SuccessMaker CPSB: Adaptive Learning for Reading and Math

SuccessMaker CPSB can be a fantastic addition to all students’ curriculum, especially regarding reading and math.

Developed for students in kindergarten to grade eight, there are several immeasurable benefits it offers.

By bridging gaps in learning, students experience enhanced confidence and better performance in less time.

SucessMaker CPSB Overview

successmaker cpsb
Source: Volusia County Schools

Digital learning is the new normal for many schools, especially when it comes to bettering students’ learning abilities.

SuccessMaker is no exception since it combines traditional subjects and topics with an innovative approach to learning.

This program is an easy-to-implement resource for students up until the start of high school.

It’s designed to teach essential concepts and assist students with mastering reading and math skills.

By adhering to specific criteria, each learner can make the most out of their lessons.

It’s a highly engaging platform that offers a more personalized experience than other digital learning programs.

All of the results are based on student performance, as well as important data and differentiated intervention.

Regardless of students’ abilities, everyone will be able to get the attention they need to succeed.

Teachers are also bound to find that using this platform can improve their classes’ performance and grades.

How Does It Work?

For Teachers

Personalization is the key concept to this program because it gives each student equal opportunities uniquely.

The platform’s primary goal is to address every learner’s needs and provide relevant content to diversify skills.

What makes it innovative is that it combines digital learning with teacher intervention while keeping students engaged.

The program is built on an adaptive engine designed to meet the curriculum standards for kindergarten to grade eight students.

It offers unique experiences for every user each time they log in, so students can stay focused on their tasks.

There are age-appropriate themes that grow with students as they begin to master specific skills.

This process ensures they are always faced with acceptable challenges to broaden their education.

It is also highly recommended for struggling students who need extra learning support.

The personalized paths that students receive allow them to learn in a comfortable environment that boosts confidence.

It can either be used as a standalone solution or combined with traditional teachings as a digital platform.

All of the provided data collected from students completing their assignments will be quite useful to educators.

You’ll find that this tool is designed to ensure teachers can spend their time more effectively than other programs.

As you begin to monitor students’ performance metrics, you can find which areas are challenging for individuals.

By acting on this intelligence, you can then ensure that everyone gets the one-on-one help they need.

You can also group students by performance to target larger groups to help address many concerns at once.

For Students

Reading and math can be challenging, but they are also two of the most critical subjects for learners.

Having access to a personalized program is imperative since it allows students to learn at their own pace.

This program offers a personalized experience with cognitive coaches to help guide students through activities.

When they’ve finished their tasks, their performance is assessed to see which adaptable learning path they require.

Their personalized paths will continually analyze their performance to ensure they receive assignments at the right level.

It can be frustrating for struggling students to learn at the same pace as their peers, which this program addresses.

Every student with an account will have custom-tailored assignments sent to them.

Although they will be learning the same topics as their classmates, it will be at a pace that is best for them.

By completing the program, you’ll see a significant positive shift in confidence, reading, and math.

The differentiated intervention concept is also incredibly notable for students.

This aspect is designed to assist with ELL, special needs, enrichment, and struggling learners.

The algorithm in the program analyzes students’ performance to see where support is needed the most.

They will then be provided assignments that meet their skill level to help naturally enhance their performance.

Teachers can then review each students’ statistics to watch their abilities grow over time.

successmaker cpsb


Three-Tier Learning

In both reading and math, there are three tiers that the program can put students into depending on performance.

On-Level and Advanced Learners

The first tier is On-Level and Advanced Learners, which offers assignments to keep students engaged and challenged.

One-Year Below Grade Level

One-Year Below Grade Level provides assistance from digital cognitive coaches to guide students through their assignments.

The coaches provide hints and in-depth insights to help students grasp critical points.

If any errors are made in answering, the program helps guide students towards the correct answer.

More Than One-Year Below Grade Level

At this tier, students who struggle with reading and math will have ample support.

Each question comes with direct instructions as well as innovative and engaging tutorials.

Teachers will have intuitive dashboards that provide them with important data to ensure these students get additional support.

As they complete their assignments, students will receive guides and granular feedback to help them step by step.

There will also be added reviews to help encourage their skills and reinforce previously learned subjects.

If the students continue to struggle with certain elements, teachers will receive intervention alerts.

Teacher Intervention

Educators cannot understate the benefits of digital learning platforms like SuccessMaker CPSB.

Teachers have access to a ton of important data points to help see and address specific problem areas.

Instead of letting struggling students slip through the cracks, they are alerted to poor performance.

Using the collected data, educators can identify problem areas and ensure students get reinforcement where necessary.

This process helps make teaching easier as a whole while ensuring educators manage their time more efficiently.

Custom or Pre-Made Lessons

As a teacher, you likely have an idea of your students’ modules to learn to adhere to their curriculum.

Fortunately, this program allows for plenty of customization to ensure each class learns critical topics.

You will have the ability to design custom lessons as well as assign pre-made tasks at your convenience.

With this level of customization, you can maintain full control over your student’s learning with ease.

There are many intuitive lesson plan tools included with the platform to help with making your plans.


There are two options to consider if you want to purchase this program: concurrent and perpetual-use licenses.

Concurrent license pricing will depend on the number of students that will be using the platform.

Perpetual-use licenses are for individuals who want to own a permit forever without annual costs.

One of the most considerable advantages is that schools can receive significant discounts for perpetual licenses if more students use them.

To get a quote for your school, you will need to contact a sales representative.


Using platforms like SuccessMaker CPSB can significantly improve students’ performance and understanding of core concepts.

With a highly engaging design, users can learn at their own pace while staying on par for their grade.

It’s a handy resource for teachers as well, as it assists with maximizing their teaching abilities.

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