Simple K12: An Innovative Teacher Education Tool

SimpleK12 reviews quickly show how useful this tool is for teachers transitioning to digital classrooms.

With the popularity of digital learning platforms, it can be challenging for teachers to learn how to use the tools.

Simple K12 is a fantastic resource for all educators interested in trying digital content in their classrooms.


simplek12 reviews

What makes this platform unique is that it promotes teacher learning in a social platform environment.

With the combination of courses and webinars, teachers can access immediate professional development.

It creates an engaging format for teachers to talk with their administrators and other teachers around the world.

As an added benefit, there’s a wide array of content, allowing all subjects to be covered, ranging from core content to organizational skills.

Teachers can upload resources that they might find or make themselves.

Also, since they navigate their professional development, they earn points that can be redeemed for rewards.

SimpleK12 Reviews: How Does It Work?

For Teachers

When you get a paid membership, you’ll have access to many more features than the free accounts.

With that said, there is the opportunity to browse the platform for free, though you’ll have limited content.

It’s essential to set up a profile, which allows you to share information such as your career history.

With an account, teachers can public or private message other teachers and review their transcripts.

As earlier mentioned, teachers will receive points as they complete their professional development, known as “Bunny Bucks.”

By participating in community events, the Bunny Bucks can be turned in for merchandise and additional courses.

If you opt not to buy an account, you can purchase Bunny Bucks and unlock different courses.

With a paid account, you can access all of the course content for free because it’s included in the membership.

A few examples of the badges you can earn for community participation include:

  • Active Attendee
  • Resource Buff
  • Reliable Resources
  • Webinar Watcher
  • Constructive Critic
  • Dynamic Discusser
  • Chief Collaborator

The two main components that teachers will have access to include webinars and resources.


With webinars, teachers can watch other professionals assist them with achieving their education goals.

For example, if you want to start using more digital components in your classroom, there are plenty of informational seminars available.

Each advancement opportunity comes with a library of related resources to help diversify your knowledge.

Webinars will also be recommended to teachers depending on their goals, but you have to create your learning plan.

Teachers can also attend live sessions, which allow you to ask questions and participate in discussions.

Educators can work together to create collaborative notes as well as provide access to each other’s messages.

After every live training session, there will be a Q&A to ask any further questions.


Most of the resources on this platform are available with a premium subscription.

You’ll find a vast collection of books based on the subject matter you want to improve on.

There are many user-generated resources, including quizzes, tests, lesson plans, rubrics, and activity sheets.

One of this program’s unique features is the Toolkit, which provides up to 10 webinars on any given topic.

You’ll find many vital topics, such as bullying and learning how to use iPads for in-class learning.

Trained professionals provide all of the generated resources.

You’ll also find tons of shared resources discussed in SimpleK12 reviews, which are distributed by the community.

Some of these resources might include trivia games, jokes, lesson plans, and blogs.

Fortunately, the shared resources are correctly cataloged so you can filter the results by subject, resource type, or grade.

There are useful resources for you to use in class and diversify your teaching experience.

You’ll find quizzes, games, lesson plans, and worksheets that your students will love.

Fortunately, much of this shared content is available for non-members and members alike.

simplek12 reviews


Community-Based Learning

Simple K12 boasts that all of the lessons are highly interactive, making them easier for teachers.

With community-based learning, you can take advantage of teacher-developed resources and communicate with others.

Engaging in a positive learning environment makes it far easier to learn new skills to become a better teacher.

Goal-Oriented Learning

It’s essential to be able to develop professional goals to know what you need to improve on.

With the ability to set your own goals on your profile, you can ensure you’re learning relevant information.

Also, this platform helps you by providing related tasks and assessments to further your knowledge.

It’s easier to stay on track with this program than trying to learn new in-class tasks on your own.

Administrator Accounts

As an administrator, it can be beneficial to track the progress of your teachers’ development.

With an administrator account, you can review the independent progress of your teachers.

Also, you can create school-based content to let your teachers learn specific tasks and skills.

It ensures all of your educators are learning critical elements to your school, such as anti-bullying techniques.

With over 400,000 current members, there are many schools currently taking advantage of the platform.

In-Depth Content

You can guarantee there’s more than enough content for every type of educator on this web-based platform.

Along with the 30-minute webinars, there are tons of reading materials, user-generated blogs, differentiated instruction, and more.

There are also many in-classroom tools that you can use to help teach your students new skills.

As you become more of an expert in your field, you can also publish your content for educators to use.


As mentioned, you can opt for a free account, which allows you to browse the website with ease.

If you want to take a specific course, you can purchase Bunny Bucks separately to unlock the learning path you need.

Alternatively, teachers can purchase an annual license for $357 with potential sales throughout the year.

When acquiring a district license, the pricing will vary depending on the number of teachers who need an account.


With the help of this platform, you’ll have plenty of fantastic benefits to put to fair use.

Teachers can diversify their knowledge to help students have a healthier learning environment.

Since professional development is essential, this web-based platform will prove to be a great asset.

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