Read Theory: A Literacy Tool You’ll Love

Read Theory is much different than other literacy tools. It doesn’t stop at providing teachers with passages for their students; instead, it also offers many other features that educators will love.

From tracking student performance to providing informative content that will keep readers enthralled, there are plenty of benefits your class is bound to experience by using this program. What’s more, it has the added benefit of being entirely free.


read theory


Over 14,000,000 teachers and students currently use Read Theory, which only speaks to its convenience and accessibility. It’s an excellent resource for students at any stage by helping boost their reading comprehension skills.

Whether they might be preparing for college or transitioning to middle school, there is an assortment of content that you will be able to assign to keep students motivated.

Tracking students’ performance is the main feature that this program offers. It helps determine what assignments are best suited for specific students based on their past performance. For example, if someone is excelling beyond the class average, more difficult tasks will be given and vice versa. With this method, each reader will get high-quality content that will keep them engaged.

How Does It Work?

For Teachers

With all of the tasks you’re already responsible for as an educator, it can be useful to have a reliable tool at your disposal to help you save time when planning for upcoming classes. It works with you to create new comprehension tests and worksheets, with the program doing all of the work for you.

Once you select a particular passage, it will also come with an assortment of questions and assessments that you can assign to your students to maintain accountability.

Another benefit of the program is that you can create an account and access the reading materials within minutes, instead of waiting for an associate to approve your account. As there are thousands of individual worksheets and exercises, you won’t ever run out of inspiration or content for your classes, allowing you to create a diverse database of reading materials that you can use for all of your courses. Above all else, each assignment will be different, which will keep your students engaged and entertained.

As with most other reading comprehension tools, Read Theory allows teachers to track their students’ progress so that they can have analytical tools to serve their classes better. The easy-to-understand reports will give you details about where students might be struggling while also holding them accountable for completing their assignments. You should be able to quickly analyze the performance of your students on a class and individual level.

For Students

Fortunately, this program is highly adaptable to all types of readers, ensuring that an individual’s needs are considered, providing the appropriate materials are assigned based on skill.

ReadTheory will review the performance of students, similar to their teacher, which is an innovative way to make sure specific students aren’t stuck struggling when they could excel at a lower or higher level. They will also love how there are questions from an assortment of grades. Therefore, if a particular student is above or below their class average, they will easily be accommodated.

Typically, teachers will make the signup process even simpler by creating an account and adding individual students on their own. However, parents can do so, too. This feature is particularly beneficial, as it allows you to assign home assignments to your children to help advance their studies and improve their reading comprehension. All you will have to do is sign up for a student account on the website to access the materials.


All Ages

One of the most beneficial aspects of this program is that it is available to students of every age, ranging from K to 12. Teachers will easily be able to select appropriate passages for the reading skill of their students or assign specific tasks based on the grade of their class.

Also, as the program adapts to each student’s reading level, everyone will receive a more individualized approach to their learning. For example, if a grade three student has the reading comprehension of a grade five student, they will be given the right materials based on their level, rather than grade.

Trustworthy Results

All of the data that you will be able to review is directly acquired from your students’ performance, ensuring it is accurate and reliable. You’ll also find the comparable statistics are aligned with the standards for their grade, so you can rest assured the provided metrics are accurate.

Reward System

If you intend to reward your students for their performance, they will love to keep track of the points they have earned from participating and completing their assignments. It’s a fantastic positive reinforcement tool that will also hold them accountable for making sure they complete their tasks on time.

Also, teachers will be able to keep track of the points collected by individual students, allowing you to provide rewards for a job well done.

Easy to Use

There’s no need to worry about downloading mobile applications or struggling through a web-based platform that is difficult to use. It is user-friendly and well laid out in a manner that is easy to navigate and understand.

After receiving their account, students will be able to take advantage of the entertaining reading passages and accompanied assignments far more straightforward than with other literacy programs. This is likely why the company doesn’t offer additional training options for teachers, as the platform should be easy enough for your team to grasp and explain to their students.


Regardless if you are a teacher, parent, administrator, or student, this program is entirely free to use. All of the passages and accompanying materials won’t cost a single penny and don’t lack in quality, allowing you to assign reading materials that are worthwhile and engaging.


Overall, Read Theory is an excellent choice for educators searching for a free solution to teach their students the importance of literacy and reading comprehension. The resources on the website are exciting yet informative and with relatable questions that are easy to understand, allowing students to make the most of their studies.

Finally, since it’s browser-based, students can access their assignments from home, which is ideal for teachers who assign homework.

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