Teachers can also intervene if extra support is needed to help prevent frustration and a lack of confidence.


Student-Led Learning

The most significant benefit of Compass Learning Pathblazer is that it’s entirely student-led.

As practice questions and assessments are completed, the program adapts to each student.

This process makes sure that every learner gets the education they need at a reasonable pace.

By completing their reading and mathematics courses, they’ll have a deeper understanding of core concepts.

Also, they’ll feel far more confident to further their studies for more independent learning opportunities.

Tracking Tools

Teachers will always stay apprised of the progress of their students with built-in tracking tools.

They can also print and distribute the data to parents so students can continue their studies at home.

The innovative tracking tools provide essential information in easy-to-read formats, including graphs and percentages.

Simple Teacher Intervention

With access to the data on this program, teachers will target specific problem areas for students.

It helps them develop a better lesson plan for each student or group of students.

Instead of targeting individual users, you can group students by performance to offer more comprehensive teachings.

One of the key elements of intervention is remediation, which some students could require.

Teachers can expertly design remediation efforts to give students a better chance of succeeding in their studies.

Meeting State Standards

All of the assessments and activities in this program are designed to align with state standards.

Students no longer have to worry about falling behind when it comes to reading and math.

Although they’ll be working at their own pace, they’ll be learning all of the necessary skills for their grade.

As they progress through their studies, they’ll be learning critical concepts like anyone else in their class.

Not only does this boost confidence, but it also ensures each participant gets the education required for their grade.


Path Blazers is slightly more expensive than other learning platforms, but it’s also far more diverse.

There are a few different types of accounts that you can sign up for, each offering many of the same features.

Schools or districts have the option to pay $10,700 annually for a full license.

Alternatively, an unlimited user license can be bought for a one-time cost of $25,000.

These prices are based on one to four sites that require licenses, though there are discounts for larger districts.

Individual licenses are typically between $38 and $75 per student per year.

These values could change depending on the number of students that require program licenses.

Path Blazers: The Conclusion

Opting for scaffolded learning can benefit teachers and students alike.

With the vast learning opportunities in Pathblazer, students learn core concepts quickly.

It has plenty of innovative tools and features to ensure every class meets standards-aligned goals.

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