ReadWorks: Making Lesson Plans That Work

ReadWorks is an invaluable resource that will prove to be quite useful for K-12 teachers struggling to find enough time to create lesson plans for their entire class.

With this, you’ll have many learning resources to help your students improve their reading comprehension ten-fold by opting for pre-made lesson plans. These lesson plans include quizzes, worksheets, and plenty of other types of printable materials, too. Not to mention, the program is currently used by over 95,564 schools and 1,382,231 educators.




ReadWorks is more than a collection of lesson plans for teachers to put to good use. Rather, it’s a unique way for students to excel in reading comprehension at their own pace with three main options to choose from for educators.

With digital classes, printable content, and even projector-friendly instructions, children will have several ways to participate and learn what best suits their needs.

By focusing on the most common core subjects taught from grades K-12, it enables educators to access an incredible amount of non-fiction and fiction passages with a supported curriculum to help improve their students’ comprehension. There are vocabulary activities, eBooks, audiobooks, and special reading-based activities for every reading that you come across.

How Does It Work?

For Teachers

Signing up for ReadWorks is just as simple as signing up for a newsletter from your favorite store, which makes it an even more useful resource for the less technically-inclined. All you have to do is provide a necessary amount of information to get a free account, and you can start searching through the database of texts available on their website, both fiction and non-fiction in nature.

Fortunately, the search engine is intuitively designed to browse by grade, Lexile level, specific skill, teacher-based strategy, or keyword.

Teachers will also find that each text comes with its comprehensive lesson plan that includes everything that you will need to walk your class through the passages that you’ve chosen. You will easily be able to print graphic organizers, worksheets, and many other materials that help to boost productivity in the classroom.

Also, be sure to take advantage of the online binder, as it allows you to keep a comprehensive collection of all of the activities and passages you have chosen in the past. Another excellent resource for educators is the Article-A-Day program, which allows you to have a single passage assigned to your class each day.

Students will have to work through the reading material and assignment. Each of these assignments takes up to 10 minutes at most, depending on your class’s comprehension, which provides you with a quick and easy activity to help improve their fundamental reading skills.

There is an assortment of genres for teachers to choose from depending on their assigned subject, making it a highly adaptable resource for a wide variety of educators. Some examples of the most popular categories include Holidays, Literary Fiction, Arts, Social Studies, Poetry, and STEM.

For Students

As a student using this program, they’ll find that it’s a simple yet informative way to get more information out of the content they are reading. Each of the assignments will be clear and concise, while still being engaging and entertaining. As such, this is ideal for students of every age.

Students will also appreciate having access to the audio versions of each passage so that they can listen while reading along with the text and asking questions at the same time.

To help create a more personalized learning environment, students also have access to the StepReads feature, which goes through the text in a manner that is easiest for them to understand. By choosing this tool, less sophisticated versions of the original document can be downloaded digitally or printed, allowing students to learn at their own pace at which they are the most comfortable. Also, you’ll find that there is support for SPED and ELL readers.


By far, the most significant advantage of this is that it is a program that applies to absolutely any student in your classroom, whether they are struggling with reading comprehension or excelling.

As a teacher, you can easily customize the lesson plans to be more comfortable for students to handle, guaranteeing that they will be far more likely to participate after engaging in these entertaining reading-based activities. A few of the other notable benefits include:

Automatic Grading

If you decide to run the program digitally, you’ll love how the web-based platform automatically grades your students’ assignments so that you don’t have to. You will also be able to refer back to previous tasks to see if any learning gaps need to be addressed for a more comprehensive educational experience.

Also, educators can track their students’ progress, allowing them to see if there has been a significant increase or decrease in performance throughout the year.

Easy to Use

There’s no need to worry about learning a brand-new program or having to spend extra money for training to understand the ins and outs of it, unlike other learning software and platforms on the market.

Everything that you need is easily accessible through the website and is completely free, allowing you to browse freely through thousands of different passages and activities that you can use to develop a well-rounded lesson plan. There are even featured Article-A-Day sets that are sure to get your students more interested in learning.

Students also won’t have to worry about investing in tablets or laptops to participate, as you can opt to print the worksheets, or they are fully accessible from any device that is Internet-enabled.


As earlier mentioned, the most significant selling point of this program is that it is free, providing you with unlimited access to different bodies of text, activities, and fun worksheets that your class will love to do daily or weekly.

With the ability to keep track of your students’ progress using the online portal, you’ll have all of the benefits of most other learning programs without parents or teachers having to worry about paying for anything extra.


Reading is a fundamental aspect of any school environment, which is why ReadWorks is such an excellent resource for teachers and parents alike. Whether you need help developing a lesson plan or you want to teach your children more about reading comprehension outside of school, this completely free resource is open to anyone willing to make an account

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