PBS TeacherLine: A New and Improved Approach to Teaching

Professional development has never been simpler than with PBS TeacherLine courses.

PBS TeacherLine is a fantastic option for diversifying educator’s skills to ensure students have access to the best learning opportunities.

There’s an assortment of courses that you can begin adding to your customized learning path for significant teaching improvements.

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PBS TeacherLine courses work like any other professional development program to allow teachers to further their education.

By empowering educators, this platform ensures every student can access a more well-rounded education.

With an account, educators can choose from PD courses about math, reading and language arts, science, leadership, and more.

One of the more unique components of this platform has to do with modernizing classrooms.

With the Instructional Technology module, teachers can learn how to implement digital learning pathways in schools.

You’ll have a better idea of what programs are best suited for students and how to use digital platforms effectively.

Another interesting facet is the Instructional Strategies module. Instead of focusing on a specific subject, all educators can benefit from building essential skills to become better educators.

You’ll focus on how to engage your students better, managing early childhood behaviors, and how to healthily encourage thinking.

PBS TeacherLine Courses: How Does It Work?

Let’s get into the details of what self-paced learners and teachers can expect from this program.

For Teachers

This professional development is one of the most personalized options we’ve experienced.

With an account, you can begin adding modules to your dashboard that you’ll start to work through independently.

Instead of being paced similarly to post-secondary education, you can enhance your graduate studies on your own time.

Another significant benefit teachers will experience is a high level of customization per course.

When you’ve chosen the subject you want to learn more about, you can select the grade you teach.

Each module will then be adapted to provide you information about your specific grade to ensure you’re learning the essentials.

For example, a high school teacher won’t need to learn how to teach pre-kindergarten students how to read.

This process ensures that you’re spending your time as effectively as possible rather than focusing on irrelevant information.

You’ll also appreciate how you can browse through modules by hours, making it effortless to schedule your professional development.

Teachers can opt to take short two to nine-hour programs or more extensive learning pathways that are 30+ hours.

Depending on the time allowance you have, you can better manage your professional development and teaching.

As you complete your coursework, you can guarantee you’re getting a quality education. Each module aligns with national teaching standards from NCTM, ISTE, and NCTE.

You’ll also find a collection of customized learning pathways that meet state and local education standards.

Most of the available content has been developed alongside ISTE, McREL, and Concord Consortium.

With the standards-based learning opportunities, teachers can also earn graduate credits from specific institutions.

You can also use your completed courses to obtain professional development points, which administrators can review.

There’s also the opportunity to be awarded continuing education credits, which are significantly beneficial for your resume.

For Self-Paced Learners

If you’ve implemented digital frameworks in your classroom, you likely know the benefits of self-paced learning.

Instead of being matched to your peers’ ability, you can learn at a comfortable pace for your skills.

This platform also benefits teachers by allowing them to work through PD on their own time.

As mentioned, you can choose the length of the courses based on your availability.

It’s best to begin transitioning into the digital age of learning now since it’s become more of a standard for schools.

Compared to facilitated courses, you’ll be able to work through your modules at any time, as long as it’s within 12 months of signing up.

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The best things you’ll expect from this program are:

Diverse Course Offerings

You can guarantee that you’ll be able to find professional development courses for every area of graduate learning.

There are seven main areas of interest that you can consider with endless subsections, including:

Instructional Strategies

  • Using shared reading to teach and engage readers
  • Challenging behaviors in early childhood
  • Thinking and making with media
  • Designing early childhood classrooms
  • Engaging with families for social-emotional learning support
  • Science tips and tricks
  • Supporting play with media and technology

Institutional Technology

  • Approaching digital assessments
  • Blended learning
  • Creating playful science lessons
  • Digital storytelling
  • Integrating technology in project learning


  • Introducing positive behaviors in schools
  • Bullying prevention
  • GED test information
  • Implementing formative assessments

Reading and Language Arts

  • Using shared reading to teach readers
  • Engaging young learners with informational text


  • Science teaching strategies
  • Science tips and tricks
  • Implementing science inquiry

Improved Student Outcomes

When administrators can provide professional development opportunities, students significantly benefit.

The amount students learn is at their teachers’ hands, which is why teacher education is essential.

By implementing these courses, districts can ensure their educators are better prepared for in-classroom instruction.

Not only does it help build on existing professional skills, but it can also establish new behaviors. With improved behaviors, you’re bound to see an upward trend in student engagement and performance.

Also, you’ll appreciate the improvement in instructional teaching regarding educator satisfaction.

Standards-Aligned Teaching

All of the available courses on this platform are designed to align with current teaching standards.

As the years progress, as will the collection of courses to provide teachers with well-rounded graduate learning opportunities.

With modules in line with ISTE, NCTM, and NCTE standards, you can guarantee educators will digest relevant and professional content.

Access to Facilitators

Along with the self-guided learning paths, teachers will also have access to learning facilitators.

These highly-trained professionals are specialists in their fields and assist with implementing TeacherLine courses.

You’ll find they’re quite similar to professors regarding ensuring every teacher gets the most out of their learning experience.


Pricing for this platform is dependent on the classes you want to enroll in. When you visit the course catalog, you can see the individual pricing for each course.

For example, Thinking and Making with Media in PreK-2 Classrooms is $0.00.

The course catalog also lets you know which modules are currently available for enrollment.

By inputting your ZIP code, you can see the current course offerings when you sign up.


These courses have the opportunity to revolutionize the way your educators approach teaching.

With several course offerings across an assortment of grades, every educator has access to further education.

Districts are bound to see significant improvements in teacher and student satisfaction with PBS TeacherLine.