Reasoning Mind for Digital-Based Math Learning

Learning math through intuitive programs like the Reasoning Mind app can help students diversify their skills.

With an entertaining and engaging learning environment, tackling challenging math-related concepts is significantly simpler.

There are plenty of exciting benefits to this platform, especially since it’s a part of the Imagine Learning platform.

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Like many other components of the Imagine Learning platform, Reasoning Mind helps students understand their studies more profoundly.

Taking an innovative digital-based learning approach helps them develop imperative skills, like making connections with mathematical languages.

As they work through their assignments, they will better grasp reasoning and improve their educational aptitude.

Over time, these benefits will easily be expressed both in and out of the classroom, assisting with essential life skills.

When the app has been downloaded, students will work through an assortment of activities and lessons.

Every account is provided with an avatar or character that helps students navigate through their curriculum-approved coursework.

Using many discovery resources, students will learn how to identify a problem, develop the steps to find an answer, and provide the solution.

Instead of providing traditional pen and paper assignments, this process helps learners better understand how to get their final answer.

Establishing this mindset is sure to assist them with future non-digital and digital math tests alike.

Reasoning Mind App: How Does It Work?

There are plenty of unique benefits this platform offers for students and teachers.

For Teachers

One of the most considerable benefits of this app is it helps teachers distribute their in-class time more effectively.

Since students will be participating in self-learning, you can spend more of your time assisting where necessary.

You’ll find it’s easier to manage students who could be having difficulties with their studies by providing immediate assistance.

Another significant benefit of this platform is that it allows teachers to assign paperless homework.

All you have to do is assign a specific number of levels for your students to complete before their next class.

It’s then up to them to make sure they complete their assigned work on time.

When students have finished a level, data will be transferred to the teacher dashboard for you to review.

This information is imperative to see the current successes of your students as well as any problem areas.

By taking advantage of the metrics, you can establish more well-rounded lesson plans and provide immediate intervention.

Although most of this app is designed to assist with self-guided learning, educators can also help along the way.

By focusing on individual students or groups struggling with specific concepts, you can diversify your lesson plans.

All-in-all, teachers will feel like they’re better equipped with vital information to ensure their students succeed.

For Students

From a student’s perspective, the Reasoning Mind app is a phenomenal addition to their schoolwork.

Instead of being faced with boring paper-based assignments, they’ll have fun and interactive games to use.

When they begin a new lesson, they’ll be provided with a warm-up exercise, which is essentially a benchmark assessment.

Once completed, the app will then provide a theory lesson, which goes over their study’s fundamental concepts.

As soon as they clearly understand the module, the app provides an assortment of math problems that students can then solve.

The app has a brilliant algorithm built into its coding specifically designed to assist students.

If they encounter a challenging topic, the app won’t let them progress onto the next module.

Instead, it will ensure the previous skills are mastered before unlocking future potential activities.

There is also an assortment of tools designed to help students work through problems independently, such as a glossary.

If they still find that specific concepts are too challenging, they can reach out to their teacher for help.

Another exciting part of this platform is how it helps students review and learn from their previous work.

On the student dashboard, you’ll find notes from in-person lessons, previous lessons they’ve completed, and more.

Regarding progression, as students complete their assignments correctly, they will be rewarded points.

They can use these points to purchase digital rewards, such as items from the Reasoning Mind Virtual Shopping Mall.

Students can spend their points to collect accessories for their avatars as well as unlock other learning resources.

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Some of the best things about this app are as follows:

Self-Paced Learning

Allowing students to take advantage of self-paced learning can drastically improve their scores.

Instead of being forced to perform at their peers’ standards, they can learn comfortably and independently.

As mentioned, this platform is uniquely designed only to allow students to progress once they’ve mastered previous skills.

Without proving that they clearly understand the module, they have to reinforce their learning.

Since all of the activities are fun and engaging, continually working on their fundamentals will be entertaining in the app.

Also, this method of learning is highly recommended for students who find math to be troubling.

Establishing Fact Fluency

As students review their previous notes and modules, they’ll begin to develop better recall and understanding.

By applying previous learning methods to new concepts, they can quickly become fluent in math languages.

Over time, they’ll notice a significant improvement in all math areas, which helps them perform better at higher levels.

Reliable Data

One of the most critical parts of being an educator is to have access to actionable data. Otherwise, you’ll never know whether your students are struggling with specific concepts.

With the reliable data provided on the teacher’s dashboard, you can ensure your lessons are all-encompassing.

You will find it’s significantly easier to find students that need extra help and extra learning reinforcement.

The metrics are also essential to see which students excel at math, ensuring they have adequate learning opportunities.

Providing a more comprehensive learning environment for all students is much simpler with actionable data.


Pricing for Reasoning Mind depends on whether you’ll be using it in school or at home.

In-school licenses are approximately $88 per student per year, while at-home options are $20 per student per month.

You could also be eligible for discounts, depending on how many licenses are required.


With a product like the Reasoning Mind, helping students achieve complex mathematics mastery is simpler.

They will have a list of interactive assignments specifically designed to help them diversify their skills.

As an added benefit, educators can spend more of their time using essential data to provide immediate intervention when needed.

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