Securly: Improving Student Safety at School and Home

Schools searching for digital monitoring platforms should ask, “What is Securly?”

With the transition to a more digital workspace for students, monitoring their online activity is essential.

This platform’s unique features help administrators ensure every student is safe when browsing online.

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What Is Securly?

When asking, “What is Securly?” you’ll find most of the features relate to internet security.

However, it does offer in-person security benefits as well.

The platform’s primary objective is to ensure students are shielded from potential threats.

Administrators and teachers will manage devices used in the classroom and mobile devices effortlessly.

Parents can access several intuitive parental controls at home to safeguard their child’s browsing habits.

One of the more unique components of this platform is its security check, which is ideal for in-person visits.

With the visitor feature, every person who visits the campus will obtain an identity check.

The platform can alert authorities when visitors are flagged during their check using enhanced algorithms.

This feature is essential for maintaining transparency and ensuring students have a safe learning environment.

You can program the platform to flag registered sex offenders and parents with custody violations.

As an extra benefit, schools can create customized watch lists to prevent specific individuals from gaining access.

This program is ideal for a multi-prong approach to ensuring every student’s safety.

You’ll find 24/7 risk assessments, tiplines so you can stay ahead of potential issues, as well as auditing features.

Schools can intervene when needed if students are browsing inappropriate sites, bullying targets, or expressing suicidal ideation.

How Does It Work?

For Teachers

Teachers will love how this platform is an end-to-end solution to protect their students’ innocence and health.

You’ll be able to ensure their safety, effectively manage their browsing habits, and foster a healthier community.

This platform has several key features that you can put to fair use, including:

  • Filtering

The innovative cloud-based web filtering component allows you to track movements on iPads, Macs, Windows devices, and Chromebooks.

This part of the platform targets specific keywords and phrases using intuitive artificial intelligence.

It instantly stops any students from sharing or exploring content related to violence, suicide, cyberbullying, and nudity.

  • Auditing

Besides internet browsing, students can also be protected from potential threats through their emails and shared documents.

When enabled, this platform scans emails, Google Drive, and Google Docs in real-time to censor nudity, violence, suicide, and cyberbullying.

  • Trained Monitoring

If the program flags a critical topic of discussion, it’s sent to a highly specialized team of analysts.

The analysts, known as 24, will contact the school if there are critical issues that need to be discussed.

  • Anonymous Tipline

One of the best prevention methods is to have students report strange or disturbing behavior.

With Tipline, they will be able to leave anonymous tips that contribute to student risk assessments.

Your dedicated team of analysts will then push forward alerts that require your attention and intervention.

  • Classroom Management

When you’re guiding online assignments, you’ll need a tool to help keep your students on track.

This platform allows educators to push specific URLs to their entire class to lead important discussions.

You will also share screens with your students and lock or freeze student screens in-between activities.

  • Mobile Device Management

Managing the content students access isn’t stopped at computers with this program.

You can also monitor browsing and chatting habits on Apple devices with this management tool.

  • Visitor Features

As mentioned, the visitor component is essential to prevent flagged individuals from accessing your students.

Once visitors complete the identity check, they will be given a badge that lists their name, the reason for visit, picture, time, and date.

Schools can then print reports of individuals who visited the school, including all of the above information.

Another essential component is the alerting feature, a type of built-in security system.

Users can quickly alert the authorities to specific individuals by clicking or tapping one button on the interface.

For Parents

Every parent worries about the content their children can access on their devices.

If you’re searching for adequate parental controls, this platform is ideal.

You’ll be able to check their online activity, customize internet rules, and more.

  • Check Activity

By logging into their accounts, you can effortlessly view your child’s devices’ recent searches.

You’ll also have access to a list of watched videos and sites visited on their school devices.

  • Customized Rules

Setting browsing rules is essential for limiting your child’s access to unsavory media.

You can toggle keyword scanning, safe image searches, safe text searches, and more.

There are plenty of filtering features, such as filtering out drugs and pornography.

  • Control Internet Access

If you’ve begun to notice your child is going online too often, you can manage their connectivity.

By pausing their internet access, you can turn their connection on or off as needed.

  • Optional Notifications

Cyberbullying is becoming a more prevalent issue in today’s society.

With the optional notifications, parents will receive flags if their child is the perpetrator or victim.

This feature also includes violence and suicide.

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Customizable Control

One of the features that makes this platform easy for any school to use is its customizable controls.

You can determine the type of content filtered from your student’s searches by age.

You can also ensure that specific behavior types are monitored and flagged if needed.

Improving Intervention

With this platform’s implementation, schools can have all the tools they need for immediate intervention.

Whether students are bullying or showing signs of suicidal ideation, help can be awarded quickly.

This benefit is one of the most important for ensuring students’ mental and physical health and safety.

AI-Based Technology

Artificial intelligence is one of the most reliable forms of technology for cybersecurity.

With intuitive AI-based features, every component of the platform is thoroughly analyzed.

Also, with the help of the 24 Team, there’s a hands-on approach to monitoring risks.

Not only will you be able to protect students from themselves and peers, but intruders as well.

The identity check module’s essential benefits are imperative for protecting your entire campus.


Determining your school’s accurate pricing for a Securly account requires a personalized quote.

There are currently three different versions of the platform that you can choose from, including:

360 Cloud

This plan provides:

  • Auditing
  • Tipline
  • 24/7 risk assessments
  • MDM (Mobile Device Management)
  • Classroom Chromebook management
  • Geolocation device tracking
  • Identity checks
  • Parent partnership
  • Dedicated customer service
  • District-wide student health reporting

Safety Cloud

With Safety Cloud, you have the same benefits as 360 Cloud, but it doesn’t include classroom Chromebook management or MDM.

1:1 Cloud

The most basic account type is 1:1 Cloud, which has everything 360 Cloud offers, except:

  • Auditing
  • Tipline
  • 24/7 risk assessments
  • Identity checks

Securly: The Conclusion

Securly is an innovative security platform for schools.

Administrators, educators, and parents can stay up-to-date with users’ browsing habits to keep them safe.

Also, its built-in security features protect campuses from harmful intruders.

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