Socrative: Efficient Teaching and Grading

Socrative is an innovative and useful platform for teachers who want to streamline quizzing.

If you’re wondering, what is Socrative, there are many benefits it can bring to your classroom.

It’s a useful tool to efficiently teach and grade using a unique program developed by graduate students.


what is socrative
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The program was initially developed in 2010 by graduate students based in Boston.

With its help, you can easily create quizzes that students can take on an assortment of digital devices.

The program’s central premise is to help prevent schools from needing to invest in extra digital equipment.

Students can either use their assigned laptops, tablets, or smartphones to complete the quizzes.

Instead of investing in specialized clickers, schools can allow students to use their devices.

Another advantage of this program over traditional quiz taking is that teachers can provide immediate feedback to students.

With the ability to prevent having to bring quizzes home for grading, teachers can complete most of their work during work hours.

It’s a unique way to cut costs both in students’ minds and for the school district.

Considering most students have access to smartphones, tablets, or in-school computers, there’s no need for extra accessories.

According to the company, over 350,000 teachers take advantage of an account, with just over six million students submitting responses.

If you’re wondering, what is Socrative, it’s a comprehensive educational tool to make your teaching life easier.

How Does It Work?

For Teachers

As mentioned, it is a streamlined program designed to provide teachers with the ability to create quick quizzes.

You won’t have to worry about preparing pop quizzes at home since you can quickly accomplish them in the classroom.

You’ll also provide immediate feedback, allowing you to monitor how your students answer questions while making engagement more entertaining.

There are a few exciting features that you’ll get access to once you sign up for an account.


In the “Activities” section, you will have access to quizzes, quick questions, and class count.

With quizzes, you can provide personalized content to your classes, whether you’ve prepared them beforehand.

Fortunately, creating a quick quiz is simpler with a user-friendly format and pre-made templates.

Teachers can also take advantage of past quizzes they’ve made, instead of creating a new one for every class.

If you want an even faster method of analyzing your students’ thinking skills, we recommend quick questions.

With this feature, teachers can create on-the-spot polls with short answer questions, true-or-false prompts, or multiple-choice questions.

The class count feature is also essential since you can check how many students are logged into your digital room.

Every account will hold up to 50 students for each activity, though if you upgrade, you can host up to 150 students.


When it comes time to design your quizzes, you’ll be impressed with the number of features available.

You’ll easily design and edit an entire library of quizzes and save them to your account for future use.

With the tags’ help, you can easily set the performance standards for each quiz to monitor your students’ progress.

If you’re searching for a specific quiz, there’s a simple sorting function that allows you to list all of them from A to Z.

You can also copy, download, and share quizzes using unique codes to other users.

Space Race

If you want to take learning to the next level, “Space Race” is a unique feature your students will love.

You can create competitions by transforming a gradable activity into something more engaging and fun.

Individual students or groups will compete against each other since their answers are displayed on the screen.

Whoever makes it to the end of the Space Race first is the winner.

Student Experience

At the end of every assignment, teachers can easily keep an eye on their quizzes’ success in their students’ eyes.

With this function, each student can submit feedback to their teacher to let them know of future improvements.


By far, the essential aspect of Socrative is it’s reporting feature.

Teachers can use the metrics on this page to review their classes’ overall understanding or individual student performance.

They can also review their questions’ difficulty to ensure they’re choosing items at the correct skill level.

If you need to refer to the reports later, you can download them to your computer in PDF format.

All of the results reported to the program are accessible instantaneously to manage your instructions in real-time.

For Students

A platform is a convenient option for students who don’t want to spend extra money on school supplies.

Instead of needing to invest in laptops and tablets, they can use their mobile devices to answer questions.

They’ll also find the user interface is incredibly comfortable to use, allowing them to answer questions straightforwardly.

Students are sure to notice an improvement in their quiz taking, especially with immediate feedback from the program.

Since teachers can see the success rates of their students’ answers, it allows everyone to receive more personalized instructions.

It’s also a far more entertaining way to take a quiz or answer short questions than on a piece of paper.


By using this platform, you’ll enjoy the following benefits:

Effortless Quiz Design

Creating quizzes is something teachers typically spend a lot of time at home.

With a library of over 315,000 pre-designed quizzes, teachers can take advantage of simple quiz making.

Also, if you want to make a specialized quiz for your classes, that option is open.

Overall, you’re bound to save a lot of time and effort when creating impromptu ways to test your students’ knowledge.

Simple and Clean

Instead of bogging the platform down with a ton of unnecessary features, it is incredibly clean.

Students and teachers will be able to navigate through its features without needing extra tutorials and help.

However, if teachers want to learn more, they can use the online blog for further information.

Fun and Competitive

Instead of relying solely on traditional quiz taking, this program allows teachers to create a fun and healthy competitive environment.

With features like Space Race, students can compete against each other, which is a great motivator to further their studies.


When you sign up for Socrative, your account will be entirely free for both students and teachers.

With that said, there are paid subscriptions you can opt for that unlock additional features.

For example, if you choose a paid subscription, you can host quizzes for more than 50 students.


If you’ve ever wondered, what is Socrative, it’s time to consider using it in your classroom.

With a sleek and modern approach to quiz taking, it’s a fantastic teaching and grading tool to have.

It has plenty of benefits, including immediate feedback, student feedback, and fantastic quiz templat

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