Playposit: Unleashed Learning With Interactive Videos

Determining how to use Playposit can help you incorporate interactive and engaging content for learning.

Whether you’re a teacher or the head of a corporation, it’s a highly reliable program with several unique features.

It’s a fantastic option for enhancing the digital learning experience, whether in-person or for long-distance classes.

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Playposit has everything you would expect from a digital learning platform, including performance tracking and seamless workflow.

It brings innovative tools to the table, such as more powerful instructional interactions.

However, the platform is ideal for mirroring traditional classroom experiences in a more streamlined fashion.

There are three main avenues where the platform will prove to be most useful, namely K-12, higher education, and corporate workplaces.

The National Science Foundation has officially recognized the platform as highly beneficial to student outcomes.

Also, there is evidence to support the content you create is three times more likely to be absorbed by your audience.

The program features a multi-prong approach to ensure students gather as much important data per video as possible.

You’ll notice a significant improvement in engagement, retention, and entertainment throughout your classrooms.

One of the program’s unique concepts is that it encourages self-paced learning, which is inherently beneficial.

You’ll find a significant number of interaction types, including advanced interactions, as well as feedback options.

The intuitively built designer allows presenters to create inspiring content with an assortment of tools, including:

  • Playback options
  • Tagging
  • Captioning
  • Modular interactions and feedback
  • Content previews

How to Use Playposit

For Teachers

Educators will be able to put this platform to fair use in several ways, many of which are essential to student enrichment.

First, you will need to author a presentation through the platform using quality video content.

You can also implement various interactions to test the absorption of the materials, including:

  • Multiple choice
  • Free response
  • Fill-in-the-blank
  • Polling surveys
  • Reflective pauses
  • Discussion forums
  • Web embedded answers

The intuitive assignment designer is one of the most impressive features.

You can opt to use pre-designed presentations or create your own to align with your curriculum perfectly.

Fortunately, working with your videos will be effortless, thanks to the user-friendly integrated tools.

After the presentation, you can collect feedback from your peers and classes.

This information is vital to ensure you’re providing the most influential lessons possible that are easily digestible.

You can also maintain a hands-on approach to grading if you prefer to give personalized feedback to your students.

Another feature you’re bound to use is the Broadcast component, which is ideal for traditional and video lectures.

With this module, you’ll set up broadcasting sessions that participants can join using a unique link.

Once your participants are ready, you can launch the instruction and control the content’s delivery.

If you’re a fan of synchronous learning, you can control the presentation as if it were a slideshow.

You will have full control over when interactions pop up, rather than allowing for self-paced learning.

This option can be preferable if you want to manage audience engagement efficiently.

You will love the peer review communities built into the ideal platform for professional development.

You can take advantage of remote instructor observation to ensure you’re providing high-quality presentations.

This feature is also ideal for tracking your long-term development and getting invaluable feedback.

You can also opt to sign up for peer-to-peer feedback assignments to help you boost your constructive feedback skills.

Using peer-to-peer reviews can significantly improve the quality of your presentations for academic purposes.

The data provided by this program will prove invaluable to you who want to have a clear idea of student performance.

As the answers to your presentation are complete, you’ll have access to immediately actionable data.

You’ll find an assortment of metrics about student performance and behavior to remediate any challenging areas.

To streamline the process, you can opt to allow the platform to grade assignments automatically.

You’ll surely want to consider this data because it allows you to identify learning deficiencies in the classroom quickly.

The actionable data allows you to provide immediate intervention so that your students can better grasp challenging concepts.

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For Students

One of the best ways to help students understand academic concepts is to transform them into the instructor.

With Learner Created Content, students will be able to craft their presentations independently or as a group.

Alternatively, you can have your classes create their questions based on the video you’ve made.

This feature is ideal for helping students reflect on their presentations to understand the content better.

Also, it opens the door for peer review to help foster a healthier environment for positive and constructive feedback.

After each presentation, students will have a clear idea of what areas they can improve.

The interactive media you’ll provide to your classes is bound to grab their attention and improve engagement.

The more entertaining your presentations are, the easier it will be for students to retain information and gain satisfaction.

They’ll have access to several personalized learning pathways as well as interactive simulations.

This feature directly leads to student-led learning benefits, where they are accountable for their education.

Students will be able to work through challenging concepts at their own pace rather than their peers’ pace.

You’ll begin to notice a considerable improvement in classroom confidence by encouraging every student’s skills.


Meaningful Data

All of the metrics you will present are essential to fostering a healthier learning environment.

Educators will quickly find areas of concern with specific individuals or whole classrooms.

Employers can also determine which areas of interest are challenging for their teams to grasp.

You can then use this information to ensure every participant clearly understands the presentation’s content.

This process will ensure future assignments are more straightforward while individuals gain fundamental knowledge for further studies.

Easy-to-Use Tools

There’s a vast number of tools available on this platform, making it a fun experience for creating video content.

The tools are also elementary to use, making it an ideal option for first-time users.

You’ll have a more hands-on approach to creating age-appropriate content for any grade.

Locked Progression

Depending on the settings you choose, you can manage your students’ and employees’ progress.

By locking their progression, individuals cannot move onto the next module until the previous has been completed.

This process is essential for ensuring every participant grasps necessary skills before moving onto more advanced topics.


When learning how to use Playposit, you’ll need to consider the three pricing options available.

For the Institutional and Enterprise licenses, you’ll need to contact the company for a quote.

Each tier comes with an assortment of available features, including:

  • Unlimited learner attempts
  • Broadcast response system without LMS
  • Learner-created content
  • Additional templates
  • Built-in video and screen recording ($.24/minute)
  • Institutional License
  • LMS LTI integration
  • Private content host
  • Powerful CMS capabilities
  • Multiple training and professional development roles
  • Responsive instructional and technology support
  • Administrative dashboard
  • Enterprise license
  • Customized API integration with LMS
  • Private content host
  • Powerful CMS capabilities
  • Custom CSS player and Javascript
  • Custom branding services
  • Unlimited storage and bandwidth
  • Custom development support


Taking advantage of Playposit is simple with the assortment of user-friendly tools it offers.

If you’re in the market for a well-rounded video-based solution for teaching, this presentation platform is ideal.

You can guarantee your students and employees will find it easier to grasp essential concepts.

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