Study Island: Helping to Master State Standards

Study Island gives students the resources they need to meet or exceed state standards when it comes to learning in science, math, reading, writing, and social studies. Available for grades K-12, this program is a comprehensive lesson tool complete with games, online assessments, practice questions, and more.

Teachers and administrators are sure to put this tool to good use when it comes to monitoring and enhancing students’ progress throughout the district.


study island


The central premise behind this program is to ensure that students are reaching the appropriate milestones before heading to post-secondary schooling. However, not every student is the same.

As such, Study Island takes each individual’s needs into account instead of making an approach that forces different types of learners into the same group. It develops personalized lesson plans that meet their learning capabilities along the way.

This program is an excellent comprehensive tool that helps to keep learning fun and fresh without compromising the integrity of students’ studies. It allows parents and educators to stay apprised of their achievements and struggles along the way.

How Does It Work?

For Teachers

Within the program, you’ll find a catalog that features an assortment of activities and interactive lessons that can be assigned to students.

As a teacher, you will be responsible for choosing from the list depending on their grade level and the specific standards of your state, providing lessons that are either individual or group-based. With this premise, you should be able to develop a lesson plan that helps to bridge any learning gaps in your classroom for the highest possible success rates for all of your students.

For teachers who want a more hands-on approach, there is also the option of building your tests using the tools and test items available on the website, including over 600,000 related test questions. Fortunately, you can save the analysis for further use, reassign the same test to students to retake, or share tests that you have created with other teachers within your district or school. As your students complete their assignments, you can monitor their progress, thanks to the Edmentum Sensei tool built into the program.

Within the tool, teachers will be able to take a look at in-depth breakdowns of their students’ problem areas as well as identify any significant milestones they have reached. With the help of the provided statistics, you can create more comprehensive tests and assignments to focus on areas of confusion that individuals or the whole class might be experiencing.

Another valuable tool you’ll want to use is the feedback tool, which allows you to provide students with feedback and adjust your lessons based on their feedback. You can purchase benchmark assessments separately from the program itself, which is highly recommended for helping your students meet state requirements. These benchmark tests are assigned four times per year and allow you to give your students questions that are in line with your state’s assessment requirements.

For Students

Learning how to use this tool is a breeze for students, especially as there are plenty of interactive activities that they will love to use compared to traditional classroom lessons.

Each student will have a personal account accessible from any device that is Internet-enabled, allowing them to review and complete their assignments while also tracking their progress, reviewing their teacher’s feedback, and playing interactive and educational games. By enabling students to follow their progress, it helps to provide them with further accountability for their studies to make sure they are making the most out of their time in the classroom.

As a parent, you might be interested in how you can supplement your child’s classroom learning at home, which is where the at-home version comes into play. Available as a separate purchase, parents can buy Study Island for their students to use at home, allowing them to view lessons, complete activities, and play even more educational games. While your kids work on their studies at home, they will earn badges and points that can be used to perform specific games or to upgrade their avatars with in-game cosmetic items.


Some of the most impressive benefits of this program include:

Meets Specific State Standards

When you sign up for your classroom’s program, you will be required to input your state to receive the correct package for your students. Instead of teaching invalid curriculums for further education in your area, this program is specifically designed to be personalized and adaptable to an assortment of districts. This feature helps to guarantee your students are learning the correct information for post-secondary schools in your state.

Real-Time Results

Not only will teachers, administrators, parents, and students be able to track progress in real-time, but students will also be able to benefit significantly from having their questions answered immediately.

By using the chat feature, teachers can provide current guidance for students who are completing specific assignments to help them reach their next milestone. Immediate feedback is also essential for teachers, as it can give you an idea of what areas of learning you’ll want to focus most of your time on depending on if your class is showing any learning gaps.

Home and School Learning

Designed with every user in mind, parents can choose to further their children’s learning by signing up for the at-home version of the program. Although it is an additional cost, parents can assist their kids with areas of concern to ensure they are meeting the specific requirements for schools in their state. It’s also an excellent way for families to get more involved in learning-based activities in their homes.


There are a few factors that will influence the cost of this tool, primarily the district’s state and the number of subjects and courses your school has decided to purchase. By far, the most significant influence is the number of licenses you will have to buy. The smaller the number, the less likely you’ll be to receive a bulk discount.

Schools will be required to request a quote by filling out the online questionnaire, and you will be contacted by a representative to help.

In terms of the at-home program, parents will be glad to know it’s quite affordable at only $180 per year for a single license. This covers all of the available subjects in the program. For families with more than one child, a family license provides up to five permits and is $200 per year with additional purchases, such as math and ELA content, for an extra $80 per year.


Study Island is one of the best resources you can use when it comes to pushing students to do their best to meet state requirements. Its tracking tools, comprehensive learning guides, and 60,000 assignment materials make it well worth the investment for schools and parents alike. You can get all of these while also ensuring students reach specific milestones throughout the semester.

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