StoryboardThat: A Creative Solution To Traditional Learning

With a Storyboard That login, teachers can provide essential learning opportunities in fun and engaging ways.

One of the most challenging aspects of teaching is developing well-rounded lesson plans.

With StoryboardThat, you can create an assortment of tailored content for differentiated learning opportunities.

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A Storyboard That login allows educators to take an innovative approach to in-class and distance learning.

The program aligns with COPPA, CCPA, FERPA, and GDPR for a well-rounded experience.

It’s also designed using professional development materials that are highly beneficial to educators and students alike.

By combining core educational concepts and intriguing imagery, teachers can create fantastic assignments for 21st-century students.

It takes an innovative approach by combining graphics, hands-on activities, and thousands of ideas for unique projects.

Students are bound to find challenging concepts easier to understand, as they’ll be more engaged in their studies.

You’ll find a vast collection of worksheet templates, poster templates, and storyboard templates.

You can add these resources to your lesson plans to help your students grasp concepts in a unique environment.

The program is also designed to be easy to use across all grades ranging from Pre-K to high school.

Storyboard That Login: How Does It Work?

For Teachers

Digital storytelling is a better option for unleashing students’ creativity to create a healthier learning environment.

With this platform, educators can create innovative resources to keep their classes engaged.

You’ll find a collection of examples and templates that you can use as-is or tailor to meet your specific needs.

Each storyboard comes with an assortment of layouts and scenes and versatile characters to make assignments more relatable.

You’ll find the storyboards are highly adaptable across a range of subjects as well, including:

  • Math
  • Digital Citizenship
  • Health and Wellness
  • Science
  • History
  • World Languages
  • Special Education
  • Social Studies
  • ELA
  • ESL

Besides storyboards, you also have access to a number of creative worksheets for your classes.

You’ll find graphic organizers, study aids, writing assignments, projects, and life skills projects.

There is also an extensive collection of hands-on projects and assignments for math, science, and other fun activities.

You can provide heightened learning through visual aids with the ability to create custom posters.

You can create custom infographics and posters to put throughout your classroom with an account.

You can then use the posters to teach essential core concepts to your students, such as:

  • Conjugation
  • Visual Vocabulary
  • World Maps
  • Historical Timelines
  • Lab Safety
  • Creating Classroom Goals

For Students

Students are known to learn better when they have visual aids at their disposal.

This platform’s core concept is to provide creative learning opportunities that are easy for every student to use.

Aside from the program’s teacher-based resources, students also have access to a ton of unique benefits.

With an account, students can easily create unlimited storyboards to complete their assignments.

They’ll have access to thousands of highly customizable images to put unique scenes together to explain their answers.

Some of the storyboard templates are enhanced to 100 cells for students to fill out.

When you create a storyboard, you can also add unique audio recordings to explain specific answers better.

Additionally, students can use their creativity by uploading unique photos and media to their assignments.

This platform is one of the best ways to encourage students to grasp core concepts using creative means.

Once students have an account, they can log into My Classroom, which shows all available tools.

It also logs upcoming assignments, allowing them to submit their work online.

Alternatively, students can quickly print off their storyboards for submission for in-class learning.

One of the most considerable advantages of this platform covers all core concepts that students need for further education.

They’ll have access to a ton of unique projects, including creating journal cards, scrapbooking, and creating dioramas.

All of the projects align with core concepts, ensuring they can combine traditional studies with engaging learning methods.

Also, since the platform is available across all grades, there are plenty of learning opportunities at any age.

Even high school students will appreciate being able to learn important concepts creatively.

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Exceptional Content

If there’s one thing to be said about StoryboardThat, it’s that it’s comprised of a seemingly endless number of resources.

The content pays for itself since teachers and students can work on essential concepts ranging from math to fun activities.

You’ll find an assortment of storyboards for subtraction, telling time, practicing writing, setting goals, learning maps, and more.

A few of our favorite tasks include:

  • Developing multi-paragraph essays
  • Designing flashcards
  • Reading newspaper articles
  • Planning debates
  • Creating individual organizers
  • Practicing creative writing
  • Designing science labs
  • Active reading
  • Creating Venn diagrams
  • Developing tests and quizzes

Three Versatile Editions

Instead of offering one program that lacks some areas, this platform has three different accounts.

  • Education (Specialized Edition)

The Education account is ideal for teachers, schools, and districts because it has a ton of professionally-designed content.

You’ll have access to over 2000 unique lesson plans considered to be compliant with FERPA, COPPA, CCPA, and GDPR.

The content is also applicable across several curriculum expectations for optimal usability.

Another benefit of the Education Edition is that it supports rostering through Google Classroom, Canvas, Clever, and ClassLink.

  • Personal Edition

With this account, students and individuals can take advantage of the platform for personal use.

You can create small projects and unique storyboards for assignments or fun.

Users will have access to projects and planning and video planning, posters, graphic novels, and comics.

  • Business (Specialized Edition)

Did you know that this program is also highly recommended for professional use?

With a Business account, you can create an assortment of infographics and templates for business practices.

There are over 200 unique business templates and resources for users to take advantage of.

As an added benefit, you’ll be granted collaborative access to multi-user accounts.

Also, every business account features file encryption to keep essential company data protected.


The pricing for this platform depends on the features you expect to have.

There’s a free account with basic features, while the paid versions have plenty of innovative content to use.

Free (Light Users)

  • Customizable images
  • Two storyboards per week
  • Three and six-cell storyboards
  • Classic storyboard layout
  • Single-user
  • Watermarks
  • Basic printing

Fun (Individual Users): Starting at $9.99

  • Customizable images
  • Unlimited storyboards
  • 100 cells or storyboard
  • Hundreds of project layouts
  • Single user
  • No watermarks
  • Plenty of print and export options
  • Audio recording
  • Photos for Class
  • Uploading personal images
  • Private and secure
  • Auto-saving
  • Save history
  • Some commercial use

Teachers (Schools and Districts): Starting at $8.99

Everything in the Individual Account, as well as:

  • Teacher access to student accounts
  • Rubric integration
  • Private comments on student storyboards
  • Classes and assignments
  • Teacher, admin, and student dashboards
  • SSO and rostering

For Work (Business Edition): Starting at $14.99

Everything in the Individual Account, as well as:

  • Normal commercial use
  • Private commenting
  • Project folders
  • Administrative dashboards
  • CCPA and GDPR compliant

Storyboard That for Creative and Interactive Learning

StoryboardThat is a phenomenal resource for managing creative learning solutions for all students.

By allowing projects to be completed creatively, students can better understand challenging concepts.

Also, it allows teachers to provide more engaging content for all of their classes.

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