Prodigy: An Online Learning Game for Grades 1 to 8 

With the help of Prodigy, children can learn plenty of fundamental math principles without the striking feeling of being in a classroom setting. By combining the things that they would learn in class with a fun and engaging video game, there are plenty of unique benefits they are bound to experience during their time in elementary and middle school.

With this, there are several great features that teachers, parents, and students will love to have at their disposal, especially when it comes to learning a subject that can be as tough as math.




Prodigy is primarily a learning video game where students will be drawn into the different tasks they have to accomplish while learning all of the necessary parts of their curriculum. Designed similarly to most role-playing games, students will be able to explore the in-game world, connect with their other classmates, and answer assessment questions all about mathematics.

To ensure their students’ progress, teachers can easily track and monitor their questions and answers, as well as their in-game behavior, to ensure optimal success. Fortunately, students can play entirely for free, though there is a premium subscription at up to $59.88 per year.

How Does It Work?

For Students

At first, it might sound strange to allow children to play a game instead of learning math the traditional way. However, mixing business with pleasure is a fantastic option for getting your students engaged in their studies.

The developers of this game have gone to great lengths to ensure that children will also enjoy entering a fantasy world that has plenty of treasures, quests, and battles against enemies. This is all while maintaining the social aspect and adhering to curriculum standards of being able to connect with their peers.

When they encounter their math questions, they will either be in fill-in-the-blank or multiple-choice formats, which helps to make questions far more enjoyable to answer and won’t take away from the enjoyment of the platform.

There are other learning features built into the game, such as allowing students to have the question read to them, having a special section to show their work, or using objects to figure out puzzles. For example, dragging and dropping fraction strips and blocks so that they can have a visual representation of their answer in front of them.

As your students progress through the story and complete their mathematical challenges, their characters can be upgraded, allowing them to obtain new pieces of armor, decorations for their in-game house, and even equipment to advance their progress.

For Teachers

Now that you have a clear understanding of how students can play this game, it’s important to note the benefits teachers will have. Each question that your class answered will provide you with essential statistics that are all available on your dashboard. You’ll be able to review the performance of students in real-time as well as have access to a chart outlining your highest-performing students based on their number of correctly answered questions.

Teachers will also love how the statistics will clearly show particular areas of study where individual students may be struggling, allowing you to develop a better learning plan to focus on the areas that need extra attention. It’s also important to take note of the curriculum report that shows how Prodigy aligns with the curriculum that you are teaching to your students outside of the game.

There’s minimal effort that goes into setting the system up, too. It will automatically assign topics to your students based on the curriculum you choose, but you can maintain a high level of control by creating your assignments for your students to complete in-game.

For extra help and information, it’s highly recommended you consider accessing the video tutorials and free webinars on its website. These can help you to delve deeper into the game so that you can create the most beneficial learning experience for your students.


Apart from the fact that you will finally be able to give your students a fun way to learn math, there are a few other essential benefits to make a note of, as well.

Free Learning

You have the option of engaging in the free platform or the paid subscription, depending on your personal preferences and the content you want to have access to. As expected, the paid version will give your students access to even more in-game content that will encourage them to play more often and for longer.

Some of the features included in the paid version are treasure chests, pets, and other cosmetic items. It’s also beneficial that the monthly subscription isn’t too costly, compared to other learning games, enabling all of your students to take advantage of the platform without breaking the bank.

Meeting Core Standards

When you’re setting the program up for your students, all you have to do is select the appropriate curriculum based on where you are in the semester. There are an assortment of topics and grade levels to choose from, all of which adhere to the Common Core Standards while also having a specialized curriculum for Florida, Texas, and Ontario.

Easy to Use

By providing a step-by-step checklist, you’ll find that your students can easily set themselves up for the site, with or without the help of their parents. All you will need to do is generate an access code and link that they will use to log into the platform so that they are playing with the correct class.

Students can then customize their characters, provide a necessary amount of class information, and create a username for their in-game character.


For $59.88/year, you can have access to the full version of the game, which means you can provide your students with the opportunity to gather more in-game cosmetic content than if they were using the free version.

With that said, opting for the free version won’t take away from their learning, as you will still have access to the same educational content. As it is entirely free for teachers to use, it will also be open for students, which makes it a fantastic family-friendly option for students in grades one to eight.


Prodigy is more than a new way to learn math as well as a fun game for kids to play, it’s a combination of both and is mutually beneficial.

Students will be able to grasp better subjects they might be struggling with in-class, while teachers can closely monitor their progress and adjust their lesson plans to focus on areas that have proven to be difficult for their students. It’s a great tool to have at your disposal to ensure each student is fulfilled and educated to the best of your ability.

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