ST Math: A Scientific Approach to Learning

ST Math is an excellent resource for students who are prone to visual learning. Educators, parents, and students will appreciate the unique and patented approach the program takes.

By ensuring every student has equal access to the same resources, learning tough mathematical concepts has never been more accessible.

With that said, such a novel approach to learning leads the question: how much does ST Math cost?


how much does st math cost
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The program is designed for students from Kindergarten to Grade Eight, allowing them to take advantage of their innate capabilities.

By honing in on the brain’s spatial-temporal region, each of the lessons targets every student’s reasoning capabilities.

It’s a new approach to teaching math, rather than giving students a piece of paper with generic questions.

Students will have the ability to learn through an assortment of challenging puzzles, unique problem solving, and receive useful feedback.

Classrooms using this method should be able to handle unfamiliar and challenging math problems far more effectively.

Students will quickly understand how to recognize patterns and build a fundamental understanding of tough concepts.

You’ll find that it’s even readily accessible to students with language barriers, relying solely on visual learning.

How Does It Work?

ST Math is unique in the sense that it takes advantage of manipulating objects using both space and time.

Students will first learn the fundamental aspects of visual learning and then connect questions to language, symbols, and other educational resources.

For Teachers

This tool helps to take some weight off of teachers’ shoulders by ensuring students have access to standards-aligned questions.

There are over 35,000 puzzles that are assigned to students relating to a wide array of math-related subjects.

All of the questions meet state standards and focus on specific grade-level skills.

Although it features a very structured process to help students get the most of their education, it’s a very flexible tool.

Teachers will be able to implement different curriculum types and opt to either use the program in-class or at home.

According to the developer, students who use the program up to 90 minutes weekly will see grade improvements.

For Students

Students will be able to approach math in a new way with this program. Each user will be required to achieve a score of 100 before a new set of problems appear on their screen.

This process helps make sure students put more effort into solving their math questions before approaching more difficult levels.

Also, all of the learning through the program is designed based on the specific user. Every student will have their own set of questions that need to be answered based on their current skill level.

With this process, they will ensure they have a strong understanding of concepts based on personal performance.

Another exciting feature that students will appreciate is informative feedback. As a parent or teacher, you know how important it is to make sure students can learn from mistakes.

With the help of the program’s informative feedback, students will be more motivated to focus on incorrectly answered questions.

They won’t be able to guess on multiple-choice quizzes to find the right answer through elimination. Instead, they will have to work through their errors to understand the steps needed to answer questions correctly.


Both teachers and students are guaranteed to benefit from this program, making this an excellent investment for everyone.

1. Many Online Resources

Apart from the program itself, teachers, parents, administrators, and students can collect online tips and tricks.

These resources are highly recommended to help further education by motivating and effectively engaging students.

For example, parents can access fantastic tips for doing homework while learning how children can benefit from educational games.

Teachers can also read about plenty of success stories from the 1,285,000 students who currently use the program.

As with any other online tool, you can also find a collection of tutorials and instructional videos to help you make the most out of the program.

2. Wide Compatibility

As with most online game-based learning programs on the market, it is available across many devices.

Students can use computers at school or at home to complete their assignments. They can also use tablets to play other games during their free time to further their understanding of mathematics.

Because the program is designed to be fun and engaging for students of all ages, they’ll be more motivated to complete their work.

With this, visual learning has never been more straightforward, and parents might not have to force their kids to complete their homework.

3. Ideal for Visual Learners

Younger students are always going to be more likely to be engaged by visual presentations than traditional teaching methods.

It’s almost as if this tool is an educational video game that will pull in their attention and engage students for extended periods.

Since there is an incredible number of activities, children will be quite likely to play educational games without being prompted.

4. Four Programs

Fortunately, this program is fully accessible to a vast number of students across many grades. Start with the Early Learning program and then progress to Kindergarten to Grade Six for further education.

Older students will appreciate the Middle School program, which has more in-depth concepts and entertaining games for their age group.

Homeschooled students can also take advantage of the games to help supplement their at-home instructions.


Now that you are aware of all of the benefits, you might wonder: how much does ST Math cost?

Pricing for the program can vary depending on the number of licenses you’ll have to purchase. Your best option for finding pricing is to contact their sales department to get a quote.

You can likely get a higher discount if you order a more significant number of programs for your students to use.


With all of the unique features it brings to the table, it’s easy to ask: how much does ST Math cost?

ST Math takes patented approaches to learning, and students are bound to grasp difficult concepts far faster.

You’ll find that your students will be far more motivated to complete assignments, as they can use visual learning to their advantage.

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