School Yourself Review: A New Way To Learn Math

Considering a School Yourself review can help you open many fantastic doors to better education.

It can be beneficial to diversify your knowledge by taking courses outside of post-secondary schooling.

With this platform, everyone interested in learning more about math can take advantage.


school yourself review
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Learning math can be challenging for many, especially when it comes to trigonometry, statistics, and calculus.

Post-secondary school can also be expensive, limiting many students’ abilities to branch into math subjects.

School Yourself helps bridge the gap between the cost of education and learning moderate to complex math subjects.

It’s an innovative approach that is a considerable benefit for several types of students.

Blended classrooms can benefit significantly from the digital lessons, as can self-learners who are casually interested in math.

Home-schooled students can complete an assortment of math-related assignments as well.

Instead of forcing students into a classroom environment where they might not learn to their best ability, this platform is different.

Learners are allowed to take one-on-one lessons with a ton of unique teaching methods.

You’ll find anything from personalized lessons to interactive workbooks that keep students entertained.

How Does It Work?

For Teachers

The central premise of the platform is to give students the ability to learn independently.

However, this process doesn’t prevent teachers from being able to use it to their advantage.

If you’re teaching distance education, for example, you can assign specific tasks to your class to complete.

The program is compatible with most learning management systems, including Canvas, Moodle, and Brightspace.

With this feature, you can integrate in-class learning with online learning to offer a well-rounded course.

As an added benefit, when you connect the program to your LMS, you can track students’ progress.

By making an account, you can see various metrics based on how your students complete their assignments.

This information is pertinent since it allows you to know which areas are the most troublesome for the class or individuals.

You can also formulate better lesson plans to help learners grasp the more challenging areas of their courses.

For Students

Learning independently can be significantly beneficial for students, regardless of their abilities.

Instead of trying to grasp concepts at the same rate as their peers, they can learn at their own pace.

With this platform, students will experience far more confidence in math with higher rates of success.

Everything the program offers is laid out in an easy-to-use format, so students can begin learning immediately.

All you have to do is make an account so that you can have access to a ton of outstanding features designed for success.

For example, you can access the extensive catalog of resources and lessons which are conveniently available online.

If students require extra help with completing assignments, the one-on-one interaction is ideal.

They will be able to work on more challenging concepts with help, rather than relying on a teacher’s shared attention.

If their educator is tracking their performance, there’s a higher likelihood of getting individualized assistance.

When students begin completing their assignments, the platform will recommend new tasks to them based on performance.

This learning process is prevalent and intuitive, thanks to the collective abilities of their team.

The entire program is developed by individuals from Harvard and MIT, with a basis in innovation.

Digital platforms can be beneficial for grasping in-depth subjects, such as math, which is why this program is ideal.

Students get to learn independently and in a format that is most appealing to them.

By opting out of the need for textbooks, the digital and interactive lessons shine a new light on mathematics.

school yourself review


Assortment of Lessons

Some math learning programs will focus on one or two areas of study, such as geometry and algebra.

This platform ensures students grasp a ton of important concepts from a broad range of subjects.

The available subjects include:

  • Algebra
  • Geometry
  • Trigonometry
  • Algebra II
  • Calculus
  • Statistics

Within each core subject, many individual modules are starting from the basics to more advanced topics.

For example, in Algebra, students begin by learning addition and subtraction and end with quadratics.

Statistics, as another example, includes sensitivity analysis, regression analysis, distributions, and hypothesis testing.

Regular Updates

As a relatively new method of learning, this program is always looking to expand its offerings.

Even now, when you create an account, you can see which modules will be added to the future curriculum.

With regular updates, students will always have access to top-tier educational opportunities online.

Available Books

To take the learning back into the classroom, it can be beneficial to consider the eBooks available.

Students can take advantage of several video lessons and hands-on interactive activities in each eBook.

In the trigonometry textbook, there are 70 dynamic video lessons and 30 interactive lessons.

Each text is written by award-winning educators, ensuring students get the education they deserve.

It can also be a fantastic way to deepen students’ understanding of certain areas of each subject.

At this time, they currently offer trigonometry, hands-on pre-calculus, and hands-on calculus eBooks.

Intelligent Learning

There are a couple of notable smart features to appreciate in the School Yourself review.

Students have access to smart lesson recommendations with the help of intuitive algorithms.

As they complete their assignments, the algorithm detects which areas of focus are easy and challenging.

This process then provides them with adequate material to help further their learning at their own pace.

It’s ideal to ensure high-performing students are always challenged while struggling students get helpful support.

Another area of interest is the personalized assessments, which are designed for every student.

With an account, the platform offers a tailored assessment and review plan to help you focus on problem areas.

You’ll no longer have to review concepts that you already understand clearly but focus on the most challenging parts.

It’s a highly recommended feature since it helps ensure all of your review time is put to fair use.


With all that this program has to offer, it’s surprising that it’s entirely free for teachers and students.

All you have to do is make an account and begin completing your assigned subjects.

School Yourself Review: The Conclusion

The most considerable benefit of this School Yourself review is that it’s a program that makes math simple.

Students can grasp easy or more challenging subjects with personalized lessons, activities, and reviews.

By the completion of the program, they are bound to grasp concepts they never considered learning before.

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