Showbie: Going Paperless in the New Normal

Introducing a Showbie paperless classroom can help your school save a large chunk of their budget.

With access to numerous school resources without the need for printers, you can also help the environment.

This platform is very impressive and boasts several fantastic features you and your students will love.


showbie paperless classroom
Source: The Learning Counsel

This program helps students and educators from the point of assignments to collaboration.

You’ll be able to focus on creating a more comforting learning environment by engaging your classroom as a whole.

The best part is that all you’ll need is access to a single app. 

Instead of spending most of your time learning how to navigate a new app, this program has a simple user interface.

You can spend the vast majority of your time teaching rather than learning new technology.

Also, you’ll find all of the essential tools you would typically need in a classroom in one convenient location.

There are several areas of focus that this program includes, such as:

  • Discussions
  • Gradebooks
  • Parent Sharing
  • Collaborations
  • Assignments
  • Portfolios
  • Voice Notes
  • Annotations

How Does It Work?

For Teachers

Teachers will finally have a school-related resource that can help them encourage their students.

With the ability to provide additional feedback for every student, every learner can get the help they need.

This approach is far more personalized and is guaranteed to help individual students succeed to the best of their abilities.

One of the gripes of teaching multiple classes is ensuring all of your documents are organized.

Teachers will no longer have to worry about physical paperwork, as everything is built into the streamlined program.

You can easily organize your classroom and connect with your students using a computer or tablet.

It’s a far more straightforward way to make sure everything is in one place, as you won’t worry about losing assignments.

You can also set up notifications for specific due dates, so you never forget any important details. With this platform’s help, you can be up to 95% paperless within the first year.

There are several fantastic features that teachers will have access to, including:

Preloaded Lesson Plans and Assignments

You’ll no longer have to worry about creating lesson plans the night before class. You can use this platform to create assignments in advance and upload them for future reference.

As an added benefit, there are tons of preloaded assignments from other educators that you can use.

Class Folders

In your dashboard, you will be able to create individual folders to help organize your class as needed.

You can group students by skill or make separate folders for all of the classes you teach. With this feature, you can keep all of your content separated and organized.

Easy Sharing

Teachers can easily share documents, photos, and videos with their students directly through the app.

You can also add instructions and guidelines for all of your assignments within seconds.

One of the best features of sharing is that you can choose to share documents with specific groups, individuals, or whole classrooms.

Document Adding

If you’ve created an assignment or activity on your computer, you can easily add it to your paperless account.

Teachers will be able to upload content from their hard drive, Google Docs, and many other platforms.

For Students

Students won’t find it challenging to transition to a paperless classroom, especially as this platform has everything.

They’ll no longer have to worry about purchasing pens, markers, or other supplementary learning tools.

Showbie comes with a ton of fascinating features, including:

Highlighter Tool

As students work through their assignments, they can use the built-in highlighter tool to block out specific text.

Like they would use a regular highlighter, they can focus on specific content without interrupting the original text.

Pen Tool

For assignments, students can easily access the pen tool so that they can complete their projects.

There are plenty of line thicknesses and colors for students to choose from depending on the task.

Also, there is a Text Tool that allows students to type their answers instead of using their handwriting.

Smart Document Viewer

Students can decide how to view and review assignments with the Smart Document Viewer.

This feature allows for assignments and text to be displayed in PDFs, eBooks, or even photos.


Students will no longer have to worry about missing the deadlines for specific subjects.

Within the platform, teachers can set the due date, and students will receive notifications on their device. This helps to ensure they are held accountable for their work.

Collaborative Tasks

Instead of having your students work alone on every subject, this program works well with collaboration.

Students will be able to stay in contact with their peers and complete projects as a group.

You’ll find that your students’ creativity will start to shine through with paperless collaborative assignments.

showbie paperless classroom

Showbie Paperless Classroom Benefits

Grading Made Simple

The items that you would need in a Showbie paperless classroom are built into this program, including grading.

Instead of bringing a stack of papers home, you can seamlessly grade and review your students’ submissions on your device.

You can also take advantage of the many grading features to leave annotations and remarks based on their answers.

Sharing the Learning Journey

Students and teachers will be able to take pride in achievements with the Portfolio features.

Your classes will be able to showcase their top-graded pieces of work on their portfolio. By keeping a collection of their best work, it will help to boost their confidence.

Providing Differentiated Feedback

Focusing on the individual needs of your students is imperative for any educator, as all students differ.

With the ability to add differentiated feedback, you can ensure each student gets the attention they need.

Also, when you review their statistics, you can ensure that you provide one-on-one advice based on their skills.

Simple User Interface

By far, the most notable advantage of this program is that it is designed with every user in mind.

Teachers won’t have to stress learning a new digital program, as it is natural and easy to navigate.

Students will also love the engaging design that helps them to get more out of their education.


There are four different plans available for you to consider, each with their features and costs.

Basic Edition (Free)

  • Unlimited number of students and classes
  • Document annotations
  • Assignment scheduling
  • Access on any device
  • Voice and text notes

Pro Edition ($15.99/month or $149/year)

  • Class discussions
  • Groups
  • Unlimited assignments
  • Parent and co-teaching access
  • More extended voice notes and larger uploads
  • Student grades and portfolios
  • Priority customer support
  • Certified Educator training

School and District Pro

This plan includes everything in the Pro Edition, as well as:

  • Built-in assessment and quizzing with Socrative Pro
  • School administrator dashboard
  • Account and roster updates and data imports
  • Onboard support from a dedicated success manager

School and District Pro+

With this plan, you’ll receive the same as the School and District Pro plan and:

  • Video chat for lessons and discussions
  • Unlimited upload sizes
  • Administrative analytics and reporting
  • Auditor access
  • MDM configuration and exam modes
  • Personalized training


This program is designed for any school that is prepared to transform into a paperless environment.

With plenty of onboard features that make the transition more straightforward, it’s a well-rounded educational resource.

Also, students are bound to be far more engaged in their digital classroom activities.

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