Peardeck: Interactive Learning Made Easy

The Peardeck teacher dashboard offers plenty of information to improve the community aspect of classrooms.

It’s a convenient program to have on hand since it helps make the switch to paperless assessments and group activities easier.

Classes will find it’s most useful when participating in group activities and challenges.

peardeck teacher dashboard
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This program is unique in the sense that it gives students multiple ways to answer teacher-created questions.

It’s a relatively new initiative started in 2014 that adapts to the ever-changing learning styles of students.

You’ll find it’s simpler to engage your students in activities with the presentations’ interactive format.

The premise of the program is to help mend the gap between social and inquiry-based learning.

Students will be able to work independently or in groups to answer teacher-made questions in the digital world.

It can also help cut down significantly on the time it takes to prepare classroom instruction.

How Does It Work?

For Teachers

You’ll no longer have to spend time learning how to create compelling presentations to grab the attention of your audience.

Teachers will be able to take advantage of this platform’s built-in features to create an assortment of assignments.

There are six separate ways that you can form your assessments, including:

1. Text

With the text feature, teachers will put a written prompt on the screen that students can then answer.

They will use the text box on the platform to write either a long or short answer.

2. Draggable

By placing an image in the presentation, you can also add draggable pictures for the students to use.

For example, imagine you have an assignment where you want students to pick a country’s location on a map.

Students can drag the pin to the correct location on the map using the draggable pin marker.

3. Drawing

Educators love this program because it also allows students to show off their creativity.

With the drawing feature, students can access a ton of digital tools to allow them to map out their answers.

For example, you can prompt them to circle specific things in a sentence or show their work for a math question.

4. Number

Instead of opting for text answers, you can add number-only questions for your students to answer.

5. Web

The web feature is bound to be one of your favorites because it is also one of the more unique options.

You can provide a school-safe link for your students to click so that they can browse through suggested resources.

They can then answer questions based on the material you have provided.

6. Multiple Choice

As its name suggests, teachers can opt for traditional multiple-choice questions.

Once you have designed a presentation, you can then choose which formative assignments to add.

It’s a convenient and easy-to-use format for all students, regardless of their learning style.

You’ll also find it’s bound to boost classroom engagement and understanding, as it’s quite interactive.

It’s also important to remember the tracking features built into the program for your convenience.

Teachers can keep track of the performance of individual students, specific groups, or entire classrooms.

With these metrics, you can determine which areas of the curriculum need special attention.

Also, it helps make sure the students get the additional support that they need for success.

Teachers can design independent assignments to help students work through their most challenging topics.

All of their answers will appear on your dashboard in real-time so that you can adjust your lesson plan on-the-spot.

For Students

Using this program, students will participate in activities led by their imagination and creativity.

Teachers can ask opinion-based questions to get an idea of how their students’ minds work.

It’s a creative way to teach students the importance of critical thinking.

Unlike other answer-based platforms, students will submit their responses anonymously to the rest of the class.

Even though teachers will be able to see who posts specific responses, they won’t have to worry about their classmates’ opinions.

With this level of anonymity, students can feel more confident with submitting answers they believe are correct.

The interactive nature of the assignments is another huge benefit for students.

It takes away the dreary nature of regular paper-based assignments, allowing them to use their devices.

You’ll find it will help transform distractions into learning opportunities in an exciting way.

The platform is incredibly easy to use, which makes it useful for any grade.

Students can access the presentation questions by visiting their account and typing in the unique access code.

They’ll be able to see the main presentation and questions simultaneously on their device.

peardeck teacher dashboard


Engaging Learning Opportunities

Students are far more likely to improve their grades when they have assignments that interest them.

Since this program is designed with engaging graphics and tools, students will love using it over traditional assignments.

They’ll not only be focused on the high-quality presentations but the methods of answering, as well.

Online Teacher Resources

If you find that you need extra information about the program, consider the online teaching resources.

There is a ton of important information available on the blog, especially when learning the software.

Teachers will learn how to use the program for distance classes, self-care for classrooms, and more.

Peardeck Teacher Dashboard

The Peardeck teacher dashboard is a phenomenal resource to help educators keep track of their students’ progress.

You can review real-time answers from individual students as well as data that show their progression.

By using the data on your dashboard, you can ensure every student gets the attention they need.

Also, the dashboard is well built to where you can access all of your essential tools.

There’s a presentation wizard to help you create eye-catching visuals and easy-to-understand blurbs.

Formulating the assessments during the assignment is equally as simple.


There are three pricing tiers to consider, depending on the features you need.

Basic (Free)

With the basic membership, you’ll receive the following:

  • Design polls, interactive questions, formative assessments, and quizzes
  • Microsoft and Google classroom tools
  • Control anonymous student answers
  • Enable anonymous participation without a login
  • Manage answer completion with Locks and Timers
  • Ready-made educator-designed templates
  • Flashcard Factory

Individual Premium ($149.99/year)

This package is recommended for those who want what comes in the free account, as well as:

  • Highlight student responses
  • Remote support with Student Paced mode
  • Drawing and Draggable responses
  • Add on-the-spot questions and activities
  • Capture student progress
  • Immersive Reader
  • Add audio to presentations
  • Provide feedback to individual students


Administrators and districts will be most interested in the Custom package since it has plenty to offer.

You will need to contact the sales team for pricing information, but you’ll receive the following:

  • Premium features for every student and teacher
  • Dedicated support
  • Custom professional training
  • Efficacy Reports
  • LMS integration with Canvas and Schoology


This program has a ton of outstanding features for students and teachers alike.

By offering an innovative way to present information, your students will love the engaging format.

Also, it allows you to encourage creativity in your classes.

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