Schoolnet: Easily Managing Student Assessment Data

Schoolnet helps make managing student performance substantially easier.

Considering data is one of the best ways to track students’ progress, it can be a valuable resource.

By using Schoolnet secure tester as an educator, you’ll want to consider the features it offers.


schoolnet secure tester
Source: Pearson Assessments

The central premise of this program is to provide schools with the ability to assess data from standards-aligned assessments.

However, it also has plenty of other benefits, such as enabling teachers to administer, manage, and create assessments.

If your school has been interested in transitioning to a more paperless environment, this is an essential tool to have.

With the program, you can eliminate the need for generic testing materials, such as booklets.

Millions of students can receive and answer questions about formative assessments.

Educators can then assess the data to determine whether they are meeting state standards.

Each assessment will provide valuable information that can help to further students’ learning.

By quickly identifying the weaknesses and strengths of students, this meaningful data transforms into better instruction.

There is also the ability to create customized lesson plans that help target the more challenging topics in your course.

How Does It Work?

For Teachers

The most important feature of Schoolnet for teachers is the aggregated data.

As students complete their assignments, the metrics will be stored and analyzed and provided in flexible reports.

Teachers can make simple data-based suggestions and changes by logging into their account.

Not only does this platform allow you to track the progress of your students, but also to tailor your lesson plans.

You’ll no longer have to schedule things for your classes manually; you can use the digital lesson planner.

You can also make personal notes and attach files to your lesson plans to prepare for upcoming classes.

As you teach, you can add notes, reminders, and ideas for changes if you notice student engagement isn’t as you expected.

There are several built-in planning tools that you will be able to put to good use.

In the program, you will find a bank of lesson plans, instructional resources, assessments, and more.

As an educator, you can also create your content and either choose to share it in the bank or keep it personal.

Most of the resources you’ll find have been created and tested by teachers then approved by Pearson to be shared.

To help make it simpler to find the best materials, be sure to use the peer-rated resources.

While you browse the resource bank, you’ll find a five-star rating system that shows the usefulness of each resource.

This feature will make it less time consuming to find key elements that could prove useful for your classes.

For Students

All students need support in their lessons, which is another area where this resource excels.

With the online assessments, there are accessibility features that can be individualized based on the students’ needs.

Every student will also be assigned a personal needs profile that outlines their specific strengths and weaknesses.

Students will be given a reading maturity metric, difficulty level, depth of knowledge rating, and more.

With the combination of these metrics, the appropriate assignments can be distributed based on skill level.

This personalized approach to learning is sure to improve overall assessment scores and an understanding of topics.

You’ll also find that having such a streamlined operation can make it easier for students to take tests.

As long as they have access to a computer in school, they can efficiently work on their assessments.

When it comes time for more extensive exams and district-wide tests, the process will be substantially more straightforward.


Assessment Building

If you’re the type of educator who prefers a hands-on experience, you’ll love the assessment building.

In this program, you can manually create a test while ensuring it adheres to the core curriculum.

All you have to do is fill out basic information, the number of questions you’d like, and the score type you prefer.

You can then use questions from the resource bank, or you can opt to create your own.

An added benefit is that you can choose to implement a self-assessment at the end of the quiz.

The templates are incredibly user-friendly and allow you to add specific passages, questions, and instructions.

Efficient Scheduling

This resource is particularly useful for teachers who prefer to plan.

Instead of having to design an assessment the night before class, you can do so well in advance.

You can then assign a specific due date for the assessment to be ready when needed.

If you’re working with distance education, this feature will prove to be invaluable.

This point is especially true since you can set a specific testing window to ensure students complete the task within a particular time frame.

Online and Offline Testing

Online testing can be quite useful, but it might not apply to every school.

This platform gives you the ability to create the test online and either administer it digitally or with physical copies.

All you have to do is design the questions and then opt to print them so that students can answer with a pen and paper.

Advanced-Data Collection

Compared to most other digital programs for testing and assignments, Schoolnet offers advanced data collection.

You’ll be able to see the progress of individual students as well as entire classrooms.

District administrators can also assess the progress of an entire school or multiple schools at once.

With these features, you can easily make sure your students are on the right track to meet state standards.


The most important part of this program is its assessment and reporting tool, which is priced per student.

Most schools will pay between five and eight dollars per student, depending on the number of students.

There is also the option to have the Educator Development Suite, between $30 and $80 per user.


With the use of a Schoolnet secure tester, you can administer assessments with ease and track student’s progress.

By using the metrics provided from the assessments, educators can develop more well-rounded lesson plans.

Also, students can have an easy-to-use format for test-taking thanks to Schoolnet.

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