Redbird: Digital Focus on ELA and Mathematics Learning

Redbird Advanced Learning is a phenomenal addition to any student’s repertoire for English Language Arts and Mathematics.

By focusing on combining in-person teaching with digital lessons, it takes a new approach to education.

It’s one of the many programs designed with innovative research to harness the power of adaptive learning.


redbird advanced learning
Source: eSchool News

This program was initially developed at Stanford University and has since become a popular teaching solution.

There have been several users who experienced significant improvements in reading, writing, and math.

Each student is granted a personalized learning path that allows them to diversify their skills while accelerating learning.

It’s a highly adaptable program since it ensures every student is challenged to the best of their ability.

High-performance learners can reinforce their skills while struggling students receive an essential intervention.

The entire program is based on a three-prong theory: helping students to understand and apply their learned knowledge while creating concepts.

Understand Phase

During this phase, students are introduced to their individualized lessons and plans across an assortment of topics.

It features powerful instruction that is perfectly formulated and tailored to every learner for optimal success.

The lessons are engaging and concise, focusing on core concepts to allow for deeper understanding.

Apply Phase

The second applied approach is when students are responsible for using their learned knowledge.

It’s the most critical part of the process because it involves completing an assortment of rigorous practice assignments.

By reinforcing learning, students will grasp and fully understand the new topics taught to them.

With an assortment of skill-building games, students will be learning without realizing it.

Create Phase

The final phase of the program is to unleash the creativity of students while also reinforcing review.

There are STEM projects and writing reviews in this component that allow students to bridge learning with real-world experience.

Instead of learning about fictional events that could never happen, students will learn how to apply their skills in real scenarios.

How Does It Work?

For Teachers

It can always be beneficial for teachers to have resources at their disposal to manage their time.

Redbird takes it a step further by helping educators to feel more empowered and confident in their abilities.

As students work through their personalized instructions, the algorithm will put data into the real-time review system.

Every teacher receives a dashboard, which tracks their students’ progress and divides data in numerous ways.

You can look at individual performance, overall class performance, or specific groups.

By using the provided data, educators can then create instructional planning to help bridge any learning gaps.

To take the process a step further, they can then share the information with parents.

By ensuring students have reinforced learning opportunities at home, grasping challenging concepts becomes easier.

It can also be highly beneficial for parents to be aware of their child’s in-school performance for added transparency.

These days, metrics are everything when it comes to digital learning.

It’s an essential feature that helps you to find specific students who need extra attention from educators.

You’ll receive a news feed, which provides real-time updates so you can intervene immediately.

Teachers also have access to snapshots, which is an outline of a student’s learning path.

Another attractive component is the replay feature to review assignment completion.

When students work on their tasks, their keystrokes are recorded so that teachers can review their performance step by step.

For Students

Although this program sounds advanced with its adaptable technology, it’s very easy for students to use.

They’ll find a combination of written assignments, visual tasks, and engaging videos to teach ELA and math.

However, the adaptive learning engine is what will help every learner shine as they improve their skills.

The program will continually challenge students to push the envelope, allowing them to become stronger and more confident.

If they require help, the adaptive learning engine will alert teachers to where intervention is most needed.

The engine is designed to ensure every student gets the correct tasks based on skill and knowledge.

Before they are given assignments, the program will require them to complete a placement activity that determines their grade level.

Students will then be provided instructions in a variety of ways, allowing them to interact with content.

After completion, the program measures the proficiency of each student and determines whether they can proceed.

After each module, there are precursor lessons built into the program to help bridge learning gaps.

Once the gaps have been closed, students are then provided new on-level lessons to complete.

It’s one of the best ways to ensure students are supported through all stages of learning.

redbird advanced learning


Actionable Real-Time Data

Instead of having teachers review student performance at home, they have access to real-time data.

This benefit ensures that every student gets assistance when they need it, instead of forcing them to struggle independently.

This feature also ensures educators save their time for students who need assistance the most.

Personalized Instruction

With this program, students finally have the opportunity to learn at a comfortable yet challenging pace.

It helps boost their confidence and will keep them engaged in learning new topics.

Ensuring every student works at their pace assists with accelerated learning.

Multitude of Activities

You can guarantee there will always be something new for students to do in their learning path.

There are over 15,000 different interactive problems and games for them to work through.

You’ll also find an assortment of projects with real-life applications to reinforce STEM components.

Proprietary Technology

By using innovative and unique technology, students can take their learning to the next level.

This tool is one of the most personalized learning programs on the market with added one-on-one support.

Students will also have access to immediate feedback through the intuitive engine to help correct mistakes immediately.


To get pricing for your school or district, you will need to contact their sales team to get a personalized quote.

It appears that the math and ELA programs are sold separately, though you might be able to receive a package deal.

Also, it’s likely the more licenses you require, the larger your discount could be.

Redbird Advanced Learning: The Conclusion

Redbird Advanced Learning takes a new approach to teach students core ELA and math concepts.

Ideal for students from kindergarten to grade 12, it bridges numerous gaps in learning for optimal performance.

If you want to see a boost in student confidence and grades, this is one of the best programs to consider.

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